Who was Ellis Ogilvie?

Who was Ellis Ogilvie? After another half hour reading all the reports for any clues I hit gold! I did a happy dance!!!

The Pogmore Family, Birmingham

This photo above was taken before Rex married and it seems his training in the Fleet Air Arm as an Aircraft Mechanic…….

Ethel Hopwood, Victorian Photographer, Weston Super Mare

This wonderful Cabinet Card (about mid 1890’s)was among the loose old photos that I bought in November.Shame we aren’t able to see colours, I did wonder at first, if it may have been a Suffragette brooch the young lady on the left is wearing, but then I realized from the Tambourine in the front of…

The Elder Family, Robert William and Florence

We were up at 5.30 am Tuesday morning to go off to a Car Boot, its usually a good one and during this summer I have managed to find quite a few wonderful old photos from there. This Tuesday was no exception, I had a couple of amazing finds and this Old Photo was one, as…