May Eugenie Tudor & A La Ronde Pt 2 Clues


After this wonderful two page spread in the February issue of Family Tree Magazine Family Tree Magazine. February  I have been trying to match up people in the May Eugenie Tudor family tree I have made on Ancestry (Not Public yet) with all the fabulous information that Jayne Shrimpton gave me. Jayne Shrimpton Website


Photo B Above. Jayne says “late 1870-ear 1880’s. Young men aged in their twenties or maybe 30, similar age to May’s father Hugh.” As the Photographer was Oxford or Wycombe I looked more closely at the 1881 Census, Hugh was staying with his brother Charles. “Relationship to Head: Brother. Charles his brother was the Curate of Dewlish, Nr Dorchester, Dorset. Hugh is described as a student, an undergraduate at Oxford.” A super clue! So in the Clergy Lists on Ancestry I found that he left Keble College, Oxford in 1882. Becoming Curate of Gillingham, Dorset 1884, see below.

hugh tudor clergy list 1909

and looking at the next photo that I took on my visit to A La Ronde of Hugh, May’s father, so I think the chap on the right could possibly be him? Difficult comparing a side view with full face & without that beard in the photo? What do you think? Maybe taken when he left Oxford in 1882 with a couple of friends. Or they could just be his friends? As you can see above his first job after qualifying was as Curate in Gillingham, Dorset.


Photo C Below. This lovely family photo below Jayne said “The lady’s day dress dates to early-mid 1880’s, possible cleric collar hidden by his beard. The toddler would most likely be the couples first surviving child born between 1878 and 1883“, a super clue! So first I looked through the family tree and I had several children born within those dates, so I thought as it could be their first born I would look at Marriages on the tree between 1878 and 1883, now this narrowed it down for me beautifully! John Lechmere Tudor married Stella Mathilda Parminter Reichel on 30 Sep 1880 in Sparsholt, Hampshire (Registered in July quarter in Wantage, Berkshire) Then I remembered that when I visited A La Ronde I had taken a photo of a group Wedding? Was it them?


Hooray yes it was!! See my photo of the photo at A La Ronde below.



So now I have identified the couple, the child on Mum Stella‘s lap is indeed their first born Stella Joanna Matilda Parminter Tudor born on 16 Nov 1881 at The Vicarage in Turkdean, Gloucester, Dad John Lechmere Tudor had just taken up the post of Rector for Turkdean just before she was born, he and the family stayed at Turkdean right through until 1901 (so not far from the Cheltenham Photographers) so this photo was taken 1882/1883 just as Jayne thought.

A La Ronde had conditions of who could inherit this beautiful place, made by Mary Parminter in her will, the main one being that it had to be inherited & owned by unmarried kinswomen. Stella JMP Tudor (who remained single) herself went on to live at A La Ronde, after her sister Margaret Lucy Reichel Tudor, also unmarried, by chance saw an advertisement for the property to be sold at auction by Julia the widow of their Uncle Rev Oswald Reichel. Although not hugely wealthy she bought it, she was a Nursing Midwife, enrolling on 10 Feb 1919 as a Nurse, in Reading, Berkshire, then she qualified in 1923 becoming a Midwife. How brilliant that she did buy it to keep in the family. These are photos of Stella below. First as a young woman, then as an older lady & on the left at the bottom of the same page is a photo of her Mum Stella Reichel. The photo on the right is not confirmed to be Stella seated, but looking at the facial features, I think it’s highly likely to be her (& not Ursula’s Mum May as I first thought) taken Christmas (1974) the year before she passed away at A La Ronde, taken with Ursula on the right kneeling.



Strangely as I have said, A La Ronde had briefly been in the ownership of her Mother Stella Matilda Parminter Reichel, passed down from her Aunts, two unmarried cousins Jane & Sophia Hurlock. Then Stella Snr passed the property over to Oswald, her brother (legal by then, through changes in conveyancing law) after she married John Lechmere Tudor in 1880. Oswald Reichel was the only male owner of the property in two hundred years, and during the 1890’s he made several changes in an attempt at modernisation, including putting a huge central heating system in place.

Margaret stayed at A La Ronde until her death in 1969, and was the lady who in 1935 first opened it to the public to help with funds, in the 1950’s and 1970’s land was also sold off to finance the property’s survival. Sister Stella who lived there with her, stayed with increasing difficultly until she passed away on 9 June 1975, also at A La Ronde. That’s when the property passed to Ursula Tudor-Perkins, who was their first cousin once removed. I believe that Ursula had previously moved to A La Ronde to look after Stella.


Photo D Above. Jayne says “A mourning photo of a middle-aged lady, taken broadly between 1885-1890. She may have lost a child, sibling, parent or most likely her husband“……….This has been a very difficult one to pin down, and I still now don’t have an exact identification for this lady. I can’t find any ladies that lost their husbands or children as yet around these dates BUT I have two possible ideas of who it might be.

My first option is the Fortier Family. Father James died in 1889, as you can see below May Eugenie’s Mother was their 5th child and there is a similar look about this lady to photos I have seen of the family. So I’m thinking it could possibly have been one of his daughter’s in London at the time of his death in Canada, from the travel records the family were listed as coming across to the UK and other Countries and of course one daughter Eugenie was already here in the UK arriving in . Family History below:

James George FORTIER was born on 08 Nov 1818 in Anderton, Ontario, Canada as the first child of Charles FORTIER and Elizabeth BRECKENRIDGE. He died on 29 Nov 1899 in Ottawa, Canada (Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa, Canada. He died of Pneumonia). When he was 28, he married Lydia Hannah PERKINS,daughter of Lyman PERKINS and Syene BLASDELL, on 25 May 1847 in Bytown, Ontario, Canada (At Christ’s Church, Bytown. James George Fortier of the Bank of Upper Canada, Bytown to Lydia Hanna, second daughter of Lyman Perkins of Bytown. Bytown became the City of OTTAWA in 1855).

James George FORTIER served in the military in 1837 in Kingston, Upper Canada (An Officer in Militia. Saw active service in Rebellion of Upper Canada 1837-1838. ). He was employed as a Officer in the Militia. A Clerk. A Book Keeper. A Banker. An Accountant. All descriptions found at different times in his life. in 1838. He lived in Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada in 1847 (Marriage in 1847). He lived in Kingston, Frontenac, Canada West, Canada in 1861 (Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Head. Occupation A Book Keeper). He lived in Sydenham Ward, Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 1871 (Marital Status: Married). He lived in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1879 (Civil servant listed as a 3rd class clerk earning $1000). He lived in Wellington Ward, Ottawa City, Ontario, Canada in 1881 (Marital Status: Married). He lived in Wellington Ward, Ottawa City, Ontario, Canada in 1891 (Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Head).

James George FORTIER and Lydia Hannah PERKINS had the following children:

1.Alice FORTIER was born in 1849 in Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada.
2.George FORTIER was born in 1850 in Kingston, Frontenac, Canada West, Canada. He died on 24 Sep 1890 in Austin, Macon, Illinois, USA
3.Charles Lyman FORTIER was born in 1852 in Kingston, Frontenac, Canada West, Canada. He died on 21 Feb 1933 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
4.Loftus Morton FORTIER was born on 27 Apr 1858 in Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada. He died on 23 Jun 1933 in Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada. He married Fanny Maria WRIGHT.
5.Eugenie Mathilda FORTIER was born on 16 Jan 1862 in Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada (On the Canada 1881 census, it states nationality as French). She died on 04 Jul 1952 in Little Flowers, Hawkhurst, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England. She married Hugh Aldersley TUDOR Rev on 11 Sep 1889 in Carleton, Ontario, Canada.
6.James Gordon FORTIER was born in 1863 in Kingston. He died on 03 Mar 1944 in Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario, Canada (Full details on Canadian Death Cert says, Suicide, gunshot wound to head on Feb 22, 1944. A Niece viewed the body. He died in hospital on the 3 March 1944) How dreadful!
7.Mary FORTIER was born in 1864 in Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada.
8.Annette FORTIER was born in 1866 in Ontario, Canada. She died on 15 Nov 1937 in Ontario, Ontario, Canada. She married Leonidas Joseph Thomas A DU PLESSIS on 05 Aug 1891 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

The Fortier Family have an amazing history in Canada, details here on their Lineage found on Ancestry in ‘Armory and Lineages of Canada‘.



In my opinion after looking at several of the Tudor family also, I think she has a likeness to them, it’s a difficult one isn’t it!

So with this in mind I have Rev Richard Tudor and wife Joanna Mary Susan DANIEL and all their children listed below. Richard born 1819 in Guilford, Montgomeryshire, Wales, died 5 May 1882 at The Vicarage, Swallowcliffe, Salisbury, Wiltshire, where he was the Rector. Picture below.

Rev Richard Tudor

His wife Joanna born 1820 Shotton, Herefordshire, died 23 Jan 1889 also at Swallowcliffe Vicarage, Salisbury, Wiltshire, so she must have stayed living there after her husbands death. Richard and Joanna were Ursula’s Great Grandparents, their 7th child being Hugh who married Eugenie Mathilda and were parents of May Eugenie. See my 1st Blog about this family.

1. Richard Owen TUDOR was born in Jul 1845 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England.
2. Joanna Mary Susan TUDOR was born in Jan 1850 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England. She died on 19 Mar 1925 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England (Never married & no children).
3. John Lechmere TUDOR Rev was born in Jul 1851 in Headington, Oxfordshire, England. He died on 22 Nov 1925 in Reading, Berkshire, England. He married Stella Matilda Parminter REICHEL on 30 Sep 1880 in Wantage, Berkshire (Sparsholt, Hampshire on 30th September 1880. Registered in Wantage, Berkshire.).
4. Charles Edward TUDOR Rev was born in Oct 1852 in Yarnton, Oxfordshire, England (TUDOR, CHARLES EDWARD DANIEL Order GRO Reference: 1852 D Quarter in WOODSTOCK UNION Volume 03A Page 527 Order). He died on 13 Jan 1898 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. He married Edith Anne Marsh IRVING on 02 Nov 1890 in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire.
5. Frederic Charles TUDOR was born in Oct 1853 in Marshwood, Dorset, England. He died on 24 Feb 1882 in Lambeth, London (TUDOR, FREDERIC CHARLES 28 Order GRO Reference: 1882 M Quarter in LAMBETH Volume 01D Page 430. In Newspaper report. 3rd surviving son of Richard Tudor. From Alfred House, West Dulwich & Raymond Buildings, Grey’s Inn ). He married Arabella Watson HODGSON in Jul 1881 in Hastings, Sussex, England (Hastings. July quarter. Vol 2B Page 56).
6. Emma Matilda TUDOR was born on 15 Sep 1855 in Marshwood, Dorset, England. She died in Jun 1947 in Upton upon Severn, Worcestershire, England (Never married & No children).
7. Hugh Aldersley TUDOR Rev was born in 1856 in Marshwood, Dorset (TUDOR, HUGH ALDERSEY DANIEL Order GRO Reference: 1857 M Quarter in BEAMINSTER Volume 05A Page 390 Order ). He died on 17 Dec 1939 in Cranbrook, Kent, England. He married Eugenie Mathilda FORTIER on 11 Sep 1889 in Carleton, Ontario, Canada.
8. Mary Trevor TUDOR was born on 06 Sep 1860 in Helston, Cornwall, England. She died in Mar 1939 in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England (Never married & No Children, she became a Nun & Sister of Mercy).
9. Catherine Maria TUDOR was born on 21 Jan 1866 in Frampton, Dorset, England. She died on 04 Jan 1948 in Bournemouth, Hampshire, England (Never married & No children).

As you can see from the information on the family that I have collected none of the four daughters ever married and one even became a Nun for the Sisters of Mercy, more on Mary Trevor Tudor later. So I’m thinking could this lady above be one of the three daughters and the photo taken on the occasion of her Mother Joanna’s death on 23 Jan 1889? My best guesses as I cannot find any other matches among the family tree I have compiled.


Photo E . Above. “Jayne suggests a date of  c1890-1897“. and Photo F. Below. “Jayne suggests a date of c1890-1896“. Now these two photos of young ladies (Above & Below) could they be the youngest two daughters from the family above, maybe Catherine Maria above and more probably Mary Trevor in the image below. The reason for my picking Mary for the photo below is that although she became a Nun for the Sisters of Mercy,  in the 1891 census she was 31 years old & in Folkstone, Kent staying at St Gabriels described on Forebears  Forebears Site, Folkestone Records   as ‘St. Gabriel’s House of Rest for Gentlewomen, in Lennard Road, founded in 1885. is three minutes’ walk from Folkestone Junction station & within a short distance from the sea. The home is open to gentlewomen only who desire rest, change of air and pleasant society; expenses are most moderate and the S. E. and G. R. Co. grant monthly return tickets at 5s. from all their London stations. All communications should be addressed to the Sister Superior‘ But by the time of the 1901census she was a Nun, so could this photo have been taken just before she joined the Sister of Mercy, a slightly flamboyant look before discarding her fashionable clothes for a Nun’s habit? Both these ladies above and below have the Tudor family look I think.


Here below are two Cabinet Cards that I put in a previous Blog, Vicars and Nuns  at the time not realising their connections, although I had bought all together, and the significance to the Tudor family. Now I know after my research that there were so many members of the family on all sides who were Rectors/Vicars etc it all makes sense, that even if they are not family members there were undoubtedly friends. Is this also Mary Trevor Tudor below? standing in the photo on the left & seated in the photo on the right?


Photo G. Below. Now we come to this wonderful photo of a beautiful young girl below. Jayne in her analysis suggests ‘a date of 1905-1914, estimating the girls age to be between 6 and 9 born probably close to 1900 ‘ Taken most likely in their London studio.


If we go back a bit in this Blog and look at the Fortier Family you will see that Annette Fortier, Eugenie Mathilda’s sister married Leonidas Joseph Thomas A DU PLESSIS on 05 Aug 1891 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


Leonidas Joseph Thomas A DUPLESSIS and Annette FORTIER had the following children:

Yvonne DU PLESSIS was born on 21 Aug 1892 in Carleton, Ontario, Canada. She died on 24 Oct 1989 in Guelph, Wellington, Ontario, Canada. She married Arthur Gerald JARVIS about 1919 and their second daughter was
Marie DU PLESSIS was born on 24 Feb 1900 in Ontario, Canada. She died on 03 Jul 1962 in Oshawa, Durham, Ontario, Canada.


This photo above and the back view below was one of my finds too at the same time, and again I didn’t realise the significance until I started my research.


When I visited A La Ronde I was delighted to see that they had a very similar portrait Cabinet Card of Yvonne Du Plessis, here’s my photo of the photo there, it was taken at the same time as mine at aged 5 years and 3 months.

Yvonne Du Plessis.JPG

I haven’t as yet been able to find an image of Marie Du Plessis, Yvonne’s sister born on 24 February 1900, could the beautiful photo taken sat Swaine studios be her? The family did travel and it’s more than possible that they visited London around this time 1905-1914, although I’ve found no confirmation of this yet. The date certainly fits with Marie’s birth date and don’t you think she looks very similar to Yvonne?

Once again huge thanks to Family Tree Magazine and Editor Helen Tovey for featuring my photos and of course to Jayne Shrimpton for all the wonderful information about them. I have lots more information about this super collection and the family, so I shall do another Blog in a couple of weeks, and of course also share the Family Tree I am still working on with you all. If you want to visit  A La Ronde  yourself it is now just open from this weekend for the 2019 season until the beginning of November.

If you missed Part 1 here’s the direct link May Eugenie Tudor & A La Ronde Pt 1


A few more of my photos taken at A La Ronde.

a la ronde springtime
A La Ronde at Springtime

Additional information on this Blog about A La Ronde and the family I have taken from my original copy of the 1991 Guide Book produced by the National Trust when they became owners.

Till next time then…………



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