1923 & 1924 Totally Old Photos

As always I have been trying to catch up with my scanning of bought old photos, this particular bag full had lots of dates, so after sorting them all I have ended up with some 1923 & 1924 (This Blog) Then 1925 & 1926 (Future Blogs) But there are only a few first names!

So can you help? Do you recognise any family members or ancestors?

This lot of images above are all dated during the summer of 1923. The lady above on the gate says ‘Dorrie, Shoreham’ which may give us a clue what area they lived…Sussex maybe? Then the last one above Lady in the grass says ”Cousin Elsie’

The second group here above are all various from April to July of 1924. No names at all.

232425262727a 24-27

This last lot above as you can see are all dated Sept 24th 1924. It looks like all these young women worked together & played together, no names at all. I wonder what type of work? Or do you recognise the building where the photos were taken? Any ideas?

Old Photos from 1925 coming shortly……..

Till next time then………..




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