The Elder Family, Robert William and Florence

We were up at 5.30 am Tuesday morning to go off to a Car Boot, its usually a good one and during this summer I have managed to find quite a few wonderful old photos from there. 
This Tuesday was no exception, I had a couple of amazing finds and this Old Photo was one, as soon as I saw it I loved it, exquisite…the gorgeous girls all looking at the Photographer…all dressed in beautiful clothes too…. its quite large, 10 x 13 inches, it wouldn’t fit in my scanner, so I used camera. 
If you look carefully you will see why I was so excited about it…top left in pencil ‘Elder’ and in the left side margin ‘Winnie, Phylis & Rosemary’ and on the right ‘Flo’.
 I was whoop whooping all the way home !! ha ha….
Couldn’t wait to look for them and I did find them almost immediately, and have found out lots great info about the family Elder.

Pic Taken end 1904-beg of 1905,maybe Xmas

Robert William Elder 1869-1936 was the son of Charles Elder 1837-1918 (born Bristol)  and his wife Harriet Doughty Springall 1832-1873 (born Norfolk) They had Charles, Lydia, Robert and James, when Harriet died (maybe after James birth) Charles remarried in the same year on the 21st December 1873 a Mary Morris, spinster, and they had one son Frederick.
In the 1891 census Robert William was a Solicitors clerk, but by the time he married Florence Jarvis (Flo) on 7th January 1899 he was a Solicitor.

Robert William & Florence marriage

 Florence Jarvis 1872-1955 was the daughter of John Jarvis 1837-1908? (born Sutton on Trent)(a Tobacconist)and his wife Catherine Eliza Graves 1836-1897 (born Westminster) Florence was the youngest of 6 children. 
In the 1891 census Florence was a servant, Chambermaid to a family in Woolwich. 
So when she married Robert William her life was certainly on the up !

1911 Elder family doing well with servants

Their first daughter Phyllis Florence was born on 15 August 1900, then a second daughter Winifred Mary born 28 August 1901, and then their last daughter Rosemary born 3 March 1904, the baby in the picture..
Looking at her age I do wonder if maybe the photo might have been a present for Daddy for Christmas of his girls….1904.
Rosemary went on to marry Walter S Calkin in October Q 1925 in Marylebone, London. I have found several possible birth for the couple but nothing conclusive…Rosemary died in January 1985 in Worthing, West Sussex.
Winifred Mary married Eric Davenport in October Q 1929 in Marylebone, Middlesex. I have found one possible birth for the couple, a boy John born in 1931, but I can’t be sure.
Winifred Mary died on 14 March 1985 in Surrey. Her death was announced in the Times on 20 March 1985… ‘Davenport.On March 14th at Woking.Winifred Mary,widow of Eric.’ Very short and to the point ! 
Phyllis Florence the eldest of the three lovely girls is something of a mystery,  I have spent a few hours trying to find out what happened to her to no avail !
Phyllis went over to Gibraltar in 1921 and returned..Holiday maybe.
Then in 1927 she went with Elder family members and others to Montreal, Canada.
There is another record of a Phyllis Elder going to Canada in 1936, but I’m not sure its her.
 I have found no conclusive marriage record (poss one in 1922) or death record for her at all…so I think she will just remain a mystery.
Robert William when he died in 1936 left £123,298 10s 11d …..a lot of money in those days, equivalent to almost 8 Million pounds in today’s money !!
When Florence passed away in 1955 she had £12,898 1s left, equivalent to about £309,000 in today’s money.

Incredible what you can find out about a family, just from a few scribbled names !
I also got another wonderful Victorian Album on Tuesday, with over 60 Old Photos in, but that will be more research and scanning to come.

Till next time then……………………………..


  1. It's possible, because in 1927 there were other Elder family names on the passenger list. So she may have decided to stay then, can't find her returning, but that's not certain


  2. That is definitely an eye-catching photograph Lynn, no wonder you were attracted to it. Great research too, and a lovely blog post to keep their story alive. xx


  3. Hi Lynn, What a fascinating blog. Researching family trees must be a satisfying subject to find all the past history. Love this one and what a gorgeous photo. Thanks for sharing.


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