Lippiatt, Searle, Cobb & Alder Old Photos (Part 3)

Following on from Part 2 last week, and if you missed the first two…Link is Here to Part 1 and the Link to Part 2

I continued my research by trying to tie up any loose ends with ‘Charlie & Kitty’ on the family tree. I do like to complete people’s lives by putting in their Birth, Marriage & Death dates if I can. So I had all of Katherine’s siblings birth dates & some of their marriages, so now death dates. The first one that popped up was Elizabeth Roberta (Betty) Bridwell (Wilson) and I was shocked when I read that at age 64 she had tragically committed suicide by a ‘Self inflicted Gun shot wound to the head’ American record of death is so detailed compared to UK.


Coroner’s Death Certificate


Newspaper report of Betty’s death, kind that they described it as ‘unexpected’and not suicide, how very sad leaving five Grandchildren.

So, leaving the Wilson family in America behind, we are back to the old photos in the UK. These next two I particularly love & to have found them both with writing on the back was a bonus. At first after reading the back of the photo below, I really hoped I could find Grandpa Searle. Obviously I had a huge breakthrough when I found that Emily & Frank’s parents were James Alder and Louise Stallibrass SEARLE (In Part 2)


Some interesting info on the back & great to have some names too.


Photo above taken about 1901.


It was difficult to try and find the correct Louisa in the records, she and James were married in 1883, I usually assume firstly that the lady married between the ages of 20 and 30 before I look outside of these ages. So I started by searching the GRO Birth records from 1853 to 1863 and found two in the right area!

Births…1) SEARLE, LOUISA (STALLIBRASS Mothers maiden name)
GRO Reference: 1853 M Quarter in KINGSTON Volume 02A Page 167
GRO Reference: 1855 M Quarter in KINGSTON Volume 02A Page 166

Usually when I’ve found two children of the same or very similar names in a family like this, it means that the first born has died and the parents have named the next child with the same name. So looking at the Deaths in the GRO I did find that the first Louisa had died aged just 1.           Deaths..1) SEARLE, LOUISA 1 (Age)
GRO Reference: 1854 S Quarter in KINGSTON Volume 02A Page 121

Finding Louisa Stallibrass Searle in the 1861 was brilliant, although I only had the initial of her & her siblings, but I did have Geo B Searle as her father. With more research it turns out that his full name was George Barker Searle, his parents were Joseph Searle (Shoemaker) & Sarah Barker. I also found a marriage for George Barker Searle on 11 Jan 1846 at St Leonard’s Shoreditch to Eliza Stallibrass, (whose parents were Thake Stallibrass and Anna Maria Crush) which confirmed my research and Louisa’s middle name of course. See Image of Marriage cert Below.


If you see below on the 1861 census there are other Barker family on the same page & there were more on the next page too, maybe related to his Mum? He had his father J for Joseph living with him also, a widower. But where was George Barker Searle’s wife Eliza? One theory I had was that she may have been visiting her Mum, as her Dad had died in 1850 and Mum Anna Maria Stallibrass didn’t die until November 1861. After a long search I managed to find Anna Maria in the 1851 census first, transcribed as Hallibrap! She was a School Mistress, widowed & her daughter Louisa b 1831 was living with her. Now to find Anna Maria in the 1861 census! I did and this time transcribed as Halliboss! With her daughter Louisa still, she is described as a Retired School Mistress, aged 74, but no Eliza.


I came across this entry, image below in the 1861 census, that looks very very likely to be Eliza with two children, Edwin Searle b 1858 and Walter G Searle b 1860, living in West Ham. But here she is described as a wife of an operative Chemist? I’m puzzled…

Eliza 1861_LI

If I included these two children with this Eliza Searle, I now had a total of ten children born to the couple, checking all Birth records, including the GRO, I can find 8 that I have their names and dates confirmed with the correct maiden name of mother, Stallibrass. 1.William b 1846 d 1846 2.George b 1847 d 1854 3.Charles b 1849 d 1850 4.Philip b 1851 & is on 1861C with Dad. 5.Louisa b1853. d 1854 . 6.Louisa Stallibrass b 1855. d 1932. 7.Emily Sarah b 1856. d 1890 8.Edwin b 1858 & on 1861C with Mum if correct. 9.C.Searle (a boy) b 1860 on 1861C with Dad, but no trace of birth? 10.Walter G Searle b 1860 on 1861C with Mum, but no trace of birth? Were these last two twins? As you can see from these records above, life was very cruel to them and only Philip, Louisa & Emily I have confirmed to live beyond ten years of age.

Philip, I cannot confirm in any records beyond the 1861 census. Louisa Stallibrass Searle was the one who went on to marry James Alder. Emily Sarah sadly died at age 34 just 2 years after her marriage to Francis Garrett, who was a gardener & then foreman Gardener at Kew Gardens, London. Edwin, I cannot confirm in any records beyond the 1861 census. C. Searle and Walter G Searle, I have found nothing certain before or after the 1861 census at all.

In the 1871 census George Barker Searle is a Lodger, a widower, living in Ealing, Brentford, Middlesex. He is alone, no children. I cannot find any certain records of Eliza’s death after 1861, some possibles but you would have to send for far too many certificates to confirm, so we have to assume that she had died by 1871. I have found a probable Louisa Searle in the 1871 census, as a General Domestic Servant for a Mr Berry & family in Kingston, Surrey, so it’s the right area. I also found one record on the 1871 census of an Emily Searle b1856, also working as a domestic servant in Mile End. That could be Emily Sarah? I do wonder what has happened to the children I haven’t traced?

So George I found in the 1881 census, he has his daughter Emily Sarah with him, but no other children. I haven’t found Louisa on the 1881 census, but then she pops up in 1883 to marry James Alder.

Inked1901 Census GeorgeBarkerSearleAtBelmont_LI.jpg

In the 1901 Census for George Barker Searle (See image above) it has Mary A Larkham age 29 from Littlehampton, Sussex as his Housemaid. Gardener is William Burt, Widower age 64 from London (Not as in the first photo Jim?) Also Just down the page a few doors away is a lady, a Housekeeper Mary Bird aged 44 from Market Drayton, Salop, is she the friend?  The absolutely super thing about this 1901 image of the census of course was that it also confirmed the writing on the second photo below… ‘Belmont’ St John’s Woking….


I think the boy mentioned in the first photo of Grandpa Searle was George James Alder born in 1884 to Louisa Stallibrass and James Alder, but as yet I haven’t got a certain candidate for Wallie. If the George is correct then the photo was taken about 1895/7, which certainly looks about right. Do you recognise anyone? Are they your Ancestors?

Here is a full list of the 7 children of James Alder and Louisa Stallibrass Searle
1.George James Alder was born on 30 Oct 1884 in Staines, Middlesex, England.(ALDER, GEORGE JAMES SEARLE Order GRO Reference: 1884 D Quarter in STAINES Volume 03A Page 16. ) He died in Jun 1960 in Thanet, Kent, England. He married Edith Elizabeth Piercy on 09 Aug 1909 in St Faith, Brentford, England.
2.Charles Alder was born in 1890 in Brentford, Middlesex, England (ALDER, CHARLES SEARLE Order GRO Reference: 1890 M Quarter in BRENTFORD Volume 03A Page 97 ). He died in 1890 in Brentford, Middlesex, England (ALDER, CHARLES 0 Order GRO Reference: 1890 M Quarter in BRENTFORD Volume 03A Page 71 ).
3.Philip Henry Searle Alder was born on 01 May 1891 in Brentford, Middlesex, England (ALDER, PHILIP HENRY SEARLE SEARLE Order GRO Reference: 1891 J Quarter in BRENTFORD Volume 03A Page 107). He died in Mar 1951 in Ealing, Middlesex, England.
4.Emily Louisa Alder was born on 23 Apr 1892 in Brentford, Middlesex, England (ALDER, EMILY LOUISA SEARLE Order GRO Reference: 1892 J Quarter in BRENTFORD Volume 03A Page 99 ). She died in Mar 1976 in Sedgemoor, Somerset, England. She married Ernest Oliver Sear in Dec 1916 in Brentford, Middlesex.
5.James Alder was born in 1894 in Brentford, Middlesex, England (ALDER, JAMES SCARLE Order GRO Reference: 1894 M Quarter in BRENTFORD Volume 03A Page 100 ). He died in 1894 in Brentford, Middlesex, England (ALDER, JAMES 0 Order GRO Reference: 1894 M Quarter in BRENTFORD Volume 03A Page 72 ).
6.Frank Nathaniel Searle Alder was born on 03 Jul 1895 in Brentford, Middlesex, England (ALDER, FRANK NATHAINEL SCARLE(Searle) SEARLE Order GRO Reference: 1895 S Quarter in BRENTFORD Volume 03A Page 93 ). He died on 24 Dec 1960 in Ealing, Middlesex, England. He married Ruby Irene Dell in Sep 1922 in Brentford, Middlesex.
7.Louisa Sarah Alder was born on 08 Jan 1897 in Brentford, Middlesex, England (ALDER, LOUISA SARAH SEARLE Order GRO Reference: 1898 M Quarter in BRENTFORD Volume 03A Page 92 ). She died in Dec 1976 in Chiltern and Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England. She married Frederick Joseph Delbridge in Sep 1919 in Brentford, Middlesex.

When I was researching this part of the family I found some wonderful records on the local Henham History Site, Parish records and much much more. Link here…  HENHAM HISTORY      Local village and town History Societies and Websites are often a wealth of information, if you know exactly where your Ancestors came from and need information.

Any ideas on the identification of the family in this photo above?

Group Photo Above..Mystery part of the family, no writing…This group photo initially had me puzzled, but with a little help from friends, realised some were holding Croquet sticks! So was it a favourite game or did they make them?


CDV photo above..I would dearly love to know who these two are, but alas no writing or Photographers stamp.


Large group photo above……What a splendid gathering! So many super outfits & gorgeous hats!! It looks likely to be a bit earlier than 1900, so maybe June 1897 Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations?

Next week will be the final part of the family history of this particular collection of Old Photos, and I will also share the link to the Ancestry Family Tree with you, I am still adding information to it.

Till next time then…………….




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