Lippiatt, Searle, Cobb, Alder shared Old Photos (Part 5)

After starting to compile Part 4 a few days ago, that was going to be the last blog for this family collection of old photos, but then I had a message from a direct descendant of Louisa Stallibrass Searle and James Alder, and that changed everything! I have very kindly been given lots of family information that I would never have found out and also seen lots more of the family old photos that I am able to share with you all. How wonderful that the keeper of the family archives spotted my blogs. So after this blog, all of this fabulous collection will be returning to the family.


The photo above is beautiful isn’t it. This is Edmund Charles and Catherine Cowls, NOT Wilson as I had thought (In my Part 2, the Military photo). Edmund Charles was married twice, the first time to Catherine Cowls, who actually was related to his brother Frederic’s wife Irene May Cowls(Catherine was Irene’s Aunt) and it was Edmund Charles and Catherine Cowls (Pic Above) who had a son called Eric, born in 1923 in Cornwall. They also had had a daughter Marion born previously in 1920 who had died at birth. Frederic and Irene’s son was called Micheal born in 1929. These two family holiday photos on the beach in Cornwall have enabled me to identyfy also one of the Wedding Photos I had, it was of Frerick & Irene taken in 1923 in Cornwall. (In Part 4)



It seems sadly the marriage of Edmund Charles and Catherine(Kitty/Katie) didn’t survive and they divorced at some point. Edmund Charles travelled to Canada in 1924 on his own, he stated a friend in Ontario & a relative in Toronto. Then I found he went again in 1927 with Catherine & son Eric aged 4, it states he was a Steamship Official & his last permanent address was the USA. I have found that Catherine and son Eric arrived back in England in August 1928, they came alone, stating their last permanent address was in the USA, I believe they went back to Cornwall. So between August 1928 and 1931 when Edmund Charles Sear married Katherine Wilson in America, presumably the couple had divorced.  Eric was a Merchant Seaman during WW2, then got married in Cornwall in 1946, and later became a Sales Manager and travelled a lot, living in London.


This photo above is Edmund Charles Sear’s second wife Katherine Wilson.


This photo above is the home of Francis Garrett who is in my Part 3, he was married to Louisa Stallibrass Searle’s sister Emily Sarah who died aged 34.


More Grandpa Searle photos…..


I’m sure everyone will recognise the gentleman in the above and below photos, of course it’s Grandpa Searle! George Barker Searle, great to see a couple more old photos of him & where he lived at ‘Belmont’.


Grandpa Searle is Looking rather dapper here.

These two below are of Philip Searle born 1851 (a brother to Louisa Stallibrass Searle) we think, the one on the right says Uncle Phil in America.


The wonderful thing I now know also is the identity of Emily Searle in the photo below, she was the daughter of Philip Searle (Above) and Annetta Hannah and Emily was born in America 25 February 1888 in Tacoma, Pierce, Washington, USA. I have found her parents were divorced by 1900 US census, Emily married Chauncey Alcott Rouse in 1909 and stayed in America, passing away at aged 77 in New York. I believe they had a daughter Emily too, born about 1914, but I’ve not checked that out yet.


Isn’t this photo below lovely of James Alder with possibluy his eldest son George b1884 (Breeching pic?)

FotoJetJamesAlder & Son George

Couple more lovely pics of James Alder in his later years


This very beautiful photo below is of Louisa Stallibrass Searle, she was known as Cissie in the family, looking very sad, thoughtful, maybe praying. She lost two children at birth, I’m thinking maybe 1890 when her second born son Charles died.


These are photos below of her final resting place at Ealing cemetery.


This next photo below is just lovely, highly likely to be James Alder and Louisa Stallibrass Searle in the later years, maybe a special Wedding anniversary photo?


After posting my last Blog Part 4 the new owner was able to identify one of the Wedding photos on there that I was puzzled about, and has sent me two more photos to share, the first one is Louisa Sarah Alder, see below who was known as Lil & was on the photo I had with her new husband Frederick Delbridge.

Louisa Sarah Alder

This next one is a fabulous four generations of the Wyatt branch of the family, Edward Wyatt (1829-1906), Edward Daniel Wyatt 1854-1944, Maude Emma Lippiatt (Wyatt) 1876-1939 and Dorothy Maude Lippiatt, 4 Aug 1902- Sep 1993. Just a baby in Mum’s arms. So we know this photo below was taken in 1902.

Four generations

This next photo below is most probably Wallie, as mentioned in my blog Part 3 on the photo with Grandpa Searle, but as yet he is a mystery, we have not been able to identify where he fits in the family.FotoJetWallie1924

Another great photo below of Louisa Stallibrass Searle on the right b1855, Her sister Emily Sarah b1856 & brother Philip b1851.

mum, Uncle Phil and Auntie Emily.

These last two are part of the super history of Porthleven, the Cowls family. This first photo shows “Harry (Henry) Cowls and his brother Bert Cowls (sons of Harry) with their newsagent shop in Porthleven.
They went into business after world war I due to the lack of opportunities and depression in the shipping trade that had once been so good to Porthleven“.

Harry Cowls.Marjorie Sear

The last one of the newsagents shop has on the right as a small child Marjorie Sear b1923, with Harry Cowls far right.

Harry Cowls and his brother Bert Cowls (sons of Harry) with their newsagent shop in Porthleven.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about this family in the last few Blogs, there are many Surnames on the Family Tree now, not just the four in the title. Link to the Family Tree on Ancestry is here……..Lippiatt, Searle etc Family Lynns Waffles

Maybe you know some more information about some of the old photos shared in these blogs? If so do please get in touch, any information is always very welcome & I will pass anything more on to the family. Look out for the next family I have already started research on……..

Till next time then………………….


  1. OMG ! The mind boggles. How do you keep up with such intense research Lynn. This is fabulous. I think you will make many friends from families you have researched. Good luck and thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Rita, probably be easier if I didn’t get so involved with the family I’m researching, ha ha. But I can’t help it, going have a bit of a break & do a few smaller research projects next, or at least try!😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Lynn,

    Lovely to read your research and see the pictures, which are of our family! Our Nan, ‘Kathleen Delbridge’ was the daughter of Louisa Sarah Alder and Frederick Delbridge – “Lil & Fred”.

    Marjorie Lippiatt is our Nan’s cousin and we’d be interested to know more about how you came across the pictures as until recently (shortly before your first post) Marjorie was living in the Somerset area. We wondered if perhaps any of these came from her collection….?

    Liked by 1 person

    • How brilliant! Thank you so much for getting in touch!
      Could you please email me via then I can give you full contact details of the new owner of all these wonderful old photos, he will be thrilled to be in contact with you! He’s done lots of family research & I’m sure you’ll be able to help him & he you.
      Happy Christmas 🎄
      Kind Regards Lynn


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