Malvina Louize Ayres Family Old Photos


I found these three lovely old photos together, was great they had dates & other writing on. This first one says ‘Malvina Louize Oct 23, 1938. Age 4 mnths’.


The second one says on the back ‘Malvina Louize Aged 14 mnths. August 1939’


Wonderful Family Group isn’t Malvina a sweetie


This third photo was more than helpful as it had written on the back ‘Malvina Louize Aged 18 mnths’. Dated 4 Oct 1939 & with also a photographers stamp for Artograph Ltd, 199 High St, Lewisham. Which gave me an area!

Looking first on Ancestry for a Malvina Louize born in 1938 in Lewisham, gave me the best option of a birth surname of Ayres, mothers maiden surname of Howe, that was for Sept 1938 Lewisham.

Then I went to Find My Past, I find them to be easier to search for one particular surname marrying another. So going to Civil Marriages & Divorce I put in an Ayres marrying a Howe in the ten years previous & including Malvina’s birth year, with no variations of name. I was lucky immediately with two possible marriages, one of which was in Lewisham! Raymond Evelyn W Ayres married Phyllis D Howe in the 3rd quarter of 1937 in Lewisham.

This is no 10 Montbelle Road now.

As it was just before the 1939 Register it enabled me to find them all fairly easily. See Image below & above. Malvina is obviously on the top of the next page, but the entry is still closed, so she may or may not still be alive.

The Ayres family lived at 10 Montbelle Road at the time of the 1939 Register.

I assumed that Evelyn Arthur Ayres b 2 May 1879 & Louisa Ayres b 30 Dec 1878 were Raymond’s parents. Raymond b 17 Mar 1913 & Phyllis b 5 Mar 1914. Both men were Cashier Clerk’s at a wholesale place. Image Above.

I found Raymond’s parents in the 1911 Census, see image below. Evelyn Arthur Ayres & Louisa Eales had married in Lewisham in 1907.

1911C Ayres.jpg

That enabled me to find Evelyn Arthur’s family just after he was born in the 1881 census, Evelyn as you can see was born into a large family, his father William Richard Ayres was an accountant.

part1 1881CPart2 1881C

Going back to the photos I looked for a marriage for Malvina & found a probable marriage in Yeovil, Somerset in March 1968 to an Adolf F E Halfhide. Great to find an unusual name, usually means less record possibilities!


Arrival Date & Place 13 Jan 1959 to San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA



Arrival Date & Place 28 Jun 1961 to San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA


After finding these two records above (On Ancestry) of travel for Adolf Halfhide, Permanent address ‘Tragarete Road, Port of Spain’. I found he had come to this country (on the incoming passenger lists Find My Past) in between them arriving on 17 July 1960 in Southampton from Trinidad his birth date 4 Oct 1937. (Records confirmed by his birth date on all records) He is listed as a student coming for 3 months visit. Being born in the Port of Spain in Trinidad, he of course was obviously a British Citizen, Trinidad not gaining it’s independance until 1962. He must have liked it here & came back. As he was going to an address in London the couple may have met there, I wonder why they married in Yeovil?


I have found two daughters of the couple Clare Phyllis Halfhide born in 1973 in Lambeth area & Yvette Caroline Halfhide born in 1975 also in Lambeth area.

Malvina & her husband Adolf are on the more recent electoral rolls at Stanley Square, Carshalton, Surrey (2003-2005 New on Ancestry) & one of their daughters Yvette Halfhide was on the electoral rolls up to 2014 in Carshalton, Surrey with them (Find My Past)

Here’s some super old photos I found on the internet of the Port of Spain, Trinidad in past times, some from the 1890’s to 1930’s


I have found a possible marriage of their daughter Clare to Christopher J Broughton in Salford in 2003. Have had a quick look on Facebook for the Broughton couple but far too many possibilities!  But I have found a possible match for Yvette on Facebook & have messaged, so fingers crossed!

I would love these three old photos to be returned to any family members. Do you know anyone mentioned here above? If you do please get in touch on ‘Contact Me’  above.

Till next time them……………….




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