William Henry Mason & Amy Emily Porter Family Certificates

As you probably already know from previous posts on here we love to go to the Giant Fleamarket at the Royal Bath & West Showground at Shepton Mallett. This super collection of 8 certificates I found there. As I was walking along the tables of assorted wares for sale I saw a small battered suitcase at the end of one of the tables, so I opened it and was totally surprised to find all of these plus lots of old leaflets and other ephemera, I asked the seller if it was all from the same family and he said yes they were a house clearance some time ago. So I went through everything carefully and took out anything that had any writing or names on, plus of course the certificates. He let me have them all for a reasonable sum as he said he had forgotten they were in the suitcase! Here are scans of the certificates starting with the earliest in 1866 of the Birth of George John Porter b 16 May 1866. Parents Martha (Binding)& John Porter, a Copy issued on 26 Nov 1924.


Above…. George John Porter Birth 16 May 1866


Above…William Henry Mason Birth 6 July 1895


Above…. Marriage on 10 June 1923 of William Henry Mason and Amy Emily Porter


Above….Death of Frances Porter on 12 July 1926, so sad she never got to meet her Grandson William Edward Mason. (Below)


Above….Birth 18 November 1926 of William Edward Mason


Above….Baptism of William Edward Mason on 20 January 1927


Above….Death of George John Porters on 23 June 1931. Death was ‘Hemorrhage due to injuries to the head caused by accidentally falling from a Cart Horse upon which he was riding. Post Mortem’. Newspaper report below.

George John Porters fondness of Horses led to his Death. This from the Western Daily Press on 27th Jun 1931.


Above….Amy Emily Mason Death certificate on 26 July 1967.

Below are some items from Phyllis Joan Spencer who married William Edward Mason in 3rd quarter of 1967, they had no children that I have found. If you look at the date of William’s Mothers death above on 26 July 1967, it seems they may have married just after, so did his Mum Amy not approve of Phyllis? Or maybe Phyllis didn’t want to live in William’s home with his Mum there? William was living at home still at that time so maybe he was looking after his Mum until her death, as his Dad had died in 1957. It seems that most of their lives the family were living in Ynisher Terrace, Uphill, Weston Super Mare, Somerset.


This is a round up below of the information all about the family that you will find on the Family Tree on Ancestry that I have compiled, here’s  Mason and Porter Family   the direct link.

Ancestors of William Edward Mason 4Pages.jpg
Different branches of the family came from Worcestershire and Warwickshire as well as Somerset

This A.T.S. and V.A.D. Army Book (See images Below) with the name of Kathleen May Godfrey, b.29 March 1920 in Bristol, Avon and d.1 December 2013. As yet I haven’t been able to link her up with my Porter & Mason Family, have I missed something? Could she have been just a dear friend? Maybe she left her belongings to Phyllis, then Phyllis died after 2013 and everthing was in the house clearance? (I’ve not found Phyllis’s death record so assume it’s recent?) Maybe someone out there knows something about Kathleen or Phyllis? Any help welcome. I think the guide to Aden must have belonged to this lady Kathleen too, maybe she was stationed out there in WW2. It’s full of information for residents.

Auxiliary Territorial Service was the women’s branch of the British Army during the WW2. It was formed on 9 September 1938, initially as a women’s voluntary service, and existed until 1 February 1949, when it was merged into the Women’s Royal Army Corps.” and ” Voluntary Aid Detachment was a voluntary unit of civilians providing nursing care for military personnel in the UK & other countries in the British Empire. The most important periods of operation for these units were during WWI and WWII. Although VADs were intimately bound up in the war effort, they were not strictly speaking military nurses, as they were not under the control of the military, unlike the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps, the Princess Mary’s Royal Air Force Nursing Service, and the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service. The VAD nurses worked in both field hospitals, close to the battlefield & longer-term places of recuperation back in Britain.” Information above from Wikipedia.




As always do you recognise any names here among your own Ancestors? Does anyone have any old photos of this family? I would love to see their faces! Do please get in touch if you have any information, see contact me above or comment on this post.

Till next time then………….

Do you know Cicely Burnip?

Isn’t this little girl just so sweet, lovely happy face. She looks a darling in that lace dress & those boots! But who is she?


What this little girls name?



It says “Cicely Burnip’s Daughter. From Thora with love to Bessy.”

Cicely Theresa Burnip   1893–1968
Birth 2 APR 1893 • Bishop Auckland, Durham, England
Death SEP 1968 • East Dereham, Norfolk, England

Her father, John, was 38, and her mother, Maria, was 32 when she was born. She married Edmund R Robinson in 1926 in Midhurst, Sussex. She died in September 1968 in East Dereham, Norfolk, at the age of 75.

This lady above is the best possibility, but I’m not totally sure as I have found just a son born to the couple in late 1928, Edmand John? BUT there are two girls born to a Burnip previous to her marriage date. 1. Marguerite b 1920 in Sunderland Durham, surname Burnip & Mothers maiden name Burnip. Then 2. Cecilia b1921 in Lanchester, Durham, surname Burnip & Mothers maiden name Burnip. Were these two girls born before her marriage to Edmund? Was she an unmarried Mother? Or is there another explanation? Were the two girls born to totally different women and nothing to do with Cicely? Is there another Cicely Burnip somewhere?

What do you think?

Below is Edman Robinson going out to New York America in February 1930, his family follows in July. He went out as a Farmer & came back as a Mechanic in 1932

burnip 3

This is confirmation of Cicely (born Bishop Auckland) & her son Edmand (born Fressingfield, Suffolk), surname Robinson. They are travelling with Cicelys Mother Maria Burnip on this passenger list from Southampton to New York, America in July 1930.


burnip passenger back

Here above is their return trip from America, Cicely, Husband Edman, son John (Edmand John) & also her Mother Maria Burnip. They arrived back in the UK on 28 Nov 1932. No daughters? Would be nice to identify this little girl if anyone has an information please get in touch!

Have filled in a very quick basic tree on Ancestry, link here..Burnip Family

Till next time then………..


William John Gibbs, Baker & Confectioner🍞🥖🧁Beaminster, Dorset. Pt 1.

Part 1. As a collector of old photos I inevitably have a ‘queue’ of photos with some writing &/or names waiting to be scanned &/or researched and blogged about. So recently I looked at three connected photos to make a start on, these I have had for over three years! Imagine my surprise when I looked on the back to see they were of a family from Beaminster, Dorset!

We moved here to Beaminster in 2016, what a lovely coincidence.


This is my favourite above, showing William John Gibbs and his wife Lydia (Holt) on their 40th Wedding Anniversary in 1938, written on the back by Lydia. Taken in their Son Stanley’s garden. They married on 22 April 1893, Marriage registered in Chard, Somerset.

Stanley was one of their son’s.

William John GIBBS was born on 04 Jan 1864 in Crewkerne, Somerset, England as the ninth child of Thomas Mark GIBBS and Anne WHITE. He had nine siblings, namely: Henry, Job (William), Clara Jane, Mary Hannah, James, Catherine Amelia, Sarah, Thomas John, and Elizabeth Annie. When he was 29, he married Lydia HOLT, daughter of Henry HOLT (a Basket Maker & occasional Preacher) and Mary A LAWRENCE, on 22 Apr 1893 in Chard, Somerset (Registered in Chard, Somerset. But as Lydia was born and lived in Crewkerne was that where they married? Possibly St Bartholemew’s?).

William John GIBBS lived in Mosterton, Dorset, England in 1871 (Relationship: Son). He lived in Beaminster, Dorset, England in 1891 (Relation to Head: Head, a Baker & Confectioner) His father had died in 1872, and he had Ann his widowed Mother living with him. Still living in Beaminster, Dorset, England in 1901 (Relation to Head of House: Head). He lived in Western, Dorset, England in 1904. He lived in Beaminster, Dorset, England on 02 Apr 1911 (Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Head).

He lived in Beaminster in 1915 (Other Records: Father). 40th Wedding Anniversary: 22 Apr 1933 in Netherbury, Dorset, England (Photo in Gallery taken in son Stanley’s garden in Netherbury of William & Lydia Gibbs) He lived in Dorset, England in 1939 (Notes: Marital Status: Married. He was a Retired Baker & Confectioner.  He died on 07 Mar 1948 in Beaminster, Dorset, England.

This is Beaminster Kelly’s Directory from 1939 transcribed by Zoe Martin for Dorset OPC, localised Online Parish Clerks records and websites are invaluable and always a great resource when you are tracing your family history, and we are extremely lucky that Dorset is excellent!  Beaminster Kelly’s Directory 1939  direct link here.

Looking at 1911 & 1939 info I am sure they were living where the Mr. Mo garage is now, opposite the car wash. I’m assuming the bakery was there) He lived in Whitcombe Road, Beaminster, Dorset in 1939 (Spoken to owner of the Mr. Motor Repair Co & Yes he said as far as he knew it was previously owned by the Gibbs family still when he bought it, so my thoughts are that the Bakery was here first from 1890, then when William retired his son Leonard ran his Motorbike business from there) Coincidentally it is next door but one to where our Beaminster Museum is now.

William John GIBBS and Lydia HOLT had the following children:

  1. TWIN. Stanley William GIBBS was born on 10 Apr 1896 in Beaminster, Dorset, England (GIBBS, STANLEY WILLIAM HOLT Order GRO Reference: 1896 J Quarter in BEAMINSTER Volume 05A Page 354 ). He died on 19 Jan 1992 in Bransgore, Christchurch, Dorset. He had married Jessie Mabel HOUSE on 22 Apr 1928 in Beaminster, Dorset, England.
  2. TWIN. Leonard Henry GIBBS was born on 10 Apr 1896 in Beaminster, Dorset, England (GIBBS, LEONARD HENRY HOLT Order GRO Reference: 1896 J Quarter in BEAMINSTER Volume 05A Page 354 ). He died on 18 Dec 1948 in Bridport, Dorset, England. He married Muriel Emma AISH in Dec 1934 in Bridgewater, Somerset, England. He married Emily Taylor on 21 Mar 1943 in Bridport, Dorset, England.
    Jessie Margaret GIBBS was born in Nov 1900 in Beaminster, Dorset, England (GIBBS,
  3.  JESSIE MARGARET HOLT Order GRO Reference: 1900 D Quarter in BEAMINSTER Volume 05A Page 319 ). She was just 3 months old when she sadly died on 19 Feb 1901 in Beaminster, Dorset, England (GIBBS, JESSIE MARGARET 0 Order GRO Reference: 1901 M Quarter in OF BEAMINSTER Volume 05A Page 255 ).
  4.  LYDIA MARY GIBBS was born on 28 Jan 1904 in Beaminster, Dorset, England (GIBBS,LYDIA MARY HOLT Order GRO Reference: 1904 M Quarter in BEAMINSTER Volume 05A Page 342 ). She died in Dec 1986 in Bridport, Dorset, England.
  5. ELSIE ELLEN GIBBS was born on 11 Dec 1911 in Beaminster, Dorset, England (GIBBS, ELSIE ELLEN HALT Order GRO Reference: 1912 M Quarter in BEAMINSTER Volume 05A Page 595. Mothers maiden name should be HOLT not HALT). She died in Mar 1998 in Dorset (The incorrect birth date was given. Given as 3 Dec 1910.). She married Albert Edward Duncan HOUSE on 26 Mar 1933 in Beaminster, Dorset, England.

STANLEY WILLIAM (Twin) was born on 10 Apr 1896 in Beaminster, Dorset, and still in Beaminster, Dorset in the 1901 & 1911 census. He emigrated to America on 22 Mar 1913 (According to the old photo, the image below, Stanley William sailed for America on this date.). He arrived in New York on 28 Mar 1913, he had departed from Liverpool.

He arrived back in Liverpool, England on 05 Dec 1916. Bet his family was glad to see him after three & half years! Described now as a Farmer, and his last permanent residence USA and future permanent residence Beaminster, Dorset. He had departed from Montréal, Québec, Canada. He was still living in Dorset, England in the 1939 Register taken in Sep 1939 Marital Status: Married. Living in Prouts Bridge at this time. His occupation was as a Relieving officer & Registrar of Births Marriages & Deaths, so his name is probably on many records for other people too.

Stanley William GIBBS and Jessie Mabel HOUSE had no children that I have found.

Stanley, Lydia and Elsie Gibbs



This photo above also has the connection to his father’s Bakers shop, see the HOVIS logo on the right of the photo.

LEONARD HENRY (Twin) was born on 10 Apr 1896 in Beaminster, Dorset, England (GIBBS, LEONARD HENRY HOLT Order GRO Reference: 1896 J Quarter in BEAMINSTER Volume 05A Page 354 as the second child of William John GIBBS and Lydia HOLT ).

He lived in Beaminster, Dorset, England in 1901 & 1911(Relation to Head of House: Son). He lived in Prout Bridge, Beaminster in 1915 (Leonard joined up & was in the Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry. No 16540 (Short service attestation) His occupation then was a Baker, like his father.). He served in the military in Sep 1916 (See image below from Ancestry) in Beaminster, Dorset, England (Sustained an injury to his knee while on leave, riding a Motorbike & was unable to bend it. So he was discharged from the Army.)

When he was 38, he married Muriel Emma AISH, daughter of Walter AISH and Lucy Rose STUDLEY, in Dec 1934 in Bridgewater, Somerset, England. Leonard Henry GIBBS and Muriel Emma AISH had the two children.
He lived in Dorset, England in 1939 (Marital Status: Divorced. Leonard H Gibbs was a Motor Engineer, Motorcycle and Cycle Engineer of Prout Bridge, is this the garage at what is now known as 1 Whitcombe Road. As the Hann family had a large garage across the road where the River runs.
Did Leonards garage replace his fathers Bakery and shop on the same premises?
When he was 46, he married Emily Taylor,daughter of Mary Ann Cecilia Emily Major and James Loveless Taylor, on 21 Mar 1943 in Bridport, Dorset, England. Leonard Henry GIBBS and Emily Taylor had no children. He died on 18 Dec 1948 in Bridport, Dorset, England.

I have searched but am unable to find any photos of his father’s Bakers Shop in the Prout’s Bridge area. I have borrowed three wonderful Beaminster history books from our local library too but still had no luck with finding a photo of the Bakery in either Fleet Street or Prouts Bridge, but they are full of great information about our town, so they are a brilliant read for someone who hasn’t grown up here, still reading them!

Looking in the Newspaper archives I found this super notice (see below) when William moved premises to Prouts Bridge from Fleet St in 1890.

Screenshot_2018-11-07 The British Newspaper Archive findmypast co uk
These notices appeared in Newspapers in November 1890 when William moved his premises three years before his marriage.

I did visit our local Museum and could find no more information out about the shop or any old photos of it either. But they were a wonderful help to me in finding other information about the history of Beaminster, they have a huge archive of all sorts of wonderful information about the town of Beaminster and the surrounding parishes of Broadwindsor, Burstock, Chedington, Corscombe, Halstock, Hooke, Mapperton, Mosterton, Netherbury, Seaborough, South Perrott, Stoke Abbott and Thorncombe and many many local people and their histories. They are all such a lovely friendly group and so helpful, do pay them a visit if you are in the area, the Beaminster Museum is full of wonderful displays and treasures of the area and is housed in the old Congregational Church just in the Whitcombe Road as you enter Beaminster from Bridport direction on the B3066.

The Museum have two websites running at the moment until this new one is fully functional.. Beaminster Museum

Older website is Beaminster Museum (Older site)


This last photo I have is lovely of Lydia and one of her daughters Elsie Ellen, written by Elsie on the back. Dated 1916.


William John Gibbs came from a large local family

Thomas Mark GIBBS, his father was born in Jan 1826 in Mosterton, Dorset, England as the fourth child of Job GIBBS and Mary BROWN. He had six siblings, namely: Elisa, Anna Maria, William Brown, Henry, Sarah B, and John James. He died in Jun 1872 in Mosterton, Dorset, England. When he was 25, he married Anne WHITE, daughter of James WHITE and Hannah HOOPER, on 02 Mar 1851 in Misterton, Somerset, England.

Thomas Mark GIBBS was baptized on 15 Jan 1826 in Mosterton, Dorset, England. He lived in Mosterton, Dorset, England in 1841. He lived in Somerset, England in 1851. He lived in Mosterton, Somerset, England in 1851 (Relationship: Head. Described as a Dairyman.). He lived in Crewkerne, Somerset, England in 1861 (Relationship: Head). He lived in Mosterton, Dorset, England in 1871 (Relationship: Head). He was buried on 10 Jun 1872 in Mosterton, Dorset, England.

Thomas Mark GIBBS and Anne WHITE had the following 10 children:

1. Henry GIBBS was born on 22 Dec 1851 in Misterton, Somerset, England (GIBBS, HENRY WHITE Order GRO Reference: 1851 D Quarter in BEAMINSTER Volume 08 Page 10 ). He died on 24 Aug 1932 in Whitchurch Canonicorum, Dorset, England. He married Emily Frances KNIGHT on 25 Apr 1876 in Whitchurch-Canonicorum, Dorset, England.

2. Job (William) GIBBS was born in Oct 1852 in Muchelney, Somerset, England. He married Mary Alma BISHOP in Oct 1874 in Beaminster, Dorset. Job & Mary Alma had six children in Dorset, two were Twins in 1885 Mary & Harry, they both sadly died, and after the next baby was born in 1886 a daughter Ethel, they emigrated to Australia, 1887, they had five more children in Australia, so a total of 14 born to the couple. Job had a Farm, “Gowangardie” in Benalla, Victoria, Australia. Job, his sons Harry, William Mark & Tom were farmers & Ernest Alfred was described as a Beekeeper (Apiarist)


Job must have returned to England for a couple of visits, firstly in 1906 (aged 53) as Job arrived back in Australia 1 Feb 1906, he also left England on 30 Mar 1926 to go back to Australia (aged 73). He died in 1946 in Violet Town, Victoria, Australia (aged 94). There are still many of Job & Mary’s descendants living in Australia now & some have actually been to visit Beaminster and the Museum and there is more information on this Australian branch of the family at the Museum.

3. Clara Jane Gibbs was born in Jan 1854 in Puriton, Somerset, England. She married Ruben Comber on 3 April 1874 in Somerset. In 1881 they were both living in Lisgar, Manitoba, Canada. Obviously they had emigrated. Clara died as a young mother on 8 Nov 1886, Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada. Her husband remarried after her death.


Reuben Comber
Some great information about Reuben found on a Public tree on Ancestry, a great resource for extra treasures!

4. Mary Hannah GIBBS was born in 1854 in Beaminster, Dorset, England (GIBBS, MARY HANNAH WHITE Order GRO Reference: 1854 J Quarter in BEAMINSTER Volume 05A Page 399 ). She died on 13 Jun 1942 in Wells, Somerset, England.
5. James GIBBS was born in 1856 in Misterton, Somerset, England (GIBBS, JAMES WHITE Order GRO Reference: 1856 M Quarter in BEAMINSTER Volume 05A Page 364 ). He died on 24 Jan 1928 in Dorset, England.
6. Catherine Amelia GIBBS was born in 1858 in Beaminster, Dorset, England (Not found on GRO yet!). She died in Mar 1937 in Newton Abbot, Devon, England. She married William Henry COWELL in Apr 1885 in Newton Abbot, Devon.
7. SARAH GIBBS was born in 1859 in Beaminster, Dorset, England (GIBBS, SARAH WHITE Order GRO Reference: 1859 J Quarter in BEAMINSTER Volume 05A Page 387 ). She died on 03 Jan 1953 in Bishop Stortford, Hertfordshire, England. She married Joseph LINSELL in 1884.
8. Thomas John GIBBS was born in Dec 1861 in Woolminstone, Somerset, England (GIBBS, THOMAS JOHN WHITE Order GRO Reference: 1861 D Quarter in CHARD Volume 05C Page 471 ). He died on 30 Nov 1936 in Beaminster, Dorset, England. He married Martha Hayden in Jul 1888 in Hampstead, London. He married Elizabeth Harriett CURTIS in Dec 1917 in Beaminster, Dorset, England. He was a Shoemaker like his father.

“This is a pic taken outside White Hart Yard on Hogshill Road, Beaminster. We are not sure if Thomas is posing on the footpath outside his shop or on the sunny side of the street opposite his shop.”

9. William John GIBBS was born on 04 Jan 1864 in Crewkerne, Somerset, England. He died on 07 Mar 1948 in Beaminster, Dorset, England. He married Lydia HOLT on 22 Apr 1893 in Chard, Somerset.
10. Elizabeth Annie GIBBS was born in Apr 1865 in Yeovil, Somerset, England (GIBBS, ELIZABETH ANNIE WHITE Order GRO Reference: 1865 J Quarter in YEOVIL Volume 05C Page 574 ). She died on 26 Dec 1937 in Warminster, Wiltshire. She married Charles William BOND on 18 Jun 1885 in Longbridge Deverill, Warminster, Wiltshire, England.


1 (3)
William & Lydia at rest with their baby daughter Jessie.
1 (5)
William & Lydia’s Son Leonard next to them
1 (4)
They are buried in Holy Trinity Churchyard, Beaminster

The photos above are some of a few I took when I visited the local Holy Trinity Churchyard of the various members of the Gibbs family (more in Part 2) I shall add grave photos & information to Find A Grave (direct link) one of my New Year resolutions to try to contribute & help other researchers of Family History.



More to come soon in Part 2 about the Gibbs Family of Beaminster.

Till next time then……………….



🔔🔔Children for Christmas🔔 🔔

🔔🔔Christmas time is special, full of magic and wonder for children, here are some of the Children of past times from my collection who probably had a very different Christmas than Children of today🔔🔔



































🔔🔔I couldn’t post this Christmas Blog without a bit of History creeping in!🔔🔔
🔔🔔“The song “Jingle Bells” is one of the best-known & commonly sung American songs in the world. It was written by James Lord Pierpont (1822–1893) & first published under the title “One Horse Open Sleigh” in the autumn of 1857.
Although originally intended for the Thanksgiving season & having no connection to Christmas, it became associated with Christmas music & the holiday season in general decades after it was first performed on Washington Street in Boston in 1857.
Some area choirs adopted it as part of their repertoire in the 1860s & 1870s, and it was featured in a variety of parlour song & college collections in the 1880s.
It was first recorded in 1889 on an Edison cylinder”🔔🔔
🔔🔔All information above from Wikipedia🔔🔔



🔔🔔Thanks so much to everyone who has read my Blogs through 2018  🔔🔔 Wishing you all a very Happy, Healthy & Peaceful Christmas xx 🔔🔔

🎄Till next time then………….

Who was Ellis Ogilvie?


This good looking young man above is one of my recent finds, so today I thought I would share it with everyone on Twitter in the hope that I could find out his name. My Twitter followers are brilliant and they didn’t disappoint today. Follower @BlatchelyJoanna quickly came up with Ogilvie as his surname. So Ellis Ogilvie, but apart from many many mentions in the world of Theatre all over the Country in the British Newspaper Archives on Find My Past, I couldn’t find him elseware, not on Ancestry or Find My Past, there was an Ellis Ogilvie in Yorkshire, not the correct one, but that was it!

Matches with photo

So I quickly realised that Ellis Ogilvie had to be his stage name, but after trying for at least a couple of hours following every lead possible on the internet, I was still no further forward. Apart from the different places he had performed in Dublin, Scotland, Jersey, Guernsey and many many places all around the UK, only one thing struck me was that several times he performed duets with an Ida Clifton, so I thought that that may be an angle to try if I had no luck following his name, you never know they may have been an item.

So I went back to the Newspaper Archives on Find My Past, entered his name again filtered 1890-99 and started to read every single one of the mentions, 180 in total. So glad I did, my first breakthrough came in the form of a Birth announcement on 6th May 1899, he and his wife had a son! So maybe he was Ellis Ogilvie after all?


So going onto the GRO website (General Register Office) I searched through 1899 for Male births in named Ogilvy, as he was born in Hampstead, but Dad travelled so I thought that any one of them could be correct in the 2nd or 3rd Quarter? But I started with London area first, there were 4 possible names, but after tracing the families in the 1901 & 1911 Censuses none were correct, so back to out of London, but still no results looking for an Actor/Performer Father.

So back I went to the Newspaper Archives thinking that if he had announced the Birth of a Son there might be another announcement of another child maybe?

After another half hour reading all the reports for any clues I hit gold! I did a happy dance!!!


So at last we know his name E.F.Overbury and his wifes name was Elizabeth Ida Bartlett, known as Ida Clifton. So my instinct back at the beginning was right, they were a working duet that married.

The rest was straight family history research, I have made a very small tree on Ancestry for those that like to see. Link here… Ellis Ogilvie-Overbury

Edward Fox Overbury was born on 16 Nov 1873 in Bickley, Kent, England as the fifth child of Benjamin Fox Overbury and Mary Baumann Or Marshall. He had five siblings, namely: Helen C., Kate M., Mildred, Herbert, and Phillis Mary.

He died on 15 Oct 1944 in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, England. When he was 25, he married Elizabeth Ida Bartlett in 1899. He left £7,360 7s 1d to his wife and a Sir Herbert..See below


Edward Fox Overbury lived in Hove, Sussex, England in 1881 (Relationship to Head: Son). He lived in Paddington, London, England in 1891 (Relation to Head: Son). He lived in Derby, Derbyshire, England in 1901 (Relation to Head of House: Lodger).

He lived in Ashford, Middlesex, England on 02 Apr 1911 (Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Head. A Printer, so had he given up the stage as an actor after his two sons were born. He arrived in London, England on 13 Dec 1928 (Travelled from Buenos Aires. Occupation is a Representative.). He lived in Bedfordshire, England in 1939 (Marital Status: Married. Hotel Proprietor of the Anchor Hotel, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire with his wife Elizabeth, the Hotel Proprietress).

Edward Fox Overbury and Elizabeth Ida Bartlett had the following children:

Richard Fox Overbury was born on 2nd May 1899 in Hampstead, Middlesex, England. He died about 1977. He married Marjorie N Wrinch in 1929 in Woodbridge, Suffolk, United Kingdom.
Geoffrey Fox Overbury (Registered as Stanley Fox Overbury in the GRO records) was born on 14 Aug 1903 in Hampstead, Middlesex, England. He died on 02 May 1985 in Eastbourne, East Sussex, England. He married Nancy R Lake in 1938 in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.

Here’s a few more Newspaper clippings from the archives.

Ellis and Ida mentioned here aboveimg_6382


Once again the husband and wife team are performing together, above.

Ellis Ogilvie AKA Edward Fox Overbury died in Biggleswade on 15th Oct 1944, if you know of any family or any more information to add I would love to hear from you.

Comment on here or send me an email via ‘Contact Me’ at top of this Blog.

Till next time then……..

With Pride and Love We Remember ❤️🌹

This time of year, around Remembrance Day evokes many emotions in people all around the world, especially this years anniversary of the end of WW1….. Fear, Hope, Sadness, Joy, Gratitude, Kindness, Cheerfulness, Anger, Happiness, Surprise, Confidence, Admiration, Enthusiasm, Euphoria, Satisfaction, Contentment, Inspiration mostly heaps of Pride and Love…….


Looking at some of my Military finds from my collection this year, also makes me look more closely at these images and imagine the stories behind them.


Some are lone Soldiers from Victorian times, some with friends, colleagues, serving pals. Some in small or larger family groups, taken before they went to War maybe, some when they arrived safely home after surviving War.



Some taken in studios, some in homes and gardens.


Some very poignant family groups……all have a story


Some that survived war but came home injured in some way, the many Nurses home and abroad that tended the injured and dying, here in this old photo below with Soldiers who are wearing the Hospital Blues Uniform that was worn by patients in Military or Convalescence Hospitals during and after World War One.


Also thankfully some supremely happy old photos taken on their Wedding days, knowing they have met someone to share the next chapter of their life with.


No names but all have a story to tell I’m sure.



Poppy Field Salisbury Blog 2018


Poppy Poppy

If you do recognise any faces, please get in touch…….

Till next time then……….

The Pogmore Family, Birmingham

See UPDATE at end of this Blog, more photos found by Diana, written on by Jack!



We went off to a Car Boot sale recently out of our area near Wimborne, Dorset and I was lucky enough to find a nice few old photos, including this small collection that I had chosen because they all had writing on the back. I was really pleased when I got home to find they were all connected to the same family POGMORE. It also seems that they had belonged to a Rex Pogmore, pictured above aged 6 years old and below again at aged 18.


So I’ve started a tree on Ancestry with Rex and been able to add quite a few family members. The photo above was taken before Rex married and it seems his training in the Fleet Air Arm as an Aircraft Mechanic, stood him well as I’ve found him described in later years as an Engineer, then a Plant Manager.  It seems probably that Rex and his wife Elsie Margaret (Lacey) both passed away in 2015 and 2016 respectively, in Banbury, Oxfordshire. I have found three possible children of the marriage, I have not been able to confirm, but saw on an Public Ancestry Tree, so maybe these were photos involved in a house clearance that the family didn’t want to keep or they slipped through the net? Understandable if maybe the children of the marriage lived in Canada the Country where they were brought up.



This is the Pogmore Family home at 64 Lindridge Road, Birmingham now (on the right) on Google Street, all the houses in the road are a similar style.

PHOTOS ABOVE…I was lucky that there was enough information on the back of all these photos, especially the group one above, to piece together the family. There were two copies of the that photo with different writing on each, which was very helpful. Especially having their address too. Joan (far right) was one of Rex’s sisters born in 1920. Margaret Lacey on the left I think maybe the lady that Rex married? Her name was Elsie Margaret Lacey and the date fits as she was born in 1927, so maybe she didn’t like the name Elsie and was known as Margaret? I was initially puzzled by the spelling of MOM, not MUM until while researching the family I found that Rex and his wife Elsie Margaret had married at the beginning of 1949 in Birmingham, then in 1950 they emigrated to America, settling in Ontario, Canada. Hence the different spelling. The last trace of the couple in Canada I found was 1968, so sometime between 1968 and them appearing on the British Electoral Rolls for 2003-2009 at The Old Forge, Upper Brailes, Banbury, Oxfordshire, they obviously came back to Britain. The Old Forge is a beautiful Grade 2 listed thatched cottage that was for sale for around £500,000 in 2017….Image below…

The Old Forge


Love this photo above of Peggy (Margaret?) Pogmore, Babe to family and friends!



Kathleen Lamphier Pogmore (Eldest sibling of Rex) above married Richard Owen Cherry in Birmingham, 1946. They had two children that I have found, firstly Susan M born in 1946 and Robert J born in 1949 both registered in Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire.

Here’s a bit more information about the family of POGMORE from the family tree I have compiled. I did notice while researching that there is an awful lot of obviously incorrect information on some of the family trees that are public on Ancestry, probably people as usual just copying someone else’s tree information, without checking for themselves or sourcing records to prove, such a shame, but very common unfortunately now.

Horace family info
Above Horace POGMORE FAMILY info
Horace family info 2
Horace family info 3
This information above is what I have found out about Rex’s eldest brother Jack Horace POGMORE who left the Military as a Lt Col.
Lt Col Jack Horace Pogmore
Jack Horace’s last known address in Church Street, Stratford Upon Avon in the Electoral Register 2003-2008. He died in September 2008. (Taken from Google Street)

The name Lamphier used as a middle name originates from Rex’s Maternal Grandmothers family who came from just outside Birmingham in Handsworth, Staffordshire. Rex’s Great Grandfather Jacob Lamphier was born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, so just a bit further west, about 45 miles. Jacob Lamphier was a Hairdresser in Soho Street, Handsworth until he died in 1866 aged 46. After he died his wife Susanna was listed as a Shopkeeper, Tobacconist, Soho St. Handsworth, Warwickshire, England. So I would think changing the use of the premises to continue making a living as her youngest child was only four when Jacob died.

LINKS……….Discovered this super website while looking for Military information about the Pogmore Family, lots transcribed from the National Archives, well worth a look! Geoff’s Great War pages

Do you have connections to this family? Are they your Ancestors?

Click this link to see the Family Tree on Ancestry Pogmore Family Lynns Waffles

Do you recognise anyone in the old photos?

UPDATE. I’ve had a super email from Diana (24 Dec 2018) who also loves old photos & this is what she wrote “I was at Wimborne car boot today and came across some photos with writing on the back – I thought how interesting I am going to investigate the family, something I have done many times before and reunited them with the family.
The two photos I had were regarding the Pogmore family
I googled the name and lo and behold came up with your website saying that you had done exactly the same at Wimborne Carboot
So attached are the two I found, I assume they were in a different box to the one you looked through. Images below
Perhaps they are another link in your research?
One day hopefully a Pogmore may contact you?” Thanks so much Diana, great to have more faces from the family!

Wonderful to see Jack with his Twin Daughters born in 1948, Elizabeth & Linda.


Jack’s Mum with her sister
Good to have more confirmation that the writing on the back of these photos was the work of Jack Pogmore. Correction on this photo above where it says (Mothers Sister) that is wrong as Pattie was Horaces Sister.

UPDATE No 2. Have had a wonderful email from Sue a lovely lady living in Canada. Sue has given me some more info on the family. Horace & Kitty were her Grandparents………Thank you so much Sue x

“Hi Lynn, quite by chance I came upon your web page and was gobsmacked to find photos of my family!
Horace and Kitty Pogmore were my grandparents. I am the daughter of their oldest daughter Kathleen. At the bottom of the page there is a photo of Gran with Auntie Peggy and Auntie Patty. Auntie Patty is Horace’s sister not Kitty’s. (Writing on photo)

Patty and her husband emigrated to the U.S. after World War I. The photo was taken on her first ever trip home in the 50s. Rex Pogmore also came over to visit – possibly at the same time, I can’t remember.
Patty and her husband settled in Buffalo New York. They had three daughters, Olive, Verna and Marcelle.
Rex and Margaret had three children, Kathleen, Sherry and Ian. They returned to the UK at the end of the 60s. The girls remained in England but Ian went back to Canada and is here still.
I also live in Canada. I emigrated in 1968.”


Till next time then…………..


Agnes Jane Akers 💒 Charles William Sly Part 2 Update

After being able to return the lovely photo of Agnes to a direct descendant a few weeks ago, Dick has very kindly sent me more images of the the family. Lovely to be able to see Agnes as a young woman and Mum. Good to also be able to share these with you all. If you missed the first Blog with their family history here it is   Akers Sly Family Blog Pt1  …

Super seaside photo, taken later in life when Charles and Agnes were Grandparents, love her outfit & hat!
Holidaying in Devon, near Torquay. They were obviously lovely Grandparents
This is the photo of Agnes that I found at the Car Boot sale.
Looking at the ages of the Children, this family group photo above was taken about 1897/8
Going on the youngest daughter Kathleen Mary born August 1893, sat on Mum Agnes’s lap, this dates the photo above to late 1894.
This gorgeous photo is Agnes on the right with two of her SISTERS, taken after her marriage in 1879 as she’s wearing a Wedding ring, early 1880’s?
My favourite, a wonderful informal outdoor photo of Agnes and Charles


Although it’s written ‘Agnes with Mum & Dad & Mrs Ann Ely, wife of farm manager’ on the back, I would question that, as clearly it is Agnes on the right, but the two other girls in the hammock must be the same two girls in the sisters photo above, could probably be Dad James Matthew Akers standing behind, but most certainly not Mum Jane, she would have been about 50/55 years of age at this time & all in the hammock are much younger. Agnes photo taken maybe just before her marriage in 1878/9, no Wedding ring visible.

This image below is a copy of a photo from the Sly side of the family below, beautiful lady, tragically died young.

Eliza varley, wife of James Sly. Married 3rd Jan 1863, died 1863, most probably in childbirth. Update, just found out from Dick that she died from Scarlett Fever two days after Baby was born. Baby Charles Herbert James Sly was brought up by the Varley Family as James remarried.
This is an unknown group of young people from the family, do you recognise anyone? Are any of these in your family?
Another Unknown group from the Akers/Sly family. Do you recognise them? Have you seen these faces among your Ancestors old photos?

This truly wonderful poem below has been passed down the family from way back in 1859, written at Pentrebane Farm, St Fagans, Cardiff, and was obviously written by the childrens Nanny/Governess. “Gentle little Agnes is so delicately fair” Amazing to have this in the family. I would love to have found out the author, but am unable to track down the 1861 census entry for them to see if that holds a clue, the record for Pentrebane Farm, St Fagans, Cardiff seems to be missing on Ancestry & Find My Past, but it’s not listed as missing? James Matthew Akers was one of the principal tenants of the The Hon Robert Windsor Clive & Lady Mary Clive, another interesting family (Lady Windsors Estates)

Below you will see their family group sheet with more details about the first six children mentioned in this poem, and the other children that were born after 1859



My huge thanks go to Dick, such a lovely chap to share so much of his family history and photos with me, I really appreciate the time and trouble he’s gone to, to send me these family treasures.

If you missed my original blog about the family, which includes their family tree, link is here below

Akers Sly Family Blog Part 1.

Till Next Time Then………………

Walter, Matilda, Kathleen, Betty and Daisy Bartlett


Such a very beautiful family portrait.

These two lovely Postcard Photos I couldn’t resist, they are just adorable children aren’t they. These I bought from  Old Postcards via their Facebook page that I follow, you can also find them on Twitter @OldPostcards ….Not a usual thing for me to do, but they were just so lovely. Do have a look at their website, it’s packed full of a huge variety of Old Postcards, they may have one you have been looking for!

Wonderful to have names and dates, but no surname on this one!

This is the second postcard, thankfully this one had a full name and Old Postcards said they go together. A beautiful photo of the family’s first born Kathleen May Bartlett.


The Bartlett Family History.

Nathaniel BARTLETT was born in 1809 in East Chinnock, Somerset, England.
He was a Farmer on Larkhill Farm, Yeovil, Somerset from 1865 to his death.
He died on 08 Jan 1882 in Larkhill Farm, Yeovil, Somerset, England
When he was 26, he married Mary A Peach on 13 Jan 1835.
Nathaniel BARTLETT lived in Yeovil, Somerset, England in 1861 (Relationship: Head. His Occupation ‘A Farmer of 300 Acres’, but which Farm?? Took over Larkhill Farm in 1865.)
He lived in Yeovil, Somerset, England in 1871.
He lived in Yeovil, Somerset, England in 1881.
Nathaniel BARTLETT and Mary A PEACH had the following children:

1.Mary A BARTLETT was born in 1839 in Beaminster, Dorset, England.
2.Martha BARTLETT was born in 1843 in Beaminster, Dorset, England.
3.David BARTLETT was born in Aug 1849 in Yeovil, Somerset, England (BARTLETT, DAVID PEACH Order GRO Reference: 1849 S Quarter in YEOVIL Volume 10 Page 521 ). David BARTLETT lived in Yeovil, Somerset, England in 1861 (Relationship: Son). He emigrated to Coldwater, Branch, Michigan, USA in 1872. He married Ophelia Hall on 12 June 1889 in Coldwater Branch Michigan USA. the couple had one son.

                       Herbert Hall Bartlett was born on 24 Aug 1890 in Coldwater, Branch, Michigan, USA. He lived in Coldwater, Branch, Michigan, USA in 1900 (Marital Status: Single; Relation to Head: Son). He lived in Coldwater Ward 4, Branch, Michigan, USA in 1910 (Marital Status: Single; Relation to Head of House: Son). He lived in Washtenaw, Michigan, USA in 1918 (Military Marital Status: Single). He served in the military WW1 on 29 Aug 1918-1919. He lived in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA in 1930 (Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head: Head). He served also in WW2 when he was living in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, USA. (See their Ancestry Tree for links) He lived in Coldwater, Michigan, USA in 1956. Died on 06 Mar 1983 in Saline, Washtenaw, Michigan, USA. He had married Ruth Sanford PARKER in America in about 1918/19 and they had the following two children.

                      Martha A BARTLETT was born on 14 Nov 1919 in Coldwater, Branch, Michigan, USA. She died on 19 Sep 2008 in Saint Clair Shores, Macomb, Michigan, USA. She married William Clippert GORENFLO on 13 Jun 1949 in Wood, Ohio, USA. See Notes on their Ancestry tree I have compiled, there is a full Obituary of Martha & her second husband William from Find A Grave. Martha had several children and grandchildren from two marriages, so I imagine there is a large branch of the family still in America.
                     Herbert Parker BARTLETT was born on 16 Oct 1922 in Coldwater, Branch, Michigan, USA. He died on 31 Aug 1996.

4.Matilda BARTLETT was born in 1852 in Yeovil, Somerset, England.
5.Margarett BARTLETT was born in 1854 in Yeovil, Somerset, England.
6.Herbert BARTLETT was born in Jul 1855 in Yeovil, Somerset, England as the sixth child of Nathaniel BARTLETT and Mary A PEACH (BARTLETT, HERBERT PEACH Order GRO Reference: 1855 S Quarter in YEOVIL Volume 05C Page 469 ). When he was 32, he married Jane POOL, daughter of Joseph POOL and Grace READ, on 02 Apr 1888 in Yeovil St John, Somerset, England. Herbert lived in Yeovil, Somerset, England in 1861 (Relationship: Son). He lived in Yeovil, Somerset, England in 1871 (Relationship: Son). He lived in Yeovil, Somerset, England in 1881 (Relationship to Head: Son). He lived in Yeovil, Somerset, England in 1891 (Relation to Head: Head. Farmer of Larkhill Farm, Yeovil till about 1899, took over when his father died in 1882) He lived in Tarrant Gunville, Dorset, England in 1901 (Relation to Head of House: Head. Herbert had become a Farm Bailiff after 1899 leaving Larkhill Farm.) He lived in Iwerne, Minster, Sutton, Waldron, Dorset, England on 02 Apr 1911 (Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Head).

Looking for information about Larkhill Farm in Yeovil I came across all this wonderful information, from Bob Osborn on his fabulous and well known local website all about Yeovil History  Larkhill Farm History  .

                   Herbert BARTLETT and Jane POOL had the following children:

1. Mary Grace BARTLETT was born about 1889 in Yeovil, Somerset, England.
2. Herbert BARTLETT was born in 1891 in Yeovil, Somerset, England.
3.Walter Pool BARTLETT who was born on 17 Aug 1893 in Yeovil, Somerset. He married Matilda Emma WINSOR/Windsor on 29 Mar 1921 in Iwerne-Minster, Dorset, England. Matilda Emma WINSOR was born on 07 Jul 1892 in Tarrant Hinton, Dorset, England as the fourth child of George WINSOR and Louisa Lucy HORNE (WINSOR, MATILDA EMMA HORNE Order GRO Reference: 1892 S Quarter in BLANDFORD Volume 05A Page 231 ). She had five siblings, namely: Annie Madeline, Thomas Walter, Bessie Kate, Frederick James, and Elsie May. Matilda died in Dec 1978 in Winchester, Hampshire, England.


Where Walter & Matilda married in 1921 in Iwerne Minster. The original Minister is now known as St Mary’s Church and was built by the Normans in 1100 on the site of another church


Walter died in Dec 1954 in Andover, Hampshire, England. They had three beautiful daughters.

1.Kathleen May BARTLETT was born on 15 Jan 1922 in Shaftesbury, Dorset, England. She died in Mar 2004 in Andover, Hampshire, England. She married Harry D S DUDMAN in Mar 1950 in Andover, Hampshire. (Home person on family tree below)
2.Betty BARTLETT was born on 31 Mar 1923 in Shaftesbury, Dorset, England. She died in Sep 2005 in Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, Wales. She married Ernest W BENFIELD in Mar 1943 in Andover, Hampshire.
3.Daisy BARTLETT was born on 18 Jul 1924 in Shaftesbury, Dorset, England. She died in Dec 1984 in Andover, Hampshire, England. She married Robert J SCOTT in Mar 1952 in Andover, Hampshire.

Bartlett Family Tree


This is the family tree I have compiled on Ancestry Bartlett Family Tree .

Are you a descendant of this family? Please get in touch via Contact Me at top of page.

Till next time then…………………….

Fudge, Park and Ginn Family Part 2.

This is part 2 about a carrier bag of Old Photos I found, I centred last week mainly on the Fudge and Park side of Victor James Fudge/Park‘s family, who were his adopted & biological  family. This week I will share more of the photos and more information about his biological Mum’s side of the family, GINN.

Here’s some great Amateur Dramatics photos, I think probably from the Marnhull Players, going by the newspaper clipping in last weeks blog.




Who exactly are the two young people involved in this group?

While I have been looking for clues about the Fudge family I came across this family history website, with not just FUDGE information but lots more too, do take a look you may find someone that is relevant to your research. geehome.co.uk.

I have also had contact from Hilary Gadsby on Twitter @Genemeet another amateur Family Historian, with a connection to the FUDGE family, she is descended from Tamsey Galpin b 1825, Tamsey is her 2 x Gt Grandmother. Hilary pointed me in the direction of Steve Hutchings who is doing a One Place Study for Sturminster Newton, Dorset & this is their website for all One Place Studies DIRECTORY is your area on here? Steve Hutchings also has lots of the FUDGE family from the area on his Wikitree. Do take a look if you are related to a FUDGE it may be helpful.

31. From Jimmy & June to Miss Drew
This card says on the back “From Jimmy & June to Miss Drew” DREW is a family name, Horace Fudge’s Mum was a DREW.

4. To Thomas Park, 8 Castleton by Sherborne Castle

Who are the dressed up couple above? Dorothy & Horace?? It’s addressed on the back to F Park, 8 Castleton, Sherborne Castle, Dorset. Says “See you tomorrow Tuesday, usual time, hope you arrived back alright. All love D & H.”   Dorothy & Horace? Her fathers name was Frederick and he lived there. In the 1939 Register his occupation was ‘Was Nightwatchman For Sherborne Castles’  (There is an Old & New Sherborne Castle) Castleton is a small lane of houses by the entrance to the Old Sherborne Castle, see images from Goole Street below. Photo on left looking away from the old castle entrance & I think no 8 is in the big house at the end on the left. I would think there were or maybe still houses that are part of the Digby Estate. Photo on right is looking towards the entrance of the old castle at the bottom right & St Mary Magdalene Church on the left.

Victor James PARK/FUDGE Could this couple in the photo on the left be his biological father Edward James PARK & biological Mum Margaret Christine GINN with their first born daughter Diana (Born 1930)? Then the middle photo could be Diana with her new baby brother Victor James (Born 1935) Edward James Park again on the right? Someone out there might be about to identify these old photos I hope!  After the photos I have the tree of Victor James Park’s biological family, showing his mother’s GINN side.




ginn family 1ginn family 2ginn family 3ginn family 4ginn family 5ginn family 6

If you look at the last page above you will see that Victor James FUDGE/PARK has an interesting biological Gt Gt Grandfather James Salinger, son of Mark Isaac Salinger who was born in Tilait, Prussia. That will be a challenge to research!

These Military photos below have Jerusalem printed on the back, I have no idea which side of the family they belong to.

1. Jerusalem2. Jerusalem3


21. Marnhull
Wonder who this lady is scrubbing her front step?


This last one is the only cabinet card in the collection, and is a wonderful family group, but who are they??


There are over one hundred old photos in the Fudge collection, so if you are a descendant of the FUDGE, PARK or GINN family please do get in touch, I would love these to return back to someone who will treasure them.

This is the large family tree on Ancestry I have compiled.


Till next time then…………….

Anna Wing in the Lippiatt, Searle, Cobb, Alder Family (Part 6)

When I was away last week I had a message from a descendant of Thomas Lippiatt and Sarah Jane Sheate who lives in New Zealand. This is part of his message “I was excited to find that you have a wedding photo of Thomas Lippiatt and Sarah Jane Sheate.
Sarah Jane is my Great Grandfathers cousin. Their Fathers being brothers


Thomas Lippiatt & Sarah Jane Sheate married on 19th August 1895 in Brentford, Middlesex


He went on to say that one of their Grandchildren “Peter Reginald Davey married 1st Eva (Anna) Wing the Actress who played Lou Beale in EastEnders, Their son is Mark Wing-Davey who is involved in the theatre” How fabulous is that! This lovely chap Micheal is now in contact with the descendant in the UK who now owns all the family photographs that I found. Micheal was also kind enough to share the wedding certificate with me too.

Thomas Lippiatt & Sarah Jane Sheate

Anna Wing was born Eva Lydia Catherine Wing on 30 October 1914 in Hackney, London to parents Albert Wing & Eugenie Sawyer, they had married on 7 September 1901. Her family had lived in London’s East End for several generations, and her parents ran a fruit & veg shop. She is best known to all of us of course for portraying the Beale & Fowler family matriarch Lou Beale on BBC’s East Enders from 19 February 1985, until the character was killed off in 26 July 1988. Anna Wing Died 7 July 2013 (aged 98)  Hackney, East London, England. In 2009 she was awarded an MBE Member of the Order of the British Empire for her services to drama and charity. Picture below.

Although the couple had a son Mark Wing Davey in 1948, they only seem to have been married for about three years from 1947 to 1950. Mark Wing Davey is an Actor and Director. I have updated the big family tree on Ancestry to include the new additions, link here.  Lippiatt, Searle etc Family Tree  . Some more links below for Anna Wing.

Anna Wing on Wikipedia   &   Anna Wing on Find A Grave Memorial on

I have five blogs on here about the huge family and the wonderful collection of old photos I found.

Link to Part 1 of my Blogs about the family. Lippiatt, Searle, Hobb & Alder Family  .


Till next time then………………..


Fudge, Park & Ginn Family Pt 1

A couple of weeks ago we went to a Sunday morning Car Boot sale in Somerset & I was lucky enough to find a whole carrier bag of Old Photos. The seller was wanting to sell them seperately, but as he told me they all belonged to the same family I managed to haggle a price to buy the whole lot! They were an attic find when a friend of his was clearing a house. I was very thankful I came along when I did, otherwise they would have been split & never had the potential to return to their family.

rest of collection

There were only a few clues to who the family were (the seller didn’t know)but I managed to piece it all together, with a surprise along the way.


Doll, Horace & Victor above, and more of Victor below, is this him on the left?



A newspaper  cutting of the Marhull Players amatuer dramatics, but no surnames!

Marnhull Players

Then eureka a surname!! FUDGE

Fudge Letter

So the first place I looked was the 1939 Register, lucky to have the name Horace to look for & of course this gave me the family’s dates of birth. I assumed after I had looked them up, that Park had been written incorrectly by Victor’s name as his Mum’s maiden name was Park. Dorothy (Auntie Doll) May Park. The abbreviation IC by Victors name stands for Identity Card. I was wrong to assume, more later on that.

Horace Fudge 1939 Reg

Horace George Fudge  married Dorothy May Park in 1929, registration district Sherborne, Dorset. I started my research by beginning an Ancestry family tree for them with Victor as the home person.

Here are more of the photos, is that Victor in the pram?





Lots of photos of children, aren’t they just lovely, but no writing on them.

Victor James FUDGE was born on 18 Jun 1935, but after searching all sites with Birth records I could not find his registered birth. So I carried on building up the family tree, I was doing quite well but still Victor’s birth was niggling me! So I left it a few days then came back to it looking at all my actual facts. The 1939 Register was key I realised, what if his birth was registered as Park in error. So looking I found a Victor James Park born in Wimborne, Dorset, so not far away, but Mother’s maiden name was GINN? So then the penny dropped, I realised that Victor had possibly been adopted by Dorothy & Horace, but born to the name PARK, so a relative of Dorothy’s had got to be the best option.

So they hadn’t got Victor’s name wrong after all! What a surprise!

So I concentrated first on the PARK family, adding siblings on the branches first, then looking through them one by one, Dorothy had one sister but six brothers. One brother had died as a baby, another brother, one of twins had also died aged just 2, leaving me with 4 to trace and see who they had married. I eventually found that Edward James PARK, the other twin, had married in 1929 to a lady by the name of Margaret Christine GINN. So I have a match! They had a daughter Diana on 22 July 1930, she married a chap called Harold Dowse (1927-2000) in 1952 & died in 2006. Then they had Victor James Park 18 June 1935, but sadly I found that before Victor was 2 years old his Mum had died in Jan 1937. Edward James Park had married again fairly quickly after his wife’s death on 21 August in 1937 to Anna Frances Gerrard. He had kept Diana with him because they are on the 1939 Register, the three of them living together in Beaufort Lane, Wimborne, Dorset. Edward was a Head Gardener. So Horace & Dorothy Fudge who were childless at the time must have adopted Victor James. I have looked & been unable to find any children of Edward & Anna. Edward died in 1964. The gorgeous photo of the little girl looking lovingly at her new sibling, is that Diana & Victor?

Here’s a couple of links that will be helpful to you when viewing the 1939 Register  1939 Register, understanding Registration Districts   Good list of all the letters & Districts from Find My Past and the source of the 1939 Register National Archives guide to the 1939 Register  a complete guide.

This is the full family (adopted) tree of Victor James Fudge, for those of you that are unable to access Ancestry.

ab1Park Family Groupb2




In Victor’s adopted family of Fudge, his Dad Horace was only 14 when his father Joseph George Fudge was killed in WW1. This is the information I have found so far concerning his Military records from Ancestry & Find My Past & Wikipedia. Also a photo of the Marnhull Memorial, Marnhull, Dorset found on a public tree on Ancestry, where he is remembered.

military 1military 2Joseph George Fudge EffectsJoseph George Fudge WILLMarnhull Memorial

There is also a Arthur George Fudge named on the memorial, but I haven’t found the connection yet.

Marnhull Church

This above is a photo of St Gregory, Marnhull where the family lived & Horace George Fudge was buried.

So Victor James Park then Fudge has three lines to his family, I shall post Part 2 next week with more photos & also information about the GINN family (Victor’s biological line with the Park Family) & also of course the link to the big family tree for everyone.



Till next time then………………

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