Lippiatt, Searle, Cobb & Alder Old Photos (Part 4)

This is the last few photos in this collection I have, and they are all wonderful Wedding photos. Going back to my Part 1 about this family collection, there was a huge Wedding group photo of Charles Lippiatt when he married Maude Emma Sophia Wyatt, these first two Wedding photos below, I now believe to be Maude’s sister Florence Harriett Wyatt when she married Frederick William Wickenden in July 1902. The reason is that I luckily stumbled upon some photos on a public tree on Ancestry with some photos of Frederick William Wickenden and his family, on the right side are unmistakably his parents, William F Wickenden and Mary A Gee. The two young ladies in front of their parents are Ida & Daisy, Frederick’s younger sisters born 11 and 12 years after him. On the left is the Bride, Florence Harriett Wyatt’s parents Edward Daniell Wyatt and Sophia Frid, and sat next to her Mum, on the left side, with the huge bouquet of flowers is, I believe the only unmarried sister at the time Florence had, Lilian Mabel Wyatt as a Bridesmaid, she didn’t marry Frederick George Hatcher until 1905.


What a magnificent Wedding group photo below this is, of Frederick and Florence with their family and friends.


Frederick William Wickenden and Florence Harriett Wyatt had the following children:  1.Frederick Hubert Wyatt Wickenden was born on 03 Feb 1905 in Brentford, Middlesex. He died in Mar 1998 in Hounslow, Greater London, England. He married Vita Mary Morris in Jun 1936 in Brentford, Middlesex.
2.Linda Mary Wickenden was born in Oct 1907 in Brentford, Middlesex, England. She died in Jun 1968 in Chichester, Sussex, England. She married Sidney Alan Minchinton in Jun 1933 in Brentford, Middlesex.

This photo below as yet is a mystery couple, on the occasion of their marriage. It looks like they are in the bushes!


Sadly no writing on the back to help us identify these two

This next Wedding photo below is just lovely, dated I thought about 1916-18.

This is as far as I had got with this Part 4 of my Blog about the family, when I had a message from a descendant of this family! Excitement! So after numerous chats, I am able to now, not only identify many more people in the photos, but also put straight some of the errors in relationships that I would never have known, had it not been for the keeper of this family’s archives (All will be in Part 5 coming soon) He has also been so very generous to share more of the family photos with me, and said that I can share them with everyone on my Blog, so I will do a special Part 5 in a couple of days showing all the new photos. But the best part is that when I have finished the Blog this whole collection of photos that I found will be going back to their family, where they belong.


This Wedding photo above is of Ernest Oliver Sear & Louisa Emily Alder, December 1916, Brentford, Middlesex.

Ernest Oliver Sear was born on 22 Jun 1892 in Brentford, Middlesex, England as the second child of Oliver Armstrong Sear and Edith Marion Farmbrough (SEAR, ERNEST OLIVER FARMBROUGH Order GRO Reference: 1892 S Quarter in BRENTFORD Volume 03A Page 88 ). Siblings were Herbert Arthur 1891-1971, Edmund Charles 1894-1952, Jessie Marion 1896-1901, and Frederic John 1898-1980. Ernest died on 08 Jan 1939 in Brentford, Middlesex, England. When he was 24, he married Emily Louisa Alder, daughter of James Alder and Louisa Stallibrass Searle, in Dec 1916 in Brentford, Middlesex.

Ernest Oliver Sear lived in Old Brentford, Middlesex, England in 1901 (Relation to Head of House: Son). He lived in Paddington on 21 Oct 1907 (Occupation in Accountants office at Paddington Station, a Clerk) ( 1909 Pony Photo has his initials on EOS. Peggy & three boys, Are they the Sear Brothers? which ones? ) He lived in Brentford, Middlesex, England on 02 Apr 1911 (Marital Status: Single; Relation to Head of House: Son).   Ernest Oliver Sear and Emily Louisa Alder had one daughter that I have found. 1.Marjorie J Sear was born on 20 May 1923 in Brentford, Middlesex, England. She married Ronald Herbert Lippiatt in Jun 1948 in Ealing, Middlesex (No children found so far).

The Groom above is the brother of the Groom below and is his Best Man, but frustratingly before I didn’t know who they were, but now I do! Photo below is Frederic John Sear & Irene May Cowls, who married June 1923, Helston, Cornwall. They are both such lovely Weddings. Both Bride’s very beautifully dressed & gorgeous flowers.



Lovely to have this group Wedding photo as well as just the Bride & Groom.


Adore the ladies and their wonderful Hats!

Frederic John Sear was born on 12 Aug 1898 in Brentford, Middlesex, England as the fifth child of Oliver Armstrong Sear and Edith Marion Farmbrough. He had four siblings, namely: Herbert Arthur, Ernest Oliver, Edmund Charles, and Jessie Marion. He died on 26 Jul 1980 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England. When he was 24, he married Irene May Cowls, daughter of Henry Cowls (The Cowls family were Net Manufacturer’s (Fishing) and Beatrice Thomasine Cowls, in Jun 1923 in Helston, Cornwall.    Frederic John Sear and Irene May Cowls had one son that I have found.  1.Micheal O Sear was born in Mar 1929 in Helston, Cornwall, England (1st Quarter of 1929. Mother name incorrect as GOWLS on FMP). He married Edith Hoole-Jackson in Sep 1954 in Penzance, Cornwall.


Mystery couple Lill & Fred (Taken in the 1920’s)
13a (2)
Writing on the back of above Wedding photo

This last one above is lovely isn’t it, and the only people on the family tree that I have found so far ‘Lill & Fred‘ are Lillian Mabel Wyatt and Frederick George Hatcher, but they married in 1906, Brentford, Middlesex (Correct I’m sure)& a bit too early for this photo & strangely have also found another marriage record with exactly the same two names Lillian Mabel Wyatt and Frederick George Hatcher marrying in 1924 in London! Total mystery to me, and unless I sent for both certificates I would never solve the mystery of who’s who! I’m hoping the new owner of these photos will be able to put names to the ones that I can’t.

Update….The new owner of the photos has read this Blog & can identify this lovely couple in the photo above! Quote ” I have read through part 4 with great interest. I can also confirm who Lil & Fred were. They were Louisa Sarah Alder and Frederick Delbridge. The family had, and still has, a tradition of nicknames. She was always known as Lil.” How wonderful! Have added the photo to the gallery on the family tree for this couple now.

This is the link to the family tree on Ancestry…….Lippiatt Searle etc Family Lynns Waffles      you are able to register for a free membership if you are not already a member with a subscription……

Look out for Special Part 5 coming up shortly….More puzzles unravelled and you’ll be able to see more super pics direct from this family’s archives.

Till next time then…………………….


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