A Cornwall Family Album❤️

It’s the first Victorian Album I have ever seen with American themed pictures inside. So could this have been a gift from a relative who had emigrated?

The Unnamed Album

Do your Ancestors come from these areas? Have you old Victorian photos of your Ancestors that match with any of these people?

Who was Ellis Ogilvie?

Who was Ellis Ogilvie? After another half hour reading all the reports for any clues I hit gold! I did a happy dance!!!

With Pride and Love We Remember ❤️🌹

Pride and Love. This time of year, around Remembrance Day evokes many emotions in people all around the world, especially this years anniversary of the end of WW1……………..

UPDATE on Frances Phillip Bedingfeld

UPDATE 2nd June 2016 A few weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely chap called Mark from Burke’s Peerage, he had spotted my blog about Francis Phillip Bedingfeld and knew the descendants.  Link here to Burke’s Peerage website   http://www.burkespeerage.com/  So after several emails back and forth, and direct correspondence with Sir Alastair, this…

Francis Phillip Bedingfeld, born 1817.

Just a small CDV card, but a name written on the back !! I have found a likely match to the above photo… Francis Phillip Bedingfeld born on 9 May 1817 in Catsfield, Sussex. Christened on 11 June 1817 in Catsfield, Sussex, parents were Frances Phillip Bedingfeld (An army man, living in Kent on 1841…

Stanley Dark Hickman and New Zealand

A CDV card with a name and a date !! How brilliant is that !It makes me want to cheer…that’s one of the rewards of collecting old photos, you never know when you might be lucky enough to come across one with information on. It makes such a difference, because instead of speculating who, when and…

William Crump, Clock and Watchmaker, Isle of Wight

Following on from my Blog  November 30th Blog  I have been scanning the ’50 loose cards’ and what a find, three were named, all the same family…Crump Ellen Crump The lady above was Ellen Crump previously Wigney, she was born on 11th July 1820 in Brighton (Brighthelmstone), Sussex. Part of a large family, about nine…