Who was Ellis Ogilvie?

Who was Ellis Ogilvie? After another half hour reading all the reports for any clues I hit gold! I did a happy dance!!!

The Pogmore Family, Birmingham

This photo above was taken before Rex married and it seems his training in the Fleet Air Arm as an Aircraft Mechanic…….

Christmas Past in Lady’s magazines 1792 & 1894

Its amazing how times change over the years, this year apart from adding many more Old Photos to my collection, I also added a 1792 The Lady’s Companion to my collection of books. It’s almost falling apart, so has obviously been well read, the spine has almost gone & it’s quite discoloured, but the very…

The Jacques Family 1911

Earlier this week I posted on my Facebook Page, Twitter & Instagram this super Postcard Photo of a lovely family written on the back The Jacques Family 1911.