With Pride and Love We Remember ❤️🌹

Pride and Love. This time of year, around Remembrance Day evokes many emotions in people all around the world, especially this years anniversary of the end of WW1……………..

Selina Wonnacott & William Henry Dillon

Scrolling through Ebay one evening I noticed this absolutely beautiful glass Ambrotype photo, unframed, of a couple, taken I thought probably 1855/60’s

Maiwand 1880 by BSM William Paton

An account of Maiwand 1880, by BSM W.Paton, plus four appointments to the office, of him & two other members of his family, spanning three Monarchs, Queen Victoria, King Edward & George

Salisbury Victorian Photographer Edmund Rogers

I am still catching up on scanning of the old photos that I have acquired this summer, lots of them are CDV cards, they are time consuming because I always scan the backs too. Some of the Photographers had wonderful designs, especially if they lived & worked in a special town or city. This is…

My Charles Dickens Victorian Album

I thought you may like to see an addition to my collection of old photos and Albums…. This is such a fabulously decorated Leather Victorian Album, and one of the few that I have bought privately, and not found at a Car Boot sale !! I just had to have it !It looks very plain…

The Yule Log

With just a couple of days to go before Christmas, I thought it would be nice to show you again this post (wrote in 2011) about a lovely little book I found titled “The Yule Log”.  It was sold by H and C Treacher, Booksellers and Stationers,  The Royal Library, Brighton. The Book is in…