Phillip Henry Bentham Salisbury Military Connections

UPDATE… as of 9th February 2017 all of these fabulous photos in this collection are now back with their family. The new owner is a direct descendant of George Swinford Wood & Mary Jane Eliza Salisbury, isn’t that wonderful!

This is the third & final part to my Salisbury & Wood family history, Military connections.

Part 1 Blog here MJE Salisbury married GS Wood

Part 2 Blog here   Salisbury Wood Photo Collection

This is the first of three super Military CDV’s that I found with all the other Salisbury & Wood family old photographs, Military CDV’s are fairly rare especially from this era & written on! Seven soldiers, seven names & a date April 1876.

The first word on the back of the CDV is Subalterns. A subaltern is a primarily British military term for a junior officer. Literally meaning “subordinate”, subaltern is used to describe commissioned officers below the rank of captain & generally comprises of the various grades of lieutenant. Now the names…I’ve searched records in 1876 & plus five years to include the 1881 census, for men born 1855 or close to this.

Forde. A John Forde found on the 1881 census, aged 26, unmarried, a soldier living in Barracks in Hougham, Dover, Kent.

Fortescue. Colonel Henry Fortescue was born 1856 in London, his father was Capt. Francis Fortescue, brothers were Brig Gen Francis Alexander Fortescue born 1858 & Lt Col. Hugh Charles Fortescue born 1860. Either Francis or Henry are likely to be in the photo.

Salisbury. More later

France-Hayhurst. Two mentions in this page below with the same surname & different christian names, found on Ancestry, may or may not be the correct France-Hayhurst, but likely?


But then I came across this listing of the 1st Royal Cheshire Light Infantry & fabulous to see a couple of the men I was looking for listed, including a Henry H France-Hayhurst. Also if you look under the list of Majors you’ll see a Charles Hosken France-Hayhurst, as in the picture above, so related? Father maybe? If you have Military family from back in the Victorian times it’s surprising how patience & persistence pays off in the end, was great to find this (see below) on Find My Past Army Lists for 1878.

1st Royal Cheshire. Several men especially Lieutenants mentioned above

Howard. There are so many choices for the surname Howard that it’s just impossible to trace him without a first name.

Hornby. Looks like Hornby but not sure. I found an Albert N Hornby on the Army list above, under Captains for the 1st Royal Cheshire, so highly likely to be him.

Amedroy or Amedroz. I found Louis Edmund Amedroz/y born Oct Q 1857 Marylebone, London, listed on quite a few records, his Baptism where his father is listed as “Of the Admiralty” Also census records in London as a child & in Guernsey with his wife & children. He is on the Freemasons list in Guernsey too & on Passenger lists. Military finds see him as a Lieutenant then a Captain.

Great to have another CDV (No 2) of him too,  which confirms that I found the correct man with the information written on the back. See the photos below & some of the military lists I found. Louis Edmund Amedroy/z died 27 Feb 1927 in France (Probably Geurnsey)

The last CDV I found (See below) is of Arthur Hanmer Leycaster. It says Sub Lieutenant 1st Royal Cheshire Light Infantry. Died 7 November 1878.

Baptism 1853

Arthur Hanmer Leycaster was the son of Henry & Clara Pricilla (Norris) Leycaster (Leycester) born in 1853 St George, Hanover Square.  He is on the Army List picture earlier in this Blog under Sub Lieutenants. He died on the 7th Nov 1878 just 25 years old, I don’t know why he died. He is on the burial registers for Holy Trinity Church, Cookham, Berkshire. His father was born in Cookham & so was his younger brother. In the 1861 census he is with his parents & family living at White Place, Cookham, Berkshire. His parents died in 1862/64 at the time of his death he just had a brother left.


Now to get back to Mr Salisbury. Phillip Henry Bentham Salisbury, born on 22 May 1855. His parents were Enoch Robert Gibbon Salisbury & Sarah Jones & he was a brother of Mary Eliza Jane Salisbury, the subject of my previous blogs about the family.

18 (3)
I believe this to be Phillip HB Salisbury (standing) from first CDV

This is his record from the Cambridge University Alumini records on Ancestry

“Philip Henry Bentham. Salisbury College TRINITY HALL
Born May 22, 1855…..Died Jan. 18, 1906
More Information Adm. pens. (age 18) at TRINITY HALL, Mar. 20, 1873. S. of Enoch Robert Gibbon [M.P.], barrister-at-law (and Sarah, dau. of the Rev. Arthur Jones, D.D.). B. May 22, 1855. School, Westminster. Did not reside. Served with Tchernaieff in the Turco-Servian War. Author, Two Months with Tchernaieff. Capt., 1st R. Cheshire Militia, 1880. Died Jan. 18, 1906. (Record of Old Westminsters; Army List.)”

I have found a probable marriage for him in the Jan Q 1900 Chester, Cheshire to an Elizabeth Brittain or Emily Cunninghame. But on this record Salisbury is spelt Salusbury. While going through the different records I was totally surprised to find this record of him on 17 Feb 1900 entering the Workhouse! See Below…Very puzzling & sad after seeing a possible marriage at around the same time too.

Very sad the headline”Down on his luck”

Then another newspaper cutting on his death.


These two reports in the Gazette in 1880 & 1881 confirm that his services are dispenced with in the Military, it seems he had some problems in life.

There are many stories to find among the Military records, surprising & very sad often.

Most talk these days are of WW1 and WW2, but we should never forget that they are not the only wars that men and women of this Country have fought in, some are way before WW1 and others far more recent. We need to remember them all, the injured and the lost………

Poppy Field Salisbury

Taking a stand

For both the injured and the lost
I ask you to keep count with me
Of all the wars and what they cost
I ask you to be silent with me
Quietly grateful for our lot
As I expect you’re as thankful as me
For the health and life we’ve got
I ask that you wish them well with me
All those still risking their all
And I ask that you remember with me
The names of those that fall
I expect that you are proud like me
Of this great nation of ours too
So enjoying all its freedoms like me
Support those upholding them for you
I hope that you are hopeful like me
That we’ll soon bring an end to wars
So you’ll have to stand no more with me
And mourning families no different from yours
‘Til then be thankful you can stand with me
Thinking of those who now cannot
For standing here today with me
At least we show they’re not forgot

John Bailey
© Copyright May 2011


Till next time then………………….







  1. Hi Lynn, I simply love this post. What a fantastic story of these men, and all so handsome too. Like you say Lynn, patience reaps rewards and you have lots of that So well presented.

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