With Pride and Love We Remember ❤️🌹

Pride and Love. This time of year, around Remembrance Day evokes many emotions in people all around the world, especially this years anniversary of the end of WW1……………..

The Pogmore Family, Birmingham

This photo above was taken before Rex married and it seems his training in the Fleet Air Arm as an Aircraft Mechanic…….

Francis Raymond Cann & Family

Though Ireland was aflame with civil war, Dublin society gaily put aside its troubles in May, 1798 to enjoy to the full an astounding story of seduction and murder!

Maiwand 1880 by BSM William Paton

An account of Maiwand 1880, by BSM W.Paton, plus four appointments to the office, of him & two other members of his family, spanning three Monarchs, Queen Victoria, King Edward & George

The Illustrated LONDON News 1945. Part 2.

As promised here is the second blog showing The Illustrated LONDON News dated October 6th 1945 October 6th 1945 This copper cylinder shown above, was placed in a block of stone forming part of the huge overflow shafts at the new Ladybower Reservoir in the Derwent Valley on September 25th. Above…….Hongkong, Singapore and elsewear, after…

The Illustrated LONDON News 1945.Part 1.

Another find to share with you all….I came across two of the Illustrated London News at a Car Boot sale, I was quite excited to see that they were both dated 1945, £1 each, said the chap, I thought that was definitely a bargain !They haven’t disappointed, they have some super pictures and articles, obviously…