George Thomas Rawkins💞Clara Chubb💒

Sometimes when I’m researching I get a feeling that there is much more to a family than I have found, I expect others get this too, a sort of sixth sense. Oh I was right!!!!

Update on Ursula Jeans Blog!

I only posted this blog today & astonishingly later this afternoon one of my lovely Twitter followers found the marriage of the couple on the British Newspaper Archives.

Ursula Jeans (McMinn) Actress

Do you remember Ursula Jeans as an Actress? Here is a beautiful photo of her as a Bridesmaid and a little of her story.

Theodosia Frances Mary Anne Kinloch🌹

This Blog has a link to Wellington, Prince Albert and Queen Victoria, a Governor of the Tower of London and even a link to a famous Olympic Gold Medallist!