WDYTYA Magazine Index Part 2

Well here is the second part of WDYTYA Magazine Index Issue No 13 up to and including No 24, I am on Part 3 already so will put that on Blog at end of next week.         As before Please if you do come across any errors let me […]

ALICE JORDAN 1859-1895

My aim for this year for my Family Tree is to do a round up of the facts of each of the people I have so far listed on it,  starting with the main families first and this is my first subject. ALICE, she is the eldest of […]

Some Oddities of London

Here are a few strange things you may or may not know about London, from a 1951 Guide Book that I have. I have added some extra info in Pink for you……. The statue of George IV in Trafalgar Square shows the king without boots or spurs, riding […]

The Tragic Tale of Martha Brown

When we went away to Cornwall recently we stopped to do a bit shopping in Devon, and had a mouch around a couple of Charity shops, where in one I picked up another book by Nicola Thorne, I had just finished reading ‘Daughters of the House’ and this […]

London Tells Her Story. Part 3.

Part 3…. this is the last part of the last Chapter in Book, hope you have enjoyed it…. The London County Council thus created had a distinguished first chairman, the Earl of Rosebery. Later he became Prime Minister, and the English public, always liking a sporting politician, shouted […]

The Chiddicks Family Tree

Every Family has a story to tell..........Welcome to mine

Genealogy Certification: My Personal Journal

a journal about my experiences becoming a certified genealogist

Somerset & Dorset Family History Society

The SDFHS helps people, wherever they live, to research their family history and to help add local context and connections to the basic information they may already have found. Website: www.sdfhs.org

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