Frederick Thomas Turrell & Ethel Queenie Ivy Winzar Crispe Wedding 1927

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What a gorgeous Wedding photo! Found recently at the Fleamarket & what a surprise I  had when I got home & was looking through all my finds & turned this one over. A wonderful person had type written all the people in the photo! How amazing is that!


Alwyn Ladell has a nice Flickr album about the Church with lots of interesting information & photos, including this below …link here Charminster Rd Congregational Church


Found some info on The National Archives website about these two local Churches, they hold some records about the Sutton Road Congregational Church, Bournemouth, Dorset & Charminster United Reformed Church, Bournemouth, Dorset

The church was opened on 15 March 1928 as a branch of Richmond Hill Congregational Church. It became financially independent in 1943 and became a United Reformed Church in 1972. In 1982 it merged with the Charminster Road Church, and became known as the Charminster United Reformed Church

There is also lots of super History info on this local site about the area in Bournemouth where the couple married  Winton Forum

Frederick Thomas Turrell (Fred) was born 18 May 1902 in Horsham, Sussex as the fifth child of Thomas Turrell (1876-1934) and Mercy Izard (1874-1967). He had five siblings, namely: Winifred Mercy, William Phillip Peter, Caroline Rebeckah, Daisy Ruth, and Annie Matilda Harriett. Frederick T Turrell lived in Plumstead, London, England on 02 Apr 1911 (Relation to Head of House: Son). He lived in Greenwich, England in 1938.
When he was 25, on 16 Apr 1927 in Bournemouth, Dorset (At Charminster Road, Congregational Church, Bournemouth) he married Ethel Queenie Ivy Winzar Crispe, (Queenie) she was born on 28 Jul 1905 in Christchurch, Hampshire as the first child of Albert Stanley Crispe (1886-1954) and Ethel Florence Stone (1885-1948) (Mum Ethel later in 1916, married Jabez Henry Downer (1887-1966) (known as Jim) They had one child Phyllis Florence Downer in 1919, she is one of the Bridesmaids, stood in front of her Mum & Dad on the right I think.
Fred died on 29 Jul 1960 in Bournemouth, England & Queenie died on 24 Nov 1992 in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Here are Fred (a Capstan Lathe Hand) & Queenie in Hornchurch, Essex on the 1939 Register, I am unable to find their eldest son Phillip?

Frederick Thomas Turrell lived in Plumstead, London, England on 02 Apr 1911 (Relation to Head of House: Son). He lived in Greenwich, England in 1938.

Frederick Thomas Turrell and Ethel Queenie Ivy Winzar Crispe had the following children that I have found…

  1. Phillip F Turrell was born in 1931 in Romford, Essex, England. He married Iris Georgina Perry in Jun 1950 in Romford, Essex. He married Elsa B Peltsch in 1965. He died in 2006.
  2. Desmond E Turrell was born on 13 Aug 1938 in Romford, Essex, England. He sadly died on 15 Nov 1938 just a few months old in Romford, Essex, England.
  3. Ann P Turrell was born in 1944 in Romford, Essex, England. I have found 2 possible marriages & one possible son.rg14_02921_0447_03.jpg1911 Census above of Fred with his family.
    I haven’t found Queenie in the 1911 census but here’s her Mum Ethel working as a housekeeper in Bournemouth, says married but maybe she had parted from first husband (looks like he married several times) & Queenie was being looked after by family somewhere?

    I have compiled a Family Tree for the couple with a couple of generations of Ancestors…Link here…Turrell/Crispe Family Lynns Waffles I was curious about the name Winzar, and found that family on Queenie’s Mum’s side & also this super bit of family history that had been haned down through the family ...image below….on a public tree on Ancestry. How wonderful to have for the Winzar descendants.

Winzar Family Record of Births on Pub Tree Ancestry

I also found the Best Man Mr Percy Winzar, (a cousin of Queenie) actually born James Edward Percival Winzar on 24 Aug 1901 in Dorchester, he married himself in 1930 to Gertrude Elizabeth Lovelace. Is there anyone out there who’s related to any of the people in this super Wedding photo? This picture is not as good as I would like as it’s just a bit too big for my scanner.


Till next time then………………..


  1. You were lucky with this one Lynn and how interesting it is. They certainly went in for large families in those days. Queenie was a real old fashioned name but I think it was a nickname .Thanks for sharing your dedicated work Lynn Love it !!

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