May Eugenie Tudor & A La Ronde Pt 3

In my last part about the family with connections to A La Ronde, I thought I would share the few photos unidentified so far with you, as you can see below these first four are all Rectors/Vicars. Top left was taken in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where May Eugenie was born. Top right was taken in Bournemouth, Dorset and as you can see the Reverend in photo bottom left was taken in Salisbury. Centre top has no photographer stamp on the backand is very faded. The last one obviously as it says Dr King, Lord Bishop of Lincoln, may have been known by the family, (Edward King was consecrated 25 April 1885 & died in office 8 March 1910).

If you recognise any of these unnamed ones I would love to know who they are.



If you are a regular reader of my Blogs you may remember last Summer I shared other old photos of Religious people, Link here: Vicars and Nuns  this was before I realised that all the photos (23) that I bought that day were connected! So all the ones on that Blog were obviously also either family or friends of the family Tudor or Fortier, Parker or Perkins etc. Plus I have another unnamed Cabinet Card of a very nice young man, but have no idea who he is. See image below. Looks like he may be a builder/bricklayer as he has a ‘trowel’ tie pin, or maybe part of management? Photo was taken at a Photographers in Brentford, Middlesex that had a very large brick works, some of my own Ancestors worked there.

This young man is unnamed

The Parker Family History

William PARKER (Alfred’s father) was born on 19 Jan 1828 in Carnreagh, Down, Northern Ireland as the second child of John PARKER and Sarah CORBIT. He had three siblings, namely: Sarah, Thomas, and Mary Ann. When he was 23, he married Elizabeth AIKIN (His first wife) born abt 1828, daughter of James AICKEN, on 12 Aug 1851 in Banbridge, Down, Northern Ireland (Record from FMP Registration quarter 1851 Registration district Banbridge, Armagh, Down, Ireland Volume 2 Page 584 Record set Irish Marriages 1845-1958. Surname also spelt Aicken or Aiken etc).

William PARKER and Elizabeth AIKIN had the following 5 children.

1.Sarah Ann PARKER was born in 1852 in Norwich, Norfolk, England (PARKER, SARAH ANN AIKIN Order GRO Reference: 1852 S Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 138 ).
2.Agnes PARKER was born in Oct 1853 in Norwich, Norfolk, England (PARKER, AGNES AIKIN Order GRO Reference: 1853 D Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 129 ).
3.John PARKER was born in 1855 in Norwich, Norfolk, England.
4.Elizabeth PARKER was born in Oct 1856 in Norwich, Norfolk, England (PARKER, ELIZABETH AIKIN Order GRO Reference: 1856 D Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 151 ).
5.Anne Jane PARKER was born in Jul 1858 in Norwich, Norfolk, England (PARKER, ANNE JANE AIKIN Order GRO Reference: 1858 S Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 138 )

Elizabeth sadly died in 1860 aged just 32. (PARKER, ELIZABETH 32 Order GRO Reference: 1860 M Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 125)

When William was 33, and a widower, he married Anna Margaret MCKELVEY (his second wife) she was the daughter of John MCKELVEY, on 18 Jul 1861 in Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland. I haven’t identified her Mother yet.

William PARKER and Anna Margaret MCKELVEY had the following 12 children:

1.William PARKER Jnr was born in 1862 in Norwich, Norfolk, England (PARKER, WILLIAM MCKELVAY Order GRO Reference: 1862 S Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 141 ).
2.Anna Margaret PARKER was born about 1864 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England.
3.Mary Jane PARKER was born in 1865 in Norwich, Norfolk, England (PARKER, MARY JANE MCKELVEY Order GRO Reference: 1865 J Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 154 ).
4.Samuel John PARKER MB was born in 1866 in Norwich, Norfolk, England (PARKER, SAMUEL JOHN MCKELVEY Order GRO Reference: 1866 D Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 168 Order).
5.Thomas PARKER was born in 1868 in Norwich, Norfolk, England (PARKER, THOMAS MCKELVEY Order GRO Reference: 1868 M Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 178 ).
6.Julia PARKER was born in 1869 in Norwich, Norfolk, England (Mothers maiden name spelt incorrectly, should be McKelvey……PARKER, JULIA MCKELSEY Order GRO Reference: 1869 S Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 144 ).
7.Francis Hamilton PARKER was born in Apr 1870 in Norwich, Norfolk, England (PARKER, FRANCIS HAMILTON MCKELVEY Order GRO Reference: 1870 J Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 176 ). He died on 14 Apr 1926 in Down, Ireland.
8.James Albert PARKER was born in Jan 1872 in Norwich, Norfolk, England (PARKER, JAMES ALBERT MCKELVEY Order GRO Reference: 1872 M Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 165 ). He died in 1874 in Lisburn, Ireland.
9.Sarah PARKER was born about 1873 in Norwich, Norfolk, England (Mothers maiden name incorrectly spelt should be McKelvey………PARKER, SARAH MCNELVEY Order GRO Reference: 1873 J Quarter in NORWICH Volume 04B Page 147 ).
10.Victoria PARKER was born on 20 Apr 1875 in Down, Northern Ireland. She died in Mar 1969 in Exeter, Devon, England. She married Henry Francis Douglas DE COURCEY on 28 Dec 1901 in Multan, Bengal, India.
11.Alfred PARKER Dr was born on 24 Feb 1877 (Discrepancy in date of birth as it states on cert 2 Feb 1877 & on his Baptism record, but has 24 Feb 1877 on 1939 Register) in Carnreagh, Blaris, Co Down, Northern Ireland. He married May Eugenie TUDOR on 26 Apr 1922 in Plomesgate, Suffolk (See GALLERY. The wedding of Dr Alfred Parker (d.1952) and May Tudor. Orford Church, Suffolk. The celebrant was the bride’s father Hugh Aldersley Tudor (1856 – 1939). He died on 16 Apr 1952 in Grantham Hospital, Lincolnshire, England.

Alfred Parker Birth Certificate.jpg
This is Alfred’s Birth certificate that I ordered online from GRONI (General Register Office Northern Ireland)(PDF Cost 4 euros) to confirm my findings that William Parker & Margaret McKelvey were his parents.

12.Louisa PARKER was born on 20 Jan 1879 in Carnreagh, Blaris, Co Down, Northern Ireland

William PARKER Snr lived in Heigham, Norfolk, England in 1871 (Relationship: Head. His occupation is a Tea Dealer.). He lived in Maze, Down, Ireland on 31 Mar 1901 (Head of House). He lived in Maze, Down, Ireland on 02 Apr 1911 (Head of House). He died on 23 Jul 1911 in Blundell Hill, Carnreagh, Down, Ireland (Administration (with the Will) of the Estate of William Parker late of Blundell Hill Carnreagh County Down Farmer (Retired) who died 23 July 1911 granted at Belfast to Francis Hamilton PARKER (His Son) a Farmer, on PRONI (Irish Records) Granted 11 Oct 1911. Left £1,248).


St John in the Wilderness.

When we visited A La Ronde we also paid a visit to St John in the Wilderness Church as this Church has connections to the house and family that owned it. Here’s a few of my photos from our visit.





Oswald lies buried at St John in the Wilderness Church at Exmouth, the grave is unmarked but there are inscriptions on two pews inside the church simply stating “Rev O J Reichel” – “and of Julia his wife”

Beautiful statue memorial in the Churchyard

Stella was interred in the grave of her uncle Oswald Reichel at St John-in-the-Wilderness church, Stella’s obituaries appeared in The Times and the Exmouth Herald, the latter reported that “Miss Tudor maintained always the bearing and standards of an England once more noble, but retained her sharp wit and keen sense of humour”. 

Lots more information here: A La Ronde: It’s People

Point In View Chapel

If and when you are able to visit A La Ronde, don’t miss a visit to the very beautiful small Chapel, ‘Point in View‘ just a short walk away or you can drive just up the lane from A La Ronde, it has small car park. It is the most wonderful, peaceful place to visit, we just sat for a while, amazing place. These are some of my photos of the Chapel below.








Jane Parminter, Elizabeth Parminter, Mr Frend, John Parminter and Mrs Frend
Jane Parminter, Elizabeth Parminter, Mr Frend, John Parminter and Mrs Frend

I absolutely adore this silhouette picture by Francis Torond (1742-1812) dated 1783 & there is a copy in the chapel. Original in the house. Mr & Mrs Frend were I think Mr Frend who married Mary Anne Parminter, one of Jane Parminters sisters. Elizabeth Parminter is another sister of Jane and John is her brother. So four siblings and a husband.


Hope you’ve enjoyed following my journey researching these photos and the history and connections to A La Ronde. I have now made the Family Tree that I have compiled Public so you can have a look through yourselves, lots of the photos are on their and lots of extra bits of information I have found out. Link Here: Tudor Family Lynns Waffles

We’ll end with two Old Postcards I also found with the photos. The first written to Ursula & her first husband from someone on holiday in the Lake District.

The second is a lovely Valentines Old Postcard, with H.L.N. on the front & a rhyme on the back about Agnes Brown in Toronto, Canada. So a connection there with the family of May Eugenie who was born in Canada.


Isn’t it lovely!

Till next time then……….



  1. Hi Lynn, I just love this post which is as your usual, superb research. The photo’s are wonderful .I love the photo of the chapel at A La Ronde and that Valentines card is just exquisite. Thank you for sharing all your work which I know you love.

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  2. Hi Lynn,
    I came across you website as I was researching the Parker branch of my family. We didn’t know about William Parker’s first marriage until now. It has been very interesting to read your blog, thank you!

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