Francis Phillip Bedingfeld, born 1817.

Just a small CDV card, but a name written on the back !!

I have found a likely match to the above photo…
Francis Phillip Bedingfeld born on 9 May 1817 in Catsfield, Sussex. Christened on 11 June 1817 in Catsfield, Sussex, parents were Frances Phillip Bedingfeld (An army man, living in Kent on 1841 census, a widower) and mother Mary Delicia Rose (died bet 1826 and 1841 census) married on 15 March 1815 at Saint Clements, Hastings, Sussex.
I have found siblings for him, Charles De Longueville Bedingfeld born abt 1820, Mary Bedingfeld born abt 1821 Thomas Forrester Bedingfeld born in 1818, Howard Downman Bedingfeld born abt 1826.

I found a Will record for his brother Charles in 1866, he died 1859 and lived in Mauritius a Police Officer.

Part 1


Part 2

Francis Phillip Bedingfeld was living in Deal, Kent at the time of the 1841 census, with his widowed father and siblings.
Sometime between 1841 and 1848 he went to the West Indies, maybe joined the Army like his father. He married a lady called Myra Jane who was born there, they had three children in the West Indies before they came back to England in around 1852.
Eliza Elinor born 1848, Myra Emmaline born 1850 and Francis D or R born 1852.
The family are living in Birkenhead, Cheshire in the 1861 census, Francis as a Clerk, and now with four more children all born in Cheshire, Richard Augustus born 1854, Henry Havers born 1856, Selina Catherine born 1859 and an infant daughter called Mary Coralie who is just 1 day old on the census and unamed, born 6th April 1861. Then another son in 1862 who they called Charles De Longueville Bedingfeld, I assume after Francis’s brother who had died in 1859.
Between 1861 and 1867 they moved down south to London.
Sadly at the age of 45 Francis’s wife Myra Jane died, source= 1867, Kensington, April Q, Vol 1a, page 95. Listed on FMP as Bedingeld and Ancestry as Bedingfeld.
Francis Phillip is still in Kensington, London at the time of the 1871 census, Frances a Landowner, with three of his children, Eliza 23, Henry 15, Charles 8. Selina (listed as Selma) and Mary the youngest two girls are pupils at Roxborough Park School at Harrow, Middlesex. Have found also in the 1871 census a Francis R Bedingfeld aged 18 at a public school, as a boarder pupil in Portsea, it might be correct.
Francis Phillip Bedingfeld died on the 27 June 1874. And surprisingly didn’t leave a lot in his will.

Here’s 90/98 Bleinheim Crescent, Nottinghill, London now (See photo below) just the other side of Hyde Park is the Photographers Bassano at 122 Regent Street, where the CDV was taken, sometime between 1866 and 1874 as that is when he was operating at that address.
There are a couple of family trees on Ancestry if you are interested in the Bedingfeld/Bedingfield family, there is so much more info there to be delved into too, looks a very interesting family…

Till next time then…………………………

UPDATE on this CDV…..2nd June 2016
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UPDATE on Francis Phillip Bedingfield 


  1. My name is Lynne Smith. My GGGrandfather was Thomas Forrester Bedingfeld, who was a brother of Francis Philip Bedingfeld ( 1817 – 1874). I was stunned when I saw the photo. The writing on the back is an exact replica of my Grandmother’s hand writing. Her name was Constance Evelyn Phillipa Bedingfeld. Is there any way, I could get a copy of this story? It is just wonderful. Thankyou so much for posting it.
    Lynne Smith

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Lynne. Thank you so much for getting in touch! How wonderful that now I know whose writing it was, I shall add that to the Blog thank you. I can copy and send to you via email …I think? I will try anyway! Please email me at then I can send to you, I hope ha ha . Did you see the update post, the CDV is now back with your family. Kind Regards Lynn


      • Hi Alison, How brilliant that you have got in touch. I will pass your message on to Lynne Smith via email just in case she doesn’t see this!
        Lovely when this happens! Kind Regards Lynn x


  2. I too am so pleased to be able to read this as Thomas Forrester Bedingfeld was my 4th great grandfather and am looking to connect with any ancestors. I can be contacted on to research this line of Bedingfeld’s. I am in Western Australia which is where Thomas Forrester Bedingfeld was a Doctor for a time in the mid 1800″s. (1846 I believe he may have arrived initially) he spent much time in the Pinjarra and Murray Districts also Fremantle. I believe he went back to the UK and had a couple of other children before returning to Western Australia for a period of time in the late 1860’s -1870’s then seems to have returned to UK and Ireland. He had 3 children born in Western Australia who married here in Western Australia and lived out there years here in Western Australia.

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      • Thankyou Lynn. Will certainly get in touch with Alison. Sadly I have never heard from Alistair – the gentleman who claimed the photo. I would love to know where his wife fits in. Will let you know of any further developments.
        Thankyou again,
        Lynne Smith

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