Theodosia Frances Mary Anne Kinloch🌹

I wonder which one of these lovely ladys children was kind enough to write ‘My Mother Theodosia Frances Slainforth nee Kinloch‘ on the back of this old photo. I am very grateful to them as this photo has taken me on a fabulous journey through history. A link to Wellington, Prince Albert and Queen Victoria, a Governor of the Tower of London and even a link to a famous Olympic Gold Medallist!

Beautiful photo


Theodosia Frances Mary Anne Kinloch was born in March 1840 in Bath, Somerset, her father, James John Kinloch, was 36, and her mother, Sophia Anson, was 27.

Theodosia married on the 11 Jan 1859 in Gazeepore, India to Charles Raper Stainforth, I can imagine it was a wonderful day as she had a double wedding with her sister Victoria Charlotte Isabella Kinloch (Oct 1838-10 Feb 1911)(She later became a Dame) who married Sir Lesley Charles Probyn KCVO.

Double Wedding
Double Wedding in India

Theodosia’s Father. James John Kinloch was born in 1804 in London, Middlesex, England as the second child of James Kinloch and Helen Ferrier. He had three siblings, George, Arthur, and Louisa Jane. When he was 32, he married Sophia Anson, daughter of George Anson Sir and Frances Constance Hamilton, on 11 Jun 1836 in Marylebone, Middlesex, England.

James John was baptized in 1804 in St. Pancras, Middlesex.  He is on the passenger lists on Ancestry departing from Liverpool, England in 1849 and arrived in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on 27 Apr 1849 (A Gold Digger Merchant). Later I found he lived in London, England in 1860, his occupation was described as Office of Robes, and he was living at St James’s Palace, SW. (Kair, Kincardineshire) He lived in Paddington, Middlesex, England in 1861 (Relationship: Head. Landed Protector? To the Queen?). He still lived in St John, London in the 1871 census, see below (Relation to Head: Head. HM Clerk of the Robes)


After spotting these mentions above about his connection to Royalty, see above on the 1871 census. I searched for records about him and found one in the ‘Royal Household Staff 1526-1924‘ set of records on Find My Past mentioning him and as I don’t have a current subscription, my friend, Simon of Charnwood Genealogy  came to the rescue, huge thanks to him! See records below. A fascinating set of Royal records, showing what he was paid and his pension, also mentioning his daughter Susan (Theodosia’s sister) who lived with him, and after he died she herself married at the age of 38 in 1882 to Charles Macnaghton.

The Royal Wardrobe was a department within the Royal Household, responsible not just for the cloth, clothing and accoutrements worn by the monarchy in their official business and used to adorn royal buildings and furnishings but also for their expenditure and financial accounts.






James John Kinloch died on 27 Dec 1876 in Middlesex, England. He was buried on 30 Dec 1876 in St Mary, Teddington, England. His estate was probated on 24 Jan 1877 in Middlesex, England.

It states in his records that he was from Kair and I found several references to the Kair estate in different forums online, interesting but whether they are correct I don’t know 1) Kair House was built by George Kinloch, a local businessman, who purchased the estate in 1787.

Kair House
Kair House

2) The brothers, James John and George were sons of George Farquar Kinloch who took on his mother Catherine Kinloch’s surname under the terms of her father George’s will after she had married the handsome James Farquar ‘A Silver Turner’ in 1728 against his wishes. So the Kinlochs are really Farqhuars.(Earlier than my James John I think)

Theodosia’s Mother Sophia Anson was the daughter of George Anson and Frances Hamilton.

Lots of information here all about the Anson family from Wikipedia: General Sir George Anson, GCB (born Adams; 1769 – 4 November 1849), was a British officer and politician from the Anson family. He commanded a British cavalry brigade under the Duke of Wellington during the Peninsular War and sat for many years as a Whig Member of Parliament. Anson was the second son of George Adams (who changed the family surname to Anson by royal license on 30 April 1773) and his wife The Hon. Mary Vernon, daughter of the first Lord Vernon. He had an elder brother, Thomas Anson, 1st Viscount Anson, and a younger brother, Sir William Anson, 1st Baronet; another younger brother was Frederick Anson, who became Dean of Chester.
George Anson entered the British Army in 1786 and served under the Duke of York and Sir Ralph Abercromby in Holland. It was to be in the Peninsular War where his reputation grew markedly. He commanded a British Cavalry brigade under the Duke of Wellington in the Peninsular War. He served in all the campaigns between 1809 and 1813 and gained distinction in his command of the 16th Light Dragoons at the Second Battle of Porto. His reputation was further enhanced by his command of a brigade of light cavalry at the Battles of Talavera, Busaco, Salamanca and Vittoria. He also fought in the Battle of Venta del Pozo during the retreat from Burgos. For his services in the Battles of Talavera, Salamanca and Vittoria he received a medal and two clasps. So prominent was he during these campaigns that the House of Commons thanked him in November 1816 for his services generally during the Peninsular Wars.
In August 1814, he was appointed as Colonel of the 23rd Regiment of (Light) Dragoons and in February 1827 to the colonelcy of the 4th Dragoon Guards. He was promoted to the rank of full general on 10 January 1837.

(c) National Trust, Shugborough; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
Sir George Anson (c) National Trust, Shugborough; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Aside from his military career he also sat as Member of Parliament for Lichfield from 1806 to 1841. He was also the Groom of the Bedchamber to Prince Albert from 1836 to September 1841. In 1846 he was appointed the lieutenant-governor of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea and became governor in May 1849. Anson married Frances, daughter of John William Hamilton, in 1800. She was also the sister of Sir Frederick Hamilton. They had six sons and five daughters. (I’ve managed to find nine so far)
Their son Talavera Vernon Anson became an Admiral in the Royal Navy. Another son, Thomas Anson, was a first-class cricketer. Their daughter Julia Henrietta married Sir Arthur Brinsley Brooke and served as a lady in waiting to Queen Victoria.
Lady Anson died in 1834. Anson survived her by fifteen years and died at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, in November 1849

Julia Henrietta WEDDING
I have found her name as Julia Henriett, Henrietta Julia and just Henrietta as here above.

Theodosia’s siblings:

1) Victoria Charlotte Isabella Kinloch Dame was born in Oct 1838 in Tiverton, Devon (KINLOCH, VICTORIA CHARLOTTE ISABELLA ANSON GRO Reference: 1838 D Quarter in TIVERTON AND DULVERTON Volume 10 Page 261 ). She married Lesley Charles Probyn Sir on 11 Jan 1859 in Gazeepore, India (A Double Wedding with her sister Theodosia.)She died on 10 Feb 1911 in Middlesex, England. Notes: ‘Probyn, Sir Lesley Charles, K.C.V.O, Member of Council of H.R H. Prince of Wales since 1910; son of late Captain George Probyn, b. 1852; Director, G.N.R. since 1883; Auditor, Duchy of Cornwall, 1891; Member of the Council of Prince of Wales, 1897-1901; and again in 1910; served in the Indian Mutiny and won a medal; Accountant-General, Punjab.for 10 years and was Commandant of First Punjab Volunteer Rifle Corps for five years; special Commission to British Guiana. 1879; joined the Directorate of G.N. Railway, 1883‘.
2) Theodosia Frances Mary Anne Kinloch was born in Mar 1840 in Bath, Somerset, England (KINLOCH, – Female- ANSON GRO Reference: 1840 M Quarter in BATH Volume 11 Page 37 There is a record that says Foxhill that is a street in Bath, now Fox Hill.). She died in Jul 1921 in Honiton, Devon, England. She married Charles Roper Stainforth on 11 Jan 1859 in Gazeepore, India (A Double Wedding with her sister Victoria)
3) George Hibbert Anchitel Kinloch was born about 1842. He died in 1916.
4) Constance Helen Sarah Kinloch was born in 1843 in India.
5) Susan Ferrier Kinloch was born on 11 Jun 1844 in Paddington Middlesex England. She died on 25 Jul 1906 in Middlesex, England. She married Chester Macnaghten in Oct 1882 in St George Hanover Square, London.
6) Fanny Arabella Kinloch was born on 20 Sep 1845. She died in 1846.
7) Louisa Caroline Kinloch was born in 1847. She died in 1848.
8) Charles Francis Kinloch was born in 1848. He died in 1852.
9) William Anson Kinloch was born in 1853 in London, England. He died in 1863.
10) Julia Catherine Kinloch was born in October 1855, her father. She married John Fortune on 27 April 1878 in India. They had three children I found so far. She died on 16 January 1942 in Dumfries, Dumfries-shire, at the age of 86, and was buried in Auchencairn, Dumfries-shire. Their daughter Mildred Sophia Fortune 1880-1965 was the Gt Grandmother of an Olympic Gold Medallist, more later.

This is the link to the Family Tree I have compiled: Theodosia Family Lynns Waffles

This is just some of the information I have found about Theodosia and her Children:

1) Lesley Charles Hamilton Stainforth Colonel was born on 23 Jun 1860 in Hampter, India. He married Helen Frances Bell on 12 Nov 1901 in Karachi, Bombay, India. He died on 09 May 1940 in Eastbourne, Sussex, England. When I was researching Lesley I found his Medals sold for £650 in an auction on 16th December 2003, all this Military information was included in the auction notes: ‘Colonel L. C. H. Stainforth, 38th Dogras, Indian Army India General Service 1854-95, 1 clasp, Waziristan 1894-95 (Captain, 38th Bl. Infy.); India General Service 1895-1902, 3 clasps, Waziristan 1901-02, Punjab Frontier 1897-98, Malakand 1897 (Captn., 38th Bl. Infy.) clasps mounted in order as listed; British War and Victory Medals (Bt. Col.) the first two with contact marks, very fine, otherwise extremely fine. Leslie Charles Hamilton Stainforth was born on 23 June 1860, eldest son of Major-General C. R. Stainforth, Madras Cavalry. He was first commissioned from Sandhurst, 22 January 1881, into the South Wales Borderers, and promoted to Lieutenant in July 1881. He transferred to the Indian Army in June 1883 and was posted to the 38th Dogras, becoming Adjutant in January 1891 and Captain in January 1892. Stainforth served in the Waziristan campaign of 1894-95 (Medal and clasp), and on the North-West Frontier of India in 1897-98, including the relief and defence of Malakand, the relief of Chakdara, and operations in Bajaur and Mohmand country Medal with two clasps). He was mentioned in despatches for his services at the relief of Chakdara Fort (G.G.O. 1089 of 1897):

Colonel Goldney’s force was taken from the Castle Rock picquets (is a small temporary military post closer to the enemy than the main formation; or a group of soldiers detailed for a specific duty e.g., fire picquet) and consisted of about 250 rifles, 35th Sikhs, under Lieutenant-Colonel J. L. E. Bradshaw, and 50 rifles, 38th Dogras, under Captain L. C. H. Stainforth. His attack was supported by the remainder of the picquets holding Castle Rock, and by 2 guns, No. 8 Bengal Mountain Battery, in position near the picquets and under the command of Jemadar Nawab of that battery. Colonel Goldney and his men, on receipt of my order, advanced silently to within about one hundred yards of the enemy’s position without being perceived. Then the enemy, becoming suddenly aware of what was going on, opened an irregular and ineffective fire, and as our men came to close quarters ran away in all directions, leaving seven of their number dead and one prisoner in our hands. There was no casualty of any sort on our side.’
Stainforth served again on the North-West Frontier during the operations in Waziristan during 1901-02 (Clasp). He was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel in August 1904 and appointed as Commandant of the 51st Sikhs in April 1906. He became Brevet Colonel in August 1907, left India for the U.K. in August 1909, and retired in January 1913. Recalled for service in February 1915, he was appointed as Commandant, 29th (Reserve) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, and later served with the 19th Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers. His medal index card records that he served overseas from 19 June 1917.

2) Basil Macnaghton Stainforth was born on 15 August 1861 in India. He died on 18 May 1862 in West Bengal, India, within a year of his birth, and was buried there.

3) Edith Vernon Stainforth was born in 1863 in Teddington, Surrey, England (STAINFORTH, EDITH VERNON KINLOCK GRO Reference: 1863 J Quarter in KINGSTON, SURREY Volume 02A Page 230 ). She married Charles Frederick Cross in Oct 1890 in Isle of Wight, Hampshire. She died in 1951 in Hove, Sussex, England. Edith Vernon Stainforth married Charles Frederick Cross, who I found was a famous British Chemist. (Photos below)This information from Wikipedia: ‘After graduating from King’s College London, he went to Zurich Polytechnic and then, with his future partner, Edward John Bevan, to Owens College, Manchester. Cross who was interested in cellulose technology and Bevan who had been a chemist at the Scottish papermaking firm of Alexander Cowan & Co. went into partnership in 1885 and set up as analytical and consulting chemists in New Court, Lincoln’s Inn in London. In 1888 they published what was to become a standard work on papermaking. In 1892, together with another partner, Clayton Beadle they took out a patent for Viscose which became the basis for the viscose, rayon and cellophane industries. In 1894 Cross and Bevan took out a patent for the manufacture of cellulose acetate – this was to become the industrial process for its manufacture. Cross was a recipient of the Perkin Medal of the Society of Dyers and Colourists. He was awarded the John Scott Medal in 1895‘.



Pic 1) Found on Pinterest. Pic 2)Creator: Science & Society Picture Library Credit: SSPL via Getty Images. Copyright: SSPL/Science Museum

4) Herbert Graham Stainforth Lt Col was born on 18 May 1865 in Bangalore, Madras, India. He died on 11 May 1916 in Fialahyeh, Iraq (Died of Cholera at Falahyeh on the Tigris on 11 May 1916). He had married Georgina Helen Pipon and they had two children. I was lucky and found lots of information on the internet about him: ‘Lt. Col. Herbert Graham Stainforth, CMG. Born 1865, the son of Maj Gen C. R. Stainforth, Madras Cavalry. Educated at Tonbridge School from 1879 to 1882 where he was on the Crickett XI in 1881-1882 and at RMC, Sandhurst where he played cricket and football. Gazetted to the 2nd Bn, Dorsetshire Regiment in 1885. Transferred to the 4th Bengal Lancers (later 4th Cavalry) in 1886. Captain, Indian Army, 1896. Inspecting Officer, Imperial Service Troops, Central India, 1900. 1901 he married Georgina Helen, daughter of Maj Gen Henry Pipon, CB. Major, 1903. Lt-Col, 7 Feb 1911. 1912- appointed Comdt, 4th Cavalry and led it in France from Oct 1914 to Nov 1915 and in Mesopotamia during operations for the relief of Kut from Dec 1915 to 11 May 1916. CMG – London Gazette 3 Jun 1915. MID – London Gazette 31 May 1915 (for France) and London Gazette 24 Aug 1916 (for Mesopotamia). Died of Cholera at Falahyeh on the Tigris (River) on 11 May 1916

Sources: Debrett’s Baronetage, Knightage and Companionage, 1916; Tonbridge and the Great War of 1914-1919; Tonbridge School Register 1861 to 1945‘.

When I spotted that Herbert and Georgina’s two children were staying at the Tower of London with their grandparents in the 1911 census I had to find out more about their grandfather Henry Pipon!

Information here I found on the Channel Islands Website: Direct link here Channel Islands Wiki    Henry Pipon (1843—1924), second son of Col James Kennard Pipon, Seigneur of Noirmont: ‘Noirmont: It was sold by his great-grandson Lord Carteret to Elie Pipon, whose family held the fief for nearly 200 years. Philippe built a manor house in 1695, which was demolished and replaced by the present house in 1910. The Manor was the scene of a big celebration for the opening of the St Helier to St Aubin Railway in 1870. James Pipon sold the house and fief to Girard de Quetteville in 1880, and he, in turn, sold it to Guy de Gruchy in 1909‘ More here about Noirmont: Noirmont, Jersey and Elizabeth, daughter of James Collier MP, joined the Royal Artillery at the age of 18 and rose to Major-General and for 14 years was resident Governor of the Tower of London.
‘He had joined the Royal Artillery from Woolwich in 1861. His first active service was during the Fenian Raid on Canada in 1866. During the Afghan Campaign of 1879-81, he served in the Royal Horse Artillery and was present at the actions of Shutagandau and Charasia and the operations at Kabul.
On the famous march to Kandahar, he was Adjutant RA, and took part in the Battle of Kandahar, receiving the medal with three clasps, the bronze star, and three mentions in despatches.
From 1896 to 1900 he was Colonel on the Staff in Bengal, and in 1900 was made a Companion of the Bath. In 1900 and 1901 he commanded the RA in the China Field Force and was again mentioned in despatches. This was his last active service’.
Tower of London
‘In 1903 he was appointed Assistant Inspector of Remounts at Headquarters and in 1903 Deputy Assistant Director. In 1909 he became Resident Governor of the Tower of London, living in the King’s House, in which the Guy Fawkes conspirators were examined.
He took the keenest interest in the historic buildings, which for the next 14 years were under his care. He retired in 1923 and died on 14 January 1924.
He had married in 1872 to Louisa Anne, daughter of Admiral Sir William Edmonstone, and had five daughters, Mary, Emma, Georgina, Evangeline, and Geraldine’.

PIPON Wedding
Here above is Georgina’s parents’ wedding notification in 1872.
The tower of london 1911

5) Victor Gerald Stainforth was born on 6 June 1869 in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, India. He died on 6 May 1870 in Kensington, Middlesex, he was just 11 months old and was buried in All Souls, Kensal Green Cemetery.

6)Douglas Anson Stainforth was born in Jul 1874 in Isle of Wight, Hampshire. He died in Nov 1934 in Pancras, London, England. I haven’t found a marriage for him at all.

Wow! I found these articles on British Newspaper Archives about him:

A) Hampshire Telegraph 1 Aug 1908: PORTSMOUTH BANKRUPTCY COURT, Monday.—Before Mr Registrar Benny. NAVAL OFFICER’S DIFFICULTIES. ‘Douglas Anson Stainforth, of H.M.S. Centurion, Lieutenant his Navy, came up for public examination.— Mr, H. Payne appeared for the debtor. —The summary affairs showed that the liabilities amounted to £999 13s. 6d., and the assets £16. 14d, leaving a net deficiency of £19. 6d. Debtor alleged that living beyond his income and being on half- for eight months, was responsible for the position. The debtor, senior Lieutenant. stated that his difficulties began about 1896 when Acting Sub-Lieutenant at Portsmouth, then began borrowing money and buying jewellery. In 1896 relative intervened and settled the claim, a quantity of jevreUery having then been returned. After this went abroad for two years, and when came home again began borrowing and buying jewellery. A debt of £108.18s 9d. had been scheduled for money borrowed aad goods supplied, addition to which there were nine creditors scheduled for money borrowed amounting to £512.8s. 3d. This included debt of £250 owing to a relative, which it was proposed should be withdrawn if an arrangement with the creditor* was agreed to. In February last year, an arrangement was made with creditors to pay his debt by instalments of £10 a month, of which the debtor was to find £5 and his relatives the other £5 but owing to being on half pay for nearly eight months was unable to carry out his part of the arrangement after three instalments had been paid. Mr Hunt, the Official Receiver, intimated that the arrangement with the creditors was satisfactory. This examination was closed‘.

B) Gloucestershire Echo Thursday 18 March 1909.’ LIEUTENANT’S DISMISSAL, IRREGULARITIES OF A BATTLESHIP’S MESS FUNDS. A naval court-martial assembled on the Victory at Portsmouth Harbour on Wednesday sentenced Lieut. Douglas Anson Stainforth, R.N., to be dismissed from his Majesty’s service. Four charges were brought against Lieut. Stainforth, and were held to be proved. The 1 first accused him of having, when acting at wine caterer the battleship Centurion, properly ordered and caused to be delivered on board the ship for his own benefit on various dates ninety bottles gin and thirty brandy. The second charge was that with intent defraud, omitted to enter in the wine hook three dozen bottles of gin and one dozen bottles of brandy. The remaining charges were for fraudulently converting to his own use £37 11s. and £6 2d. belonging to the mess‘.

Pic about 1900. HMS Victory wasn’t moved into dry dock at Portsmouth until 1922.

An interesting footnote: I found on Wikipedia was that in the Who Do You Think You Are? show transmitted on the BBC on 18 October 2007, series 4 episode 7, it was discovered that Sir Matthew Pinsent, the multiple gold medal Olympic rower, is a direct descendant of Sir George Anson, who was Theodosia’s Grandfather. Sir Matthew Pinsent is a descendant of Theodosia’s youngest sister Julia Catherine who married John Fortune on 27 April 1878 in India. Here’s a quick screenshot to show you the connections on the family tree. Matthew Pincents parents are down on the bottom far left.

2020-05-03 (1)

Till next time then…………


  1. So many fascinating connections! Would be interested to know where in St Pancras? Also, what a beautiful garden at Kair House!

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    • Thanks Emma, I really enjoyed the research. The baptism record for 1804 just said St Pancras, from Pallots Baptism Index 1780-1837. I seem to remember there was an old church & a newer one called St Pancras but you would probably know more than me about that Emma being London. Kair looks a stunning place doesn’t it x


  2. How lovely to stumble across this! I am a distant relative by marriage on her husband’s side. (5x great-granddaughter of Catherine Charlotte Fraser, née Raper, who was Charles Raper Stainforth’s grandmother and where he got his middle name.) A great read!

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  3. Hello Lynn, I have just come by accident on to your site – absolutely amazing, full of information. I was actually fossicking Theodosia’s info (as her parent Sophie/Sophia Kinloch (Anson), daughter of Sir George Anson, and in fact the sibling of Frederick Walpole Anson, who is the side of the tree I am in. Naturally I am on a mission to cover all generations of siblings etc and that is only one side. I have managed to head back to William Anson from Shugborough and his descendents and Earls etc. Again however my branch is not the total peerage one. Have a look heaps of information.
    I was wondering if you would like my details from George Anson’s son Frederick Walpole Anson (1806-1848) who married Catherine Anne Hanson. If my knowledge is correct (?), he was my 3xG/ Grandfather? I was born in Christchurch, NZ in 1956 and have 3 children and 4 grand-sons to date. Please let me know if you want some information. Regards Julie Wilkinson (my mother was an Anson).

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