Jones, Evans, Baker and Scourfield. Puzzle Pics 1.

My lovely followers on Twitter have excelled again recently with some of my old photos that I hadn’t researched. These four cabinet cards all had names and all I bought from the same seller. But he had no idea if they were connected. So these are the comments after research by several great detectives into each name. This is Part 1, they have been busy, Part 2 to follow soon with more puzzles solved.


I wrote: Cabinet Card photo fr London. Fradelle & Marshall(1875/76)Regent St. ‘John Jones of Blaenos younger brother of P????tes’ MaybeLlandovery, Wales? Here are the answers I had back, it turned out to be easier than we thought at first:

1) You don’t make it easy for us, ‘John JONES’! There was an MP in Blaenos around the time of this photo. Report of his death, in 1886, below…

John Jones 1
2) That makes sense – especially as “brother of Pantglas”, which I think it says, would refer to his older brother David Jones who was also an MP (info about Pantglas here:  David Jones at Pantglas 3) Or it could be one of the other thirty-thousand John JONES’! 4) Wow really impressed at others finding out who a Welsh John Jones is which I thought would be like finding a needle in a haystack. Pantglas was mentioned. (Wikipedia) Pantglas is the estate of his older brother David Jones so it may be the older brother is known by the estate name.


I wrote: Can you help with ID of this Lady & Gent? Beautiful outfit! Could it be their Wedding photo? Cabinet Card photo fr Elliott & Fry 55 Baker St, London ‘H.D.Evans Esq. Ms D ???’ Here are the answers I had back: 1) I’m thinking it’s more JONES & Pantglas again… Herbert DAVIS EVANS = Mary Eleanor Margaret Geraldine JONES of Highmead. Loads on the internet about them and their family. Highmead pictures in the link: Heritage in Wales   2) I’ve found a picture of Herbert in the Western Mail via British Newspaper Archive on the occasion of his death in 1928. I think this could well be the same gentleman as in Lynn’s picture (and what a fantastic hat he’s wearing!)

Pic of Herbert DAVIS-EVANS in 1923.
3) Mary is the niece of yesterday’s John JONES, David’s daughter.

4) Could be Captain Harry Dacres Evans of the Royal Artillery (c.1839-1890) & his second wife Adelaide Bryant Dillion née Hatch (Mrs D E = Mrs Dacres Evans?). Married in 1870 so if it IS them this clearly wasn’t taken on their wedding day! Would a retired officer be styled Esquire?


I asked: Can you help with ID of this lovely lady? Mrs Robert Baker Isn’t her dress & hat absolutely fabulous! Cabinet Card Dover John Martin Jacolette trading as Martin Jacolette at this studio 1881-89. 1) A lady of means, a widow, still mourning perhaps, suggesting her husband died between 1880 & 1889. No deaths in Dover match. I did come across a Mr & Mrs Robert BAKER arriving as fashionable visitors in 1859. Could she be the same Mrs BAKER returning as a widow?


2) She has a facial resemblance to the lady in yesterday’s photo, although not Wales. Could they be related? 3) The 1881 census has a Charlotte Baker, dressmaker, 36, married to Robert (fireman, 39) and living in Folkestone. Just a possibility but the dress is certainly quite a creation, so… 4) His death record is 1891, and this outfit looks like a mourning outfit, so possible?


I asked: Can you help with ID of this gentleman? ‘Owen Schofield’ Taken 1890’s? Cabinet Card photo from Samuel J Allen, Pembroke Dock & Haverfordwest, Wales. I was wrong his name is Owen Scourfield! 1) 2nd January 1897 newspaper article, reporting the presentation of Sir Owen’s photograph to Haverfordwest Volunteers.

last 1

2) Owen Henry Phillips SCOURFIELD, Bart. of Williamston, Pembs. b. 1847, (as Owen Henry PHILIPPS) Burton, Pembs., son of John Henry PHILIPPS m(1). 1877, St Geo Han Sq., Gertrude K ALLEN m(2). 1896, Cleobury Mortimer, Frances K H LEA d. 5 Feb 1921 at Williamston.
last 2
3) He came from good stock….his father I believe, two links:Scourfield Baronets  and   Biography of Wales
last 3
4) Definitely SCOURFIELD not SCHOFIELD and given the Pembroke connection, I’m sure you’re right. I’d just got to this man myself! 5) Despite 2 wives, both of whom he outlived, coming from large families, died childless. First wife’s family and his appear online, Wiki and county elite books etc. Second wife’s family were mainly akin to the church. Any descendants distant relatives.
last 4
5) Took the name Scourfield on the death of maternal grandfather with Baronetcy attached. Baronetcy awarded to his father by Disraeli. It dies with him. He and his family attended Harrow and Cambridge. I expect you ended up with the photo as no one else left that close.
6) The house Owen Scourfield inherited on his fathers’ death in 1876…he himself in it in 1921 Williamstown House, Neyland nr Milford Haven. Owen died in this house and was big into cars….trains etc by the accounts I read of him.
last 5
Williamstown House, Neyland nr Milford Haven.

Huge thanks to everyone! Here are just some of my detective followers! Sincere apologies if I have missed someone from these puzzles above, these are their Twitter names:   @CLeeEsq @Dave_Lifelines @leefer3@SchoolMom18 @CharnwoodGenie

Till next time then……..


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