Phyllis Shinton ❤️ Harry Stogden

This is one of my recent finds from my collection and was the Friday Pic on Twitter and Instagram yesterday.

“Friday Pic. Aaww isn’t Phyllis just a little sweetheart hand on toy dog. Friday puzzle. Taken in Says ‘Phyllis Shinton. Wales. Mrs Freeman’s Grandaughter’ Another I haven’t researched yet so who is she?”

I had several replies from a lovely gent Chris on Twitter @CLeeEsq so here’s his research into Phyllis…..What a story!


Phyllis May SHINTON Born 24th May 1918. Father – William Roy SHINTON, Mother – Victoria May STEVENS

William was called up for military service in April 1918, detained by the civil police for not returning to camp in July. He married Victoria in September before being sent to France.

William was KIA 1918 in France when Phyllis was six months old. Grandmother (second marriage) was FREEMAN.

He wrote his one line will in October and was killed in November aged 19.

William was killed on 4th November 1918, seven days prior to the armistice being signed and the end of hostilities.

Phyllis married Harry Stogden in 1939, she was to die in 1942 aged 24 of pneumonia whilst Harry was serving abroad in WW2. Harry died in Japan in 1945.

The couple had three children two girls and one boy Bernard.

This from BBC RADIO WALES in 2015 on Twitter: 70 years after VJ Day, Roy Noble speaks to Bernard Stogden whose father, as a prisoner of war, left a unique legacy.

BBC Radio Wales

This is the link to the Facebook Facebook Page Radio Interview     but unfortunately as the interview is from 2015 the actual interview doesn’t seem to be working, but I have sent @BBCRadioWales a message so hopefully I will hear back from them.

Hooray! Chris has managed to find an article with the full recording, a wonderful interview, do listen to the full interview, audio and video, the story is so sad, but so very interesting too.

Bernard Stogden Interview

Following on from that webpage above, The Changi Cross also have a Facebook Page, so here is the link to that too: The Changi Cross FB

I just hope I can manage to get this photo back to the family, I will update you all.

Till next time then………..


  1. Hey Lynn, Phyllis Stogden (Nee Shinton) is my great grand mother. It was very nice to accidentally find this photo. I’ve never seen it before.

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