More Super Updates!

Another super week for me with three families receiving some of their family old photos back home, first we have this gorgeous little girl Phyllis, that I shared on a Blog back in June, after I had posted her on my daily Twitter as a friday puzzle and @CLeeEsq (Twitter) had successfully researched her.

The direct link to the original Blog here: Phyllis Shinton 💓 Harry Stogden

I had a lovely message and email from Shauni, she had googled her family name and found my Blog, and was amazed to see the photo as it’s one she’s never seen before. Shauni is Phyllis’s descendant who lives in Wales, she is thrilled to have the beautiful photo back in the family.

Then secondly back to the recent Pogmore family, the lovely lady in Bradford On Avon that I sent the family photos back to, now also has the photo from another finder of old photos Diana. She had also found a couple of photos with the family name a few weeks after me, and Diana very kindly said she was more than happy for them to return back to their family.

How lovely of Diana, she also very kindly sent me some of her collection, an album with names who’s family history she was stuck on, a bundle of some interesting old letters that she saved from being split up, and other old photos that she thought I may be able to return to their families via my blog, with some research, one old photo astonishingly that is connected to my Blog about the Gibbs Family of Beaminster, Dorset, how wonderful and what an amazing coincidence! See below:



Scan_20190713 (2)_Fotor
 Super information on the back of this photo.

Was just like Christmas when her parcel arrived for me!

Direct Link to original Pogmore Blog here:  The Pogmore Family

Thirdly we have these four much larger photos, all belonging to the Bryant Family, one of them in an old frame, that I found at the beginning of the year and Blogged about in March. A descendant, Marianne, living in America spotted my Blog and we have exchanged emails, she had never seen any old photos of her family from England, and so the photos are now winging their way across the pond to their family, as yesterday I posted them all off on their journey to Kansas, America, so exciting!

She is hoping from her own research into her family to be able to identify the framed photo of the Bryant family dated 1882, as we already know who the other three are from the writing on the back.

This is the direct link to the original Blog: The Bryant Family

unnamed 2unnamed

A really really good week!

Will be back soon with the story and research on my latest lot of family photos.

Till next time then………….


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