The Illustrated LONDON News 1945. Part 2.

As promised here is the second blog showing The Illustrated LONDON News dated October 6th 1945

October 6th 1945

This copper cylinder shown above, was placed in a block of stone forming part of the huge overflow shafts at the new Ladybower Reservoir in the Derwent Valley on September 25th.

Above…….Hongkong, Singapore and elsewear, after the final defeat of Japan. Scenes of surrender and release of prisoners.

Above…”ARNHEM..Adopted as Godchild by Amsterdam, rises from its ruins..
Arnhem is considered in Holland to be the town which has suffered most in this war. It was, of course, directly in the pathway of the original German thrust into Holland in 1940.”
“Hard work, ingenuity and charity aid the re-birth of Arnhem”

Graveyard of Aeroplanes

Above left..” Making ingots from the aluminium metal scrap of wrecked planes”
Above right…”The Acoustic shell, Britain’s ace killer of flying bombs” drawn by G.H.Davis…

Above..”Mr Morse-Brown’s portraits are of four outstanding women in various war activities……..
1) Major Barbara B.Stimson, M.B.E More info on link..Barbara B Stimson…..

2) Lady Rosalinde (Maclardy) Tedder (wife of Sir Arthur Tedder) ..She was associated with the ‘Malcom Clubs’ “The first Malcolm Club was opened by Lady Tedder in Algiers during 1943. They soon increased in number with clubs in locations all over the world…….They were named after a gallant young Scottish Wing Commander, Hugh Malcolm, who had been awarded a posthumous V.C for operations over Tunis.  The clubs provided not only food but also books, wireless, comforts and a cheery atmosphere in which aircrews could relax.  Airmen regarded these clubs as their own” There is still a
The Malcolm Clubs Trophy is awarded to the junior rank (cpl or below) who made the most progress in the air during the previous calendar year. It was presented in 1998 by the Malcolm Clubs, who wished to perpetuate the memory of their Founders, Lord and Lady Tedder, after the closure of their scheme which awarded junior airmen scholarships for gliding. The subscription also allows for the presentation of a prize to each year’s winner.

Sadly Lady Tedder was killed in 1943..Here’s is a newspaper report at the time…
“Lady Tedder Killed In Air Crash
LONDON. Jan. 5 1943—AAP.
Lady Tedder, wife of Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder. Deputy Chief of the Air Staff, was killed in an air crash west of Cairo when returning from a tour of welfare centres in Cyrenalca. Lady -Tedder, formerly Miss Rosalinde Maclardy. was a daughter of Mr. W. M. Maclardy, and Sydney, the elder son of Sir Arthur and lady Tedder was killed in flying combat over England. A daughter is in the WAAF. and a younger son ‘is at school in England.”

3) Junior Commander Penelope Otto  M.B.E …A distinguished member of the A.T.S.
She is listed on Officers of the British Army .. a great resource for Family History & Genealogy people, they are also on Twitter @JNHouterman do give them a follow….

4) Signorina Anna Lelli of Rome….”a Roman by birth, whose pro-British attitude led to imprisonement by the Germans, served subsequently as a guide and lecturer to the British Army education authorities in Rome. She is founder of the women’s movement to improve international relations”
These women all have amazing stories, and I had never even heard of them before reading this..

5) This lady, drawn by Lieut Stephen Bone RNVR…Froken Eva Christiansen of Oslo, 1916-2005..      I have not been able to find out much about this lady, apart from her grave link here..    Eva Christiansen    If you do know of a link to anywhere I would love to read more about her….

Till next time then……………


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