The Illustrated LONDON News 1945.Part 1.

Another find to share with you all….
I came across two of the Illustrated London News at a Car Boot sale, I was quite excited to see that they were both dated 1945, £1 each, said the chap, I thought that was definitely a bargain !
They haven’t disappointed, they have some super pictures and articles, obviously with lots of info about WW2.
Because the pages are larger than A4 its difficult for me to scan, so I have taken photos, they are not absolutely brilliant but you can still see clearly and read the captions…I hope !
This is the 1st one dated July 14th 1945

1. July 14th 1945.

Australian Landings
Amazing sketches of Stalag Luft 111.The famous ‘Great Escape’

Some ‘normal’ events occurring again after the war..….Henley and Ascot !!

Some of the adverts in the magazine/paper……

Hitler committed suicide on 30 April 1945

Events on 4th July – 6th July
Raising the flag !

Look out for part 2, the second Illustrated London News dated October 6th 1945 coming soon…………

Till next time then……………………


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