William Crump, Clock and Watchmaker, Isle of Wight

Following on from my Blog  November 30th Blog  I have been scanning the ’50 loose cards’ and what a find, three were named, all the same family…Crump

Ellen Crump

The lady above was Ellen Crump previously Wigney, she was born on 11th July 1820 in Brighton (Brighthelmstone), Sussex. Part of a large family, about nine children I think… Her parents were George Adelphus Wigney, a Brewer and Mary Ann (Wilmshurst) Her birth was registered as Non Conformist, St Peter’s parish, Sherwise, Brighton (Brighthelmstone), Sussex, and on the set of records on Ancestry ‘Dr Williams Library, Redcross St, Nr Cripplegate, London (Registered on April 3rd 1828) I personally had never come across this record set before, but lots more info here about
the library   Dr Williams Library  …………research always keeps me learning new things.
If anyone knows where Sherwise was in Brighton, I would love to know or is it a misspelling?
Ellen Wigney married William Crump (below) in the July quarter 1847 in Brighton, Sussex.


In pencil ‘Kate..Grandpa Crump’

William Crump was born 11th November 1820 Hadlow, Kent and was Baptised on Christmas eve 1820 at St Mary’s Church, Hadlow, Kent…….below

St Mary’s church, Hadlow, Kent

Williams parents were John Crump, a Bricklayer and Elizabeth (Hodge)..They had married on 2nd January 1817 at Hadlow, Kent….In this church above….
After their marriage William and Ellen lived in Brighton, and in the 1851 census were living there with their first child Ellen Mary Crump who was born in the first quarter of 1849 in Brighton, Sussex. 
William was listed as a Watchmaker.
The next reference to the Crump family is 8th October 1853 on the Isle of Wight..see below..

 I think this is wonderful, that he was so worried about his good reputation..see below….St Thomas Church, St Thomas Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight…and that clock ! This church is now a Heritage centre. This picture below is one I took a couple of years ago of the clock on St Thomas church, when we were over on the Isle of Wight in the Motorhome…I must have known I would need one 🙂 We actually sat in the garden here for a rest and relax for a while..was lovely


St Thomas Church, Ryde, Isle of Wight

The above photo, of the side view of St Thomas church and the garden is courtesy
of  Ryde Social Heritage Group   Do take a look at their website, they have lots of interesting stuff on it !
In the 1861 census we find the Crump family living in Newchurch, Ryde, Isle of Wight, and they have more children now Ada Clara born October Q of 1851 in Brighton, K/Catherine Fanny born October Q of 1854 on the Isle of Wight and William Edgar born October Q of 1857, again born in the Isle of Wight.
But as we know life is never plain sailing, and I was very sad to find that Catherine (aged 9)and William (aged 6) had both tragically died in the October Q of 1863. I wonder why ?
They are both buried in Ryde Old Cemetery Section S Plots 2679 and 2680…Headstone below..again photo is courtesy of  RSHG graves …….

The next mention of William Crump was in the newspapers in March 1867..See below…

Detailed version of events. Click to enlarge


The short version of events

In the 1871 census Ellen and her daughter Ada Clara were on the mainland in Brighton visiting her father (he died the following year) While William was at home in Rubstone Court, Shanklin, Isle of Wight with his eldest daughter Ellen Mary (Below) now aged 23, an Artist. This was the 3rd CDV card I found….What a lovely young lady she looks……


 Another daughter had appeared with William on the 1871 census too…Kate Helena aged 6 (born in July Q 1864) As Ellen Crump was in her 40’s when she was born I do wonder if maybe this child was Ellen Mary’s ? and the other clue on the back of William’s CDV it says ‘Kate .. Grandpa Crump’ ? so maybe….
In 1874 on the 12th June Ada Clara married John Abraham Billings in Shanklin, Isle of Wight. John was an Antique dealer and jobbing Clock and Watchmaker, they had three children, one being called Kate b 1890, so maybe the writing on the picture is hers and not the older Kate as I previously thought?

This is William Crump’s shop (above) in Ryde I think, found this photo on the internet, great to see it with one of his daughter’s in the doorway maybe……….
In 1881 census William is now a retired Watchmaker (aged 60) living in Brading, Isle of Wight. With wife Ellen, daughter Ellen Mary (Artist) and Kate Helena.
In the April Q of 1884 Kate Helena married Frederick Arthur Young, I have found four children born to them, William Arthur b1886, Ellen Josephine b1888, Ada Amelia b1890 and Phyllis Mary Beatrice b1892.
In 1890 William and Ellen’s eldest daughter Ellen Mary died aged 41, her death is registered in Fareham, so I wonder if she was in Hospital on the mainland…she never married.
In 1891 census William and Ellen were living on their own in Brading, Isle of Wight.
In 1897 Ellen, William’s wife sadly died, she was 76.
In the 1901 census William was head of household and living with him now were Kate Helena, his married daughter and also her three daughters and son William Arthur.
I have also found Kate’s husband Frederick Arthur in the 1901 census, as a visitor at a house in Hackney, London, with two other chaps all listed as single and ‘commit clerks’
Just before the census in 1911, William’s daughter Kate Helena died aged 46, her three daughters continued to live with William, now aged 90..and all listed on the 1911 census living in a ten bedroomed house in Shanklin, Isle of Wight.
I cannot find out what had happened to Kate’s husband Frederick Arthur, there are way too many possibilities!
William Arthur, Kate’s son is a Print Compositor working in Essex (He is known as Arthur)
In 1912 on the 19th July William passed away aged 91, leaving everything to his Grandson William Arthur Young..a compositor..the sum of £3423.13s
The most likely death record for William Arthur Young I have found at the beginning of 1982 in Warminster, making him 96 when he died.
I wonder if maybe the house ‘Prospect House’ was left to the girls William Crump’s Granddaughters? we shall never know, and who were the descendants who got rid of these lovely CDV’s deeming them not wanted?


These two scans above were also among the CDV cards
..could this be William Arthur Young, known as Arthur when he was a little lad ? Photographer is from Shanklin, so this is a very good possibility….
Till next time then…………………..



  1. I am reseaching the Wigney family (very rare name) so I was very interested to find your article on Ellen Crump and family. She was sister to my great great grandfather Joseph Wigney. Their father George Adolphus Wigney was a brewer in Brighton. He also wrote books on brewing. He and Mary Ann (Wilmshurst) had ten children, five boys, five girls, Joseph, Mary Ann, Catherine, Ellen, Frederick, Stephen, Martha, Emily, George and William. They all survived childhood, all married and had children. five emigrated to Australia, and one to Canada (Jospeh,my great great grandfather, but leaving his eldest son my great grandfather also called Joseph in England). Mary Ann married George Virgo and remained in Brighton, Stephen became a Baptist minister, and an accountant, and remained in the Brighton, Emily married Thomas Staite and I believe moved to Southsea. The family had a big set back in 1842 when Georege Adolphus Wigney's cousin Isaac Newton Wigney, owner of the Wigney Bank in Brighton was made a bancrupt when the bank failed, Isaac Newton Wigney was also the 1st MP for Brighton and he had to resign his seat. Many people in Brighton were badly hit by the bank's collapse, and the name Wigney was not popular. I was so please to see a photo of Ellen. I have a copy of an oil painting of her on my ancestry page, which came from Peter Drover a direct descenant of Ellen. Unfortunately he no longer seems to use Ancestry. I would love to find photos of any of Ellen's siblings or even her parents. Would you allow me to download a copy of Ellen's photo? I see you have a flickr page. I am also on flickr as bornawigney, and have many old photos of Wigneys, but not as far back as Ellen


  2. Thanks so much for getting in touch! How fabulous that these are your family 😊 Wonderful info, thanks so much. Please do copy away, you are more than welcome. Copy any you would like, you should be able to right click and save as 😊 Kind Regards Lynn. Are you on Twitter or Facebook ? Links here on my blog 😊


  3. I'm so grateful that you have given me more information about my ancesters. Thanks so much. I don't use Twitter, but am on FB as Heather King (Heather Wigney) I have seen and liked your page on FB


  4. Interesting read which i found when researching a silver pocket watch signed W.Crump ,Brighton. The watch has a Chester hallmark for 1869 & is still running.

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