Alex’s Old Photos. Pt 1. Friends.

Meet Alex, you’ll find out more about him and his life over the next few weeks.

Taken after a swim somewhere in the country about 1935, Summer‘.

New Treasures! I recently opened a new bag of old photos to look through and scan and oh my goodness what treasures I found! Every single photo has been written on by Alex, the chap in the above photo here. I love the way he writes of his life and loves, family and friends, all on the back of old photos. It will take me a while to read everything on the backs of the photos, but then I will share more in future Blogs.

The misses Marg & Nancy Prewitt. June 28. 1936.

I vaguely remember buying the bag full (about 125!) but as often happens I didn’t get a chance to look through them, I just spotted writing & bought the bag, you have to be so quick sometimes at a fleamarket in case someone else beats you to it! The photos span from the 1910’s to the 1930’s. I hope you enjoy looking through and reading this first batch.

I fancy I was nearer LOVE then than I have ever been since and ever likely to be again.
Does this comment above imply that ALEX married? What do you think? I haven’t found a marriage yet???

The majority of the peple mentioned and photographed here I believe lived in and around the Bristol or Somerset areas.

Could any of these people mentioned be your Ancestors?

Wedding took place on Saturday 8 April 1939. Easter Saturday.

Another thing about this collection is that the family surname is the same as a family I have already researched a while ago, that also had links with Somerset. I am wondering, could they be connected? No links so far! But we shall see, I’ve started a tree for this family already.

Watch out for future Blogs about Alex……..

Till next time then……..


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