Alex’s Old Photos. Bertram Ernest Hunt. Pt 2.

Last week you saw some of Alex’s friends but this is a Blog about his ‘greatest friend’.

Alex with Bertrams beloved Fiat car.

Bertram Ernest Hunt was one of twin boys born on 1 December 1902 in Keynsham, Somerset (Between Bristol & Bath). Bertram and Cyril were born to parents Ernest Harry Hunt who had been born in Bath, Somerset on 2 Jun 1869. Ernest died in November 1952 and Mother Beatrice Elizabeth Phipps who was born in Mangotsfield, Bristol on 11 July 1871, she died 28 August 1952 at Southmead Hospital, Bristol. Bertram’s twin brother Cyril didn’t live long as his death was registered also in December 1902. Ernest Harry Hunt occupation was a Postal Telegraphist. The first census after Bertrams birth the family lived at Veredene, Soundwell Road, Staple Hill, this is 119 Soundwell Road. According to the 1939 register and other electoral records the family all continued to live here together all their lives. Bertram and his wife lived there after their marriage and continued to live here after the death of his parents.

Bertram was a Chief Telegraphist at the Newspaper.

Bertram had married Dorothy (Doll) Ethel Perry 2 December 1929, they married in Christ Church, Newgate Street, City of London. Dorothy was born in Ladywell (Lewisham) London on 23 October 1899. Where Bertram was an only child, Doll was from a large family, she was one of 11 children. Her parents Charles Joseph Perry 1872-1917 (Charles was described as a ‘Coffee House Keeper’ in the 1911 census) & Susan Elizabeth (Orchard) 1869-1952 both came from the London area. Her Mother Susan moved to Bath, Somerset later in her life after 1939. She died in the summer of 1952, the same year as both of Bertram’s parents.

I’ve not found any likely children of the couple, several Hunt with mothers maiden name Perry (9) but not in the Bristol/Somerset area.

Bertram died 31 July 1983 at Veredene aged 80 and Doll died 26 September 1997, still in Bristol, she was 97.

While looking up Christ Church, Newgate Street I really enjoyed reading this Blog from 2015 about Christ Church that was destroyed by bombing in December 1940.

Alex’s words ” My greatest friend Bertram Hunt (Tubs) A great press man allied to the Bristol Bath & Wilts papers. A man of big ideas. Full of colour and generous. Home ‘Veredene’ Sandwell. One of the most familiar guests at our home, may the future deal leniently with us both

Above……Written on the back of the photo far left:
Above……Written on the back of the photo far right:

‘The Ace of Clubs’ was I think a private group of male friends that met at Alex’s home and put the world to rights, here’s another photo of some of the group at an ‘Order of the Dawn’ meeting.

ABOVE. Left to right: ALEX. Richard Harries (Rich). Bill Baa (Good). Baron Von Hek (John). Eric Searle (Enriceo Serrell).
Summer 1936. Taken up on the Clouds (Local name) Photo by Doll.
Taken on one of our trips to the Cotswolds, our beloved green hills, ah, who shall say the splendour of our days are past. Not yet!!! (2 similar photos with different writing on the back).
Me & Tubby taken out at the Viaduct arches of the old Bristol Rd, Winterbourne before coming to Winterborne Hill. Great trips we had in that old Fiat car of Tubby’s. Memories of long summer days, new places and fresh air, when hopes were high & still are. As soon as this war is over he is going to get another one and have some more good times.
Somewhere in Gloucestershire. Pic-nic by Doll.
Sunday trip with Tubby & Doll in the old Fiat.
Tubby & I sitting on one of the old box tombs at St Mary’s, Upton Scudamore Church, on the edge of Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire. Taken Aug 1935. One feature of this Church is its spiral Iron Staircase leading to the Belfrey. Age 34.
Found this lovely Photo of St Mary the Virgin, Upton Scudamore Church added by Jeremy Davis on Find A Grave website
Ilfracombe 1936 with Tubby and Doll.
Here is the famous Fiat of Tubby’s in which we toured Wales, South & North, the Midlands as far as the Broadcasting Masts at Daventry and the whole of our wonderful Cotswolds where many a languorous Summer Sunday afternoon was spent. They were free and easy days.

Information from Wikipedia: The Daventry transmitting station was a major broadcasting facility located on Borough Hill on the outskirts of Daventry, Northamptonshire. It operated from 1925 until 1992, carrying long-wave, medium-wave, and short-wave broadcasts at different times in its history. In its heyday the site had more than 40 masts and towers on an antenna field extending over hundreds of acres. Since 1992, only DAB services have been broadcast from the site using a single mast. All other antennas have been demolished.

Tubby Hunt & Doll. Taken at Browns Head the afternoon I was over there with Angus drunk to the world. 1926 June.
Taken at Brown’s place the afternoon I was over there with Angus drunk to the world. 1926 June.
Bertram’s home is still there! Via Google Street. 119 Soundwell Road, Staple Hill, Bristol.

I’ve compiled a small family tree on Ancestry for Bertram and his family:

Alex’s Old Photos Part 3 coming shortly…….

Till next time then……….


  1. I am the current owner of Veredene and live there with my family.
    Would you like to visit? I have done extensive research on the house and my next door neighbor who is 94, knew Bert well. I’m sure she would be happy to tell you all she knows.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Eric, thank you so very much for getting in touch and for the lovely offer. These are photos in my collection, so not my own family. If they were my family I would jump at the chance! I’m still hopeful of someone being in contact from Bert or Alex’s family, fingers crossed. If they do I will certainly let you know. Kind Regards Lynn x


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