Letter from Jack “We’ll Meet Again”

Occasionally I get the inclination to buy odd bits of ephemera, and not just old photos from Antique Fairs. I saw this envelope among some papers and old photos in a box, obviously I didn’t have the time to read it, but spotted the date and then when I took out the letter it seemed complete, from your loving son Jack. So I took a chance that it might be interesting, so glad I did because I was right!

The letter is super and a section of it tells how Jack (Frederick John Adlam) and his pals were part of a very famous film in 1942, starring Vera Lynn! Have marked with red the Vera Lynn bit. The letter is an enjoyable read, a typical son, so very interested in his food!

Letter 10

Letter 1Letter 2_LILetter 3_LILetter 4_LILetter 5Letter 6Letter 7Letter 8Letter 9

This is the song by Vera Lynn in the actual film We’ll Meet Again released in 1943, we know through this letter that this part was filmed at Regents Park in 1942, the famous George Fornby was the Associate Producer, who knew? I thought he just played a ukelele. I didn’t know that! We’ll Meet Again (Song from film)  I would love to know which one of that crowd is Jack Adlam (Frederick John Adlam)

Short Family History of the Adlam Family

So now I had to identify him,  I started with the nearest record to Jack’s 1942 letter, of course the 1939 Register. I was so lucky that the Adlam family lived at the same address as on the letter, No 2 Hurds Buildings, Frome, Somerset. Dad Albert and Mum Amy (Jones) Adlam had three sons I have found, just two showing in this record below, their eldest son Albert Perry Adlam, 1919-2002, was maybe in the forces? I haven’t found him yet on the 1939Register.

Adlam Family 1939 Register, Frome (2)

But Frederick John Adlam, 1923-2014, has to be our Jack, the name John often being known as Jack, is there as a Bricklayers apprentice, also his other brother Walter George Adlam 1920-2002, a carpenters mate. Their Dad was a jobbing builder, so they obviously followed in his footsteps.


As you can see from the details above only one of the three sons Walter George Adlam, went on to have any children that I have found, although they all married. So I wonder if there are any descendants of Christine T Adlam or Valerie A Adlam out there somewhere, they both married, but did they have any children? Do you know the family? Are they your Ancestors?

We’ll Meet Again…..

Till next time then……..


  1. Hi Lynn. I was around 10 yrs old and just got back home from being evacuated when I saw the film. We’ll Meet Again and from then on myself and everyone else was humming the tune, as well as all the war-time songs like” Pack up your troubles” What a lovely long letter Jack wrote to his mother. I hope some other relative sees your post for you to add more. I know you like to complete your research as much as possible.Thanks for this delightful story.

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      • Actually Lynn I didn’t want to go home. I wanted to stay in the country. I was one of the lucky Evacuees who was treated well and taken on holidays and weekend trips Some of the evacuees had a terrible time so I have good memories.

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      • I have read of similar tales Rita, I can’t imagine how different the country must have been to a child after living in a town, full of wonder! Super you have good memories. Have you ever read any of Gillian Mawson’s books, interesting reading about Guernsey evacuees. I’m friends on Twitter with her @guernseyevacuee


  2. So, I’m an Adlam, descended from A Walter Adlam born in Wiltshire. Emigrated to Canada. My father, James was born in Saskatoon and moved to Philadelphia. Any connection? Karen Adlam Baldwin

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  3. Walter was born in Wiltshire 1889. Sister was Amy, I think. Father was James, mother – maybe Louise???? trying to find out. Maybe a connection. Karen Adlam Baldwin

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    • This is the most likely to be your Walter “ADLAM, WALTER Mother maiden name: DICKS. GRO Reference: 1889 J Quarter in WARMINSTER Volume 05A Page 152”. I found a probable marriage in the 2nd quarter of 1874. Volume 5A, Page 279. In Warminster for an ARTHUR ADLAM & a LOUISA DICKS. Looks like they have quite a few children, these are all likely: Samuel 1871, Edwin 1873, Joseph 1877, Joseph 1879, Arthur 1884, Joseph 1886, WALTER 1889, Richard 1892. Girls: Ellen 1874, Martha1876, Sarah 1877, Emily 1881. I found all of these on the GRO Register website that gives you the mothers maiden name, it’s free to access. All of the above are registered in Warminster, Wiltshire. Here’s the link to my small public Ancestry tree I compiled for the Adlam’s: https://www.ancestry.co.uk/family-tree/tree/159936544/family?cfpid=102088251797
      I can’t see any link, but I would suggest you build your own tree up first, you never know what you might find, good luck. If you get stuck just ask & I will try & help.
      You can always email me on lynnswaffles@gmail.com
      Kind Regards Lynn


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