M.J.E Salisbury & GS Wood Pt 2. Old Photos Collection

UPDATE… as of 9th February 2018 all of these fabulous photos in this collection are now back with their family. The new owner is a direct descendant of George Swinford Wood & Mary Jane Eliza Salisbury, isn’t that wonderful!

Following my last Blog about the Salisbury & Wood family…. Link Here Salisbury & Wood Family Part 1      I thought I would share more of the Old Photos. These are the mostly ones that unfortunately aren’t written on, so we can only hazard a guess at who they are or try & match up faces, as I have done.

If you follow my Twitter & Instagram accounts, you will see I have been sharing a few of them this last two weeks.

This first one is just wonderful ‘Mrs Newgate’ a family friend or relative?

Any ideas? Maybe George Swinford as a younger man on the right?

What an amazing dress this lovely lady is wearing, a bolero jacket/waistcoat such detail & a parasol to match too!    Professional photo Expert Jayne Shrimpton kindly gave me more information on this outfit too via Twitter!
“An example of the bolero-style ‘zouave’ jacket fashionable early-1860s. Named after Algerian Zouave troops’ picturesque waistcoats ”  I never knew that! Always learning!

If you need to contact Jayne for help with your family old photos here’s the link   Jayne Shrimpton Website

Would do you think of this outfit? Enoch, Mary Jane Eliza’s father was a Barrister & an MP…….Picture above, could it be Enoch in later life?

The ladies seem to be reading a letter, good news as they seem to be smiling, are they MJE & her sister Caroline? Below photos are the comparisons I made, easier if you can look close-up …………..Love the chap on the right’s shiny shoes.

On the left it is Mary Jane Eliza I believe with her riding crop & hat, part of the CDV has been slightly coloured blue. Here’s the only one I have of Caroline that is named..See Below…The lady on the right above is a mystery.

Who’s this young sailor boy with his yacht?

Far right it looks like the chap in the last photo Albert Salisbury Wood maybe with his son Mervyn who was born in 1904. The girls I don’t know, Winifred Mary (b1910) in the middle maybe?

Not sure on these three above….ideas?

Could the lady on the left 81st Birthday) be Caroline Amelia, Mary Jane Eliza’s sister? What do you think?….On the right a group of Men & boys, nothing written on the back…Have a look at the tree if you can on Ancestry Link here…. Salisbury Family Lynns Waffles


Michaelmas 1912…..Who’s who I wonder? No writing at all. This is my theory…Winifred Mary Wood (b1910) in the pushchair next to her Mum Elizabeth & Dad Thomas Henry Wood. Then on the right Albert Salisbury Wood, wife Dorothy next to him & their son Mervyn (b1904) behind his Grandmother Mary Jane Eliza Wood (Salisbury) she would be about 68 in this photo. I don’t know who the chap at the back is, but I feel sure it’s probably taken at the house Bodlondeb, Conwy, Wales.

I love this last one & just cannot believe how lucky we were to have found so many from the same family, simply down to the fact I think that they were living a fairly privileged lifestyle & could afford to have their photos taken regularly.

Till next time then…………..

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