Fanny Elizabeth Davis.Some Old Photos

Here’s four old Postcard photos that I bought together from a seller at the Bath and West Showground Fleamarket earlier this year. Its lovely when I find a name written on the back…….
But there are a few possibilities for this lady, nothing conclusive as yet ! 
What a fabulous photo this is….!!!

Front view 1
Back view 1

We know her name Fanny Elizabeth Davis and in 1885 she was about twenty years old, loved fashion and big hats !!!..Was Davis her maiden or married name ?

Front view 2
Back view 2

 On the second card we find out she was a Mum……With a Son called Albert, who was old enough to go to war, in WW1 we assume, and on this card to Albert she signs it F E married name……..On that same card, the back of the Postcard photo has Oxford Street, London just below the date.

Front view 3
back view 3

On the third card there is an imprint of a photographers name and address, after much deliberation, and using several ways of working out, I think it says ?? Oxford Street, then a W? so again pointing to London where the photo was taken, so she could have been in this area during the war years and earlier. 

Front 4 Mystery

 This last Postcard photo is totally blank on the back, a mystery……is this young lady related to Fanny, is she a friend, or maybe nothing to do with her at all…we’ll probably never know…unless someone out there knows this family ??
 Do you recognise Fanny Elizabeth Davis from your family ??
Here’s one possibility below from the 1911 census, but I don’t know if she is this Fanny (Elizabeth) Davis….there is a Son Albert, right age for WW1..just……and only living a short distance from Oxford Street, but I don’t know ……

Till next time then………………………………


  1. That's what I thought Liz, but surprisingly have found several possibilities in birth records, difficult because I'm only guessing at her age and she could have been born anywhere !! I'm thinking I shall have to leave it and hope someone sees my post 🙂

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  2. I checked out your hypothesis, Lynn. You’re right (of course). The Marylebone family were married as George Albert Simpson and Fanny Elizabeth Maryon and son Albert Cecil Maryon Davis was born Oct-Nov-Dec Quarter (as expected) 1898. I had hoped they might be relatives of mine as I have some Maryons in Marylebone – but mine alas are still missing. The story continues…


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