My Charles Dickens Victorian Album

I thought you may like to see an addition to my collection of old photos and Albums….
This is such a fabulously decorated Leather Victorian Album, and one of the few that I have bought privately, and not found at a Car Boot sale !! I just had to have it !
It looks very plain from the outside, and is rather unusual as you open it up, one way and its all decorated with beautiful hand painted pictures of Charles Dickens books and characters from his books..its wonderful !!
Now if you turn the whole album over, and open all the pages on this side, they are totally plain….Like a concertina….

1. Outside

2. Young man on right is dated 1887
3. Back of pic on right, printed ‘Won a prize medal at Paris exhibition 1889’
5. Says ‘Mrs Brett’ on back of lady pic, taken St Leonards on Sea
6. Says ‘Taken on the 22 July 1887’

Here’s a few close ups of the pictures..such a shame we don’t know who the artist is..Have searched and can’t find a name anywhere….


I do think the photos in the album belongs all to the same family, as there are facial similarities. 
This lady below also like the pics above..No 6. was taken in the same studios in Bayswater, and the photo number on the back is the next one on from the gent on the Husband and Wife maybe ?

Is this no 6 pic, Gents wife ?

It would have been lovely to have had a family name, but never mind, its a wonderful album.

Till next time then………………………………….

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Somerville66 says:

    Wow that's fantastic!


  2. Lynn Heiden says:

    Thanks Liz..I love it !


  3. darkothejedi says:

    Hi Lynn,
    I'm researching a very similar album on loan to me.
    Although not physically the same in its binding, the illustrations appear identical!
    The illustrator is marked as, H. Hove and the album was printed in Germany in 1892.
    The following link is not “my” Album but is identical.
    I hope this is of interest to you 🙂


  4. Lynn Heiden says:

    Oh thank you so much Karl. That's really kind of you, I will investigate!! Lovely to have an illustrator name, many thanks, kind regards Lynn


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