Mysteries..Annie Long, Albert Palies, Helene Javet and Uncle Maston

As you all know, the majority of my old photos that are in my collection, are nameless. Occasionally though I am extremely lucky with a name, date or place, sometimes all three ! These photos below have just a little bit of info, but not enough to find out any family history. But by sharing them with everyone I am hoping that someone may recognize a name or a face from their own family tree…any help would be great ! 

This first CDV a beautifully dressed lady, above, is from a Photographer in Bournemouth.
 Has anyone an Annie Long in their family history ??

The second CDV above, is a very smartly dressed gent from a Photographers in Brighton.
Do you know of an Uncle Maston of Brighton ??

Our third CDV above, is a gorgeous little lad, looking sweet in his sailor suit and the Photographer is from Holland/Netherlands.
I have managed to find a birth record of a Albert Lourens Palies born on 17 February 1902 and died on 25 March 1965 on Ancestry. This may be incorrect, but the birth date would fit with written details on the back of photo, dated 1905.
Is little Albert one of your ancestors ??

 The fourth CDV above is a wonderful picture of a lady, dressed in a servants uniform with a cat..looking a bit reluctant to have his photo taken !!
On the back the lady’s name Helene Javet, date November 1905 and says ‘the Swiss friend of Gran Deamon’ Have had no luck with Helene Javet or a Gran Deamon in Wiltshire. 
I Have found a few people with the surnames Javet and Deamon, but nothing that seems likely with a link to this.
Have you heard these names before anywhere ??

I have included this last beautiful picture, although its highly unlikely I will ever find out who they are ! …because there is just so much included in it..Beautiful photos of a Mother and/or Sister passed away ? Boys playing chess…I just think its such an unusual image…..
Of course there is always a chance someone might recognize this well to do family !!
Photographer from Anvers, Paris, France.

Till next time then……………………………….


  1. Dear Lynn,

    I stumbled upon your website merely because I googled myself! I can’t imagine the luck. The boy in the sailor suit is my paternal grandfather. Your research was indeed correct. His name was Albert Lourens Cornelis Palies, born on the 17th of February 1902 in Haarlem, the Netherlands and he died on the 25th of March 1965 in Baarn, the Netherlands. He married my grandmother Alberta Wilhelmina Schuller in 1950 with whom he had one child; my father Izaak (Ies) Palies. They both had children from a previous marriage.

    I’m curious as to where you’ve found these imagines. The photographer was taken in the Netherlands, and the written message is in Dutch as well. Old photographs travel the world and it’s extraordinary that I’ve found this bit of my history on your website.

    Lieke Palies


    • How wonderful !! I’m not totally sure exactly where, but probably in Dorset, UK. It’s amazing how these photos travel isn’t it ! Do you or did you have family living in the UK ? If you go to my Twitter @lynnswpics or Facebook page Lynn’s Waffles Then you can private message me & I can reply… Look forward to hearing back from you, kind regards Lynn


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