St Columb Major Parish Church and Town, Cornwall.

St Columb Major is a town that we had a nice wander around when we toured Cornwall recently. 
Was lovely as it was a Sunday afternoon, so nice and quiet. 
There are some lovely buildings and interesting places to see in the town.

Barclays Bank Building

This looks so inviting !!

 Probably just as well this Antique shop was closed, as I could see he had quite a few old photos inside, so we probably saved a few pennies !!
The highlight of the town though for us, was the Grade 1 14th century (14th century origin, with additions of 15th century and restoration of mid – late 19th century) Parish Church, dedicated to St Columba, a local saint.
The tower is fifteenth century, and unusually built with a passage beneath, wide enough for carts, it was a right of way to parishioners to the college founded by Sir John Arundel in 1427….. as the Church did not own the land on three sides of the tower until 1820.
The tower is 80 feet (24 m) high and contains eight bells re-hung in 1950.
In 1920 the chiming clock was added as a memorial to the men of St. Columb who died in WW1, the Great War.

St Columb Major Parish Church

War Memorial, St Column Major

 Below is the unusually decorated Font, the Screen by George Fellows Prynne, ceiling picture and early 20th century pulpit.

19th century carved Font

Screen by George Fellowes Prynne

Ceiling detail

Pulpit early 20th C

Below are just a couple of examples of my very favourite part of the Church…the wonderful bench/pew ends. 
They are magnificent, so beautifully carved, it seems from what I have found out that they are dating back as far as 1510, there are 38 still in the Church. 
I have taken more pictures of these, as they are all so different,  and plus other photos of the Church, all on my Pinterest board here….  St Columb Major Parish Church
They are all decorated differently……people……just beautiful ! 


  The Church is normally open to visitors during daylight hours and is well worth a visit.

Saint Columba’s Cross in the churchyard

Inside the passage of the Tower

Churchyard of St Columb Major church

Till next time then ……………………………….

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