Giant Fleamarket & Dorothy Gertrude Chalmers Old Photo

We are off on our travels for a couple of weeks, along eastwards to Sussex and Kent this time, and looks like the weather will be quite nice, for the coming week at least.
Before we go off I thought I would share with you one of the Cabinet Card old photos that were in my finds from the Giant Fleamarket at the Bath & West Showground on the 31st August.
In case you didn’t see the photos on Twitter of the treasures I found, here they are again..

It was an amazing place to go for me, just so many treasures I couldn’t help myself, lucky I had my OH to do some brilliant haggling for me !!
There were lots & lots stalls outside and the hall inside was full too…kept us busy all day seeing it all.

This was just one avenue of stuff for sale !!

If you love Vintage anything, do go to one of these Giant Fleamarkets, they are a cross between a Car Boot sale and an Antique fair..and all the dealers and people selling that we met were happy to haggle…

One of the Cabinet cards I got had a name and date on the back ! 

I have managed to find a bit of family history out about Dorothy.
She was born on February 26th 1891 in Lancashire. Christened on the 23 April 1891.

Her mother was Gertrude Katherine Chalmers (Hall) b1861 Liverpool – d1921
and her father was David Lockhart Chalmers b1861 Liverpool – d1908 He was a Chartered Accountant.
They lived in Blundell Sands, an area on the coast just north of main Liverpool.
In the 1891 census Dorothy was 1 month old, living with parents and a visitor Elizabeth Hall (Mum’s family name) a spinster, age 55 years old.
In 1901 at their home in Blundell Sands, Elizabeth Hall is described as an Aunt, and staying with young Dorothy now 10 and her younger brother Frederick age 4 (b 8th August 1896) …Haven’t managed to find the parents yet, but I am assuming they were away for husbands business maybe ? They had plenty of help at the house ! 

1901 census

I have found Dorothy’s fathers death in 1908.

 In the 1911 census Dorothy’s Mum Gertrude (a widow)  is living with Elizabeth Hall, now aged 75 and Dorothy aged 20 and her brother Frederick now aged 14. They are all living 69 Leyland Road, Southport.
The ladies are of ‘private means’
I have found a marriage for Dorothy in 1919 in Ormskirk, Lancashire to a George Edward Harlow b1888 Kent.
They may have had one daughter Gertrude E.J.Harlow born in the last quarter of 1920 in Kent (his home area) I cannot be sure of this but it looks the closest to a match that I can find, as also she has the name Gertrude.
I have also found a possible death for Dorothy Gertrude Harlow in Lincolnshire in 1955….
but again as I do not ever send for certificates for my research for old photos, I cannot be totally sure.
Dorothy’s Mum Gertrude died on 20th February 1921, and from this we learn that her son Frederick had followed in his fathers footsteps and become an accountant.

Frederick Lockhart Chalmers died at the beginning of 1988.

Till next time then……………


  1. Hi Lynn, I was pleasantly surprised to find this article and photo on a distant relation. Dorothy’s father – David Lockhart Chalmers was my great aunt’s paternal uncle. Her father was Anthony Lakes Chalmers. Their father and therefore Dorthy’s grandfather was Anthony Wigham Chalmers (1815-1890) who like David was an accountant AND “was a founding member of the Incorporated Society of Liverpool Accountants, the first English body of accountants, a signatory in 1870 to is Memorandum of Incorporation, its first secretary and the president 1878-94…”This comes from a book entitled ‘The Priesthood of Industry – The Rise of the Professional Accountant in British Management’. I stumbled across you blog as I was looking for any photos of the Chalmers family especially from the Liverpool area. A nephew of my great aunt recalls his parents some years ago (maybe decades) selling a CHALMERS family photo album from Liverpool. I would be interested to know if you have any other Chalmers photos from that area. I am not looking to get them back but it would be interesting to see them. Best regards Steve Crookes

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    • Thank you so much for getting in touch. Sadly for you as far as I can remember this cabinet card was just a one off & no others from same seller. Fascinating family history, thank you for sharing with me. Kind Regards Lynn


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