Family’s Vaughan, Slack, Griffiths & Winnington, more Puzzles🧩🤔

This is the last few old photo Puzzles that I shared from my collection that I hadn’t researched, for my followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to try and solve.

These are the Puzzles and results so far…can you add more? Are any of these connected to your family?

I asked: An interesting cabinet card, a lovely couple. Photographer Batiste it seems was at the address 1891-1894 when he died. Matches the fashion date. Who was H. Vaughan? Trimmer. Did he work in the photo studio?

Gina from my Facebook page: “There’s a Harry Vaughan (coach trimmer) who married Rosa Ann Scott on 15 July 1895. St Lukes’s Church, Kilburn. Marriage/engagement photo? M(aurice) Batiste died 1909 and it was Charles his son died 1894.” Highly likely to be correct, well done Gina!

We’ll never find out who this young lady was I don’t think, but it would be great to identify the name of the company written on the back of the photo, which I suspect may have been the company that gave this lovely photo it’s colour tint as a ‘Special’ Suggestions are Thornhill and Bettis among various others. But no definite ID as yet. Were the company London based as the photographers were?

These three look like siblings I think? Photographer from Llandudno Wales. Dated 27 July 1909. But who are they? “From Gertie & Maie ????????? ” What do you think the last bit says & can you identify them?

Again several suggestions: & Jack? Gertie & Maie Slack? These were the most popular. What do you think? Are these names among your Ancestors, do you recognise the faces?

Next Puzzle. Who was Herbert Griffiths? Looks like he had many siblings.

Once again friend Gina from my Facebook Page was on the case: “The only reference I have found for Sun Ray Studios in 1933, Croydon”.

William Griffiths a soldier was posted to India where he married Ada Letitia Gomes on the 24th of April 1885 .

They had the following children all born in India.

1. Charles b 1884

2. William James 1885-1965

3. Herbert b 1887

4. Gerald Gordon b 1888

5. George Ernest b 1890

6. Reginald Norman b 1892

7. Septimus Eustace b 1894

8. Victor Frank b 1895

9. Nina Elizabeth b 1896

10. Ruth Letitia b 1898, d 1898

11. James Arnold b 1899

Herbert our man in the photo was born on the 20 Feb 1887, and baptised on 25 March 1888, in Dibrugarh, Bengal, India.

Herbert was certainly in England in 1927 could this have been when the photo was taken? Having embarked in Calcutta. His occupation is given as Pers. Asst L.M.B.D.C.C

Have you any ideas what L.M.B.D.C.C might stand for? (Haven’t solved that yet, any ideas anyone?) He arrived in England from India. The proposed address is listed as C/O Lloyds Bank. Cox & Kings Branch, London SW1. His surname is listed as Griffith, not Griffiths.

Another snippet re Herbert. He also visited the UK in 1925, arriving from Bombay on the 2nd of April 1925. His occupation is a merchant and his UK address is 55 Hathaway Road, Croydon. He travelled 2nd class on board the Caledonia. It looks like he intended to stay in the UK and he did. 1939 Register. Herbert Griffiths. DOB correct 20 Feb 1887. Living 13 Maplestead Road, Streatham Hill, Lambeth. Occupation Print (J.A.R.O). Still single. The poor chap was involved in a motor accident in June 1958. Landed up with 2 broken ribs (British Newspaper Archives)

Herbert passed away on the 27th Feb 1963. Administration of his estate was granted to his brother Septimus Eustace.

These next two splendid-looking ladies have identical old postcard backs, both photos taken at a Photographers Studio A & G Colwell, London Rd, in Worcester, Worcestershire. Would it be possible to find out where they were photographed? Would finding this house lead to the identification of these two ladies?

Chris from Twitter identified the house that the lady on the bike was photographed in front of, and identified the house with the lady standing by the gate! They are both Stanford Court, Stanford With Orleton, Malvern Hills, Worcestershire. Thanks so much Chris!

Results: Stephen from Twitter said “I can’t help you with the identification of the lady or the house but the card with a divided back for inland usage only dates it to 1902/03” Great to have a date, thank you!

The right-hand side of this building matches, Chris says this building is now residential, where once the driveway was is now gardens.

The photo below Chris found via Homes of the Rich, a real estate blog.

So after Chris found all this, I began to look for the family and found all this on Wikipedia and The Peerage website: Sir Francis Salwey Winnington, 5th Baronet and their family were the owners of Stanford Court, this is a little of their family history:

On 5 February 1879, Winnington was married to Jane Spencer-Churchill (1858–1940) at the church of All Saints, Ennismore Gardens in London. Jane was the eldest daughter of Lord Alfred Spencer-Churchill and the Hon. Harriet Gough-Calthorpe. Her paternal grandparents were George Spencer-Churchill, 6th Duke of Marlborough and Lady Jane Stewart and her maternal grandparents were Frederick Gough, 4th Baron Calthorpe and Lady Charlotte Sophia Somerset (eldest daughter of Henry Somerset, 6th Duke of Beaufort), Together, they were the parents of 5 children:

1) Frances Jane Winnington (1880–1953), who married Capt. Andrew Mansel Talbot Fletcher, a son of John Fletcher Fletcher, in 1902.
2) Francis Salwey Winnington (1881–1913), a Lt. in the Coldstream Guards who married Blanche Emma Casberd-Boteler, daughter of Capt. William John Casberd-Boteler, in 1904. They had 2 sons: 1)Sir Francis Salwey William Winnington and 2)Colonel Thomas Foley Churchill Winnington
. It was this 2nd son that married Lady Betty Marjorie Anson in 1944 and their 3rd child Sarah Rose Winnington b1951 who married Anthony Baptist Noel, 6th Earl of Gainsborough on 23 May 1972, her married name became Noel. She held the office of Lady-in-Waiting to HRH Diana Princess of Wales. She was appointed Lieutenant, Royal Victorian Order (L.V.O.) in 1996.1 She held the office of Deputy Lieutenant (D.L.)2 She lived in 2003 at Exton Park, Oakham, Rutland, England (The Gainsborough (Noel) family home)

3) Charles Alfred Edward Winnington (1882–1968), who married Mary Margaret O’Connor, daughter of William O’Connor, in 1915. In 1929, he married Charlotte Ida Frederica Noel, daughter of Admiral Sir Gerard Noel 1929. They had no children.
4) John Winston Foley Winnington (1883–1961), married Gladys Cook, daughter of William Austin Cook, in 1910.
5) Iris Harriet Helena Winnington (1887–1965),
married Lt. Robert Reginald Fairfax Wade-Palmer, son of Fairfax Blomfield Wade-Palmer, in 1909. They divorced in 1922, and she married Gerald Owen Weaver Joynson, son of Harold Mead Joynson, in 1925.
Sir Francis died on 4 March 1931. As his eldest son predeceased him in 1913, he was succeeded in the baronetcy by his grandson, Francis Salwey William Winnington (1907–200

As we have the probable date of these two old photos being early Edwardian it was good to find out who Sir Francis Salwey Winnington‘s children were and would be nice to think maybe the possibility of the two daughters Frances Jane and/or Iris Harriett in my photos? Or even lady’s from the Noel Family (Gainsborough) as the family obviously had close connections to them.

This is an older photo of the steps and doorway of Stanford Court.

Ending this blog with a wonderful slightly coloured Wedding old photo that was a gift earlier in 2022 from a friend to add to my collection, no names but it does have a date and marriage place. Wonder who they are?

The colourist has done a beautiful job of the bride’s flowers but not such a good job of the bridesmaid’s dress.

Do you recognise this wedding couple? The wedding took place at St Nicholas’s Church, Strood, Rochester, Kent. No one has managed to find this couple yet and I haven’t found a match for the wedding date either. Are this couple among your ancestors? Any help would be wonderful.

St Nicholas Church, Strood.

Huge thanks go once again to my friends and followers on social media who have given suggestions and helped with identifying the names and places in my Photo Puzzles, I am as always very grateful.

I have also added a couple of updates on the last Blog ‘The 3 Buccaneers’ two of the locations have been identified with a possible location for a third photo, do take a look if you have the time, you might recognise someone or somewhere! The photo below of this splendid house is one that has not yet been identified, any ideas?

Till next time then……..


  1. Oh ! Lynn you do work so hard on your research and make it so interesting for us to read and understand. It’s also nice to have some help isn’t it. Maybe one of these days I will come across a family I know being as I lived around the Worcestershire area but of course I originate from Birmingham. Now living on the island of Crete for the past 20 years. Happy New Year. Hope you had a good X,mas.

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