My Dad’s old photos of life in India.

Part 2 of my Dad’s old negatives.

Continuing from last week’s blog here are some more fabulous old photos taken of life in India. Again these are all my Dad’s old negatives that I have turned into photos using the FilmBox App by Photomyne. Although I admit I could probably do better with more practice using the Apps (links on the previous Blog), I am more than pleased to see these results. Considering the negatives are all over 90 years old I think the photos are totally incredible, I’m thrilled with them.

I love seeing what my Dad saw all those years ago when he was serving in India with the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry (link on the previous Blog).

It looks like the cattle here are helping to construct a bridge or fence?
A street scene, someone on a bicycle. Great sign for Willard Storage Batteries, an American company.
Is this hay for sale? for the cattle or something else?
A moving photo, of ladies and children wearing their beautiful Sahrees.
A small market?
A street scene, I don’t know where in India.
That has to be a huge carrier for water, jeepers that must have been heavy!
An entrance gate of some sort, maybe to a town or village?
A motion picture. What does the writing say, does anyone know please?
I think that this could be my Dad, but I’m not sure.
This is a puzzle, what could those tent-like structures be? Any ideas?
This looks like a huge water well to me, and some people with their washing.

This one above really made me smile, they look like Vultures. Now I really know where my love of wildlife and photography comes from, although I’ve never seen Vultures in the wild!

If anyone can give me any more information about these old photos, location etc please make contact, I’d love to know more.

Till next time then…….


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