Turner, Watts & Latter Family


We had a visit to Cheddar indoor market and Car Boot in September 2015, had been meaning to go for ages ! It didn’t disappoint..and even though the weather wasn’t brilliant, there were an amazing amount of people selling and buying. Car parking is great, and doggies allowed too, two cafe’s.
 I found a few good old photos searching through boxes and a lovely glass Ambrotype in frame from one dealer. And among the junk in one box on a stall I found a marriage certificate ! Who would throw that out !


This is the church above where the marriage took place in Southampton, it was built just two years earlier in 1928.
Reginald Henry William Turner b.19th December 1897, was the middle child of Henry Turner and his second wife Emily Frances May (Cotton) On the marriage certificate Reginald was a market gardener just like his father, I assume going into his business..
Reginald’s sister Ida was three years older than him and Clive his brother, eight years younger. The family lived on the Isle of Wight in Spring Vale cottages, Pan Lane, Newport in the 1901 and 1911 census, where Henry had his market garden.
Reginald was christened on 31st March 1898 at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Shalfleet on the Isle of Wight. The family were all born on the Isle of Wight.
I found a great online resource while researching..all about Shalfleet, link below, should you ever need it….
Shalfleet info
This is the Turner family in 1901..below, with Mother in Law living with them.

and in 1911….

Previous to this Henry Turner had been married to Ellen Jane (Leigh) in 1875, they had had three daughters, Ellen, Amy and Mabel…Ellen Jane his first wife died in 1887, and by 1891 Emily Cotton was living with the family as a Housekeeper, and went on to marry Henry later that same year, and have three children of her own.
Henry Turner, Reginald’s father lived to the age of 99, still on the Isle of Wight !
Dorothy Alice Watts.
I found her with her family in the 1901 census…..

 Nothing unusual, Joseph Samuel Watts, father, a labourer, mother Alice (Sprake) and Mary aged 7 and little Dorothy at age 2. Which means she was born about 1898/9..Searched & found the birth now.. LATTER, DOROTHY ALICE …WATTS Order GRO Reference: 1898 S Quarter in ISLE OF WIGHT Volume 02B Page 580..Thanks to the GRO now having listed the mother’s surname on earlier births, we see that it is Watts. So I’m thinking Mary Ann, Joseph’s sister could definitely be Dorothy’s birth mother…This is the family in the 1911 census below…..

Joseph Samuel Watts obviously realized this census was important enough for him to be totally honest about the girls, his daughters. 
Mary WAKE adopted daughter and Dorothy Alice LATTER niece. Stating that they had had no children born from their marriage.
Mary WAKE was born in 1894, Jan Q, Vol 2b, Page 625. I have no idea who her parents were, but there were quite a few people by the name of Wake living on the Island around the time of her birth, and sadly there are too many possibilities as to what could have happened to her after this census, so we’ll never know, but I do wonder knowing about Mary Ann, Joseph’s sister, could it have been her illegitimate first daughter ??     Dorothy Alice LATTER is slightly different as it says niece, a relation, so I started putting down Josephs family tree, I have followed the Watts Family back & the Latter family too…….     Link at end of Blog…
Joseph Samuel Watts was born in Blagdon, Somerset in 1860 to parents Thomas and Harriett E Watts, Joseph had an older sister Mary Ann born in 1857.
 In 1866 another girl was born Sarah Jane, then the family uprooted and moved to Etchingham in Sussex, where another daughter Selina Lavinia was born in 1868. 
 In the 1871 census they were still living in Etchingham, but by the 1881 census they had moved to the Isle of Wight, Godshill.

 And in this 1881 census a child, Walter Thomas Butcher, grandson, so more than likely is Mary Ann’s child as she is 22 now, Walter Butcher was born in the 3rd quarter of 1880. I have now found that the mother’s surname is Avery..Found on GRO new data..
 In 1891 census Walter is living with the Butcher family as their son aged 10, to the head of family Mark Butcher aged 57, and his wife Jane 56.
 So did Mark Butcher stray ?? and father a child by someone ?
 What of Mary Ann Watts in the 1891 census ? well she is now married and living with her new husband George Francis LATTER a gas inspector in Southampton. 
They married in Southampton on the 17th May 1884.
Living with them also are Mary Ann’s sisters… Sarah (a dressmaker) and Selina.
So if Dorothy was born to Mary Ann and George, why did they give her up to Joseph Samuel and Alice Watts by the time she was 2 years old?
Because she’s with them in 1901 census as their daughter.
Unfortunately I am unable to find George or Mary Ann Latter in the 1901 census, it may have answered some questions...I have looked again & still unable to find them !!
 But have found Mary Ann’s sisters, still living in Southampton, but now Sarah Jane is married to James A Yelf, and he’s a Photographer, which I thought was a nice coincidence. Selina is still single.
The two sisters were still together at the time of the 1911 census, Sarah down as a widow, as James died in 1909, they had no children from the marriage….Sarah was running a boarding house, with Selina’s help at 6 Carlton Place, Southampton.
George Latter still with wife Mary Ann are in the 1911 census (See image below) still in Southampton, he a gas fitter and they have said on here, they had no children.


   I have found no records of our couple on the marriage certificate…Reginald H W Turner and Dorothy Alice Watts(Latter) having any children after their marriage in 1930. Wonder if they did ? Here is Reginald & Dorothy in the 1939 Register..No Children.

Reginald died in 1985 in Worthing, West Sussex.
Dorothy died in 1991 in Worthing, West Sussex.

I have now put down a small family tree on Ancestry if you have a membership, this is the link               Turner Watts Lynns Waffles
 Walter Thomas Butcher was married to Agnes Kate Grainger in 1904 on the Isle of Wight, and in 1911 they were still there, living with their daughter Dora 5 and son Leonard 3.
Would be nice to find out more..you never know…

For new readers to my Blog, when I am researching any Old Photos or things I find at Car Boot sales I never send for certificates, it would be far too expensive, so all my research is just what I can find out online……

Here’s also the lovely Ambrotype photo I bought, front and back view, isn’t she wonderful..
dated about 1854-1859

Till next time then………………………………………..


  1. It’s always so sad to find marriage records and old photos tossed into junk piles. 😦 So glad that you were able to save it and build a tree that possible relatives could find!


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