Update on William Kemble Blog

We have just returned from two weeks wandering in the Motorhome around Hampshire & Sussex, and of course went to a few Car Boot sales in the area.

Our first week away I managed to find quite a few Old Photos to add to my collection, but imagine my surprise at the end of the week, when I came across a seller who had a box of CDVs on his table, so after asking the price & him saying they all mostly have writing on the back, I started to search through them. Just looking at the backs & am so glad I did ! I saw a name that I was familiar with ‘Kemble’ from a previous Blog back in January. So I kept searching through & found 3 more !

Sadly the seller had no more….But you never know..at another Car Boot..another seller ?

All four have the surname Kemble, but only three have initials, & they are different photographers too. I don’t know if you’ll remember but all the original Old Photos I found related to the Kemble family were returned to a very happy descendant..after she had discovered & read my blog about her family. So I couldn’t wait to contact her when we got home, which I have now done, so these four extra photographic gems will also be back where they belong again.

This lovely lady has already been able to add lots more content to her family history due to leads from my blog, so I do hope she’s lucky with these CDVs too. Images below…

The link below is my original Blog about the Family Kemble.


Till next time then……………

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