John Jackson Bishop of London + Mystery CDV’s

During this year I have found & added an enormous amount of Old Photos to my collection, lots still I have not scanned. Among these an astonishing amount of CDV’s  (Carte de Visite) which I adore ! They are even more super when they have a name and/or a date on the back ! But that doesn’t always mean I can find out who they are !! Some of these I need help with..Here are a small selection..with a little bit of history with the scans.

(1)   Image above…This Bishop of London was John Jackson, who was born in 1811, the son of Henry and Lucy Jackson. He was educated at Reading School under Richard Valpy and at Pembroke College, Oxford. He was appointed rector of St James, Westminster, London in 1846. Then appointed Bishop of Lincoln in 1853, and translated to Bishop of London in 1869, until his retirement in 1885. He was married to Mary Ann Frith Browell (1818-1874) on 11 January 1838 at The Old Church, St Pancras, London… Info from Ancestry & Find My Past but no image………      Have found they had quite a few children….see image of 1861 census below, while he was Bishop of Lincoln……..


One daughter Margaret Sophia Jackson born on 22 April 1842. Images here below, she married & had six children.

jackson-bap-1jackson-abbot-1bjacksonabbot-1cSo if all his children had offspring there probably are quite a few descendants about I would think !

John Jackson died in 1886, and is buried in the churchyard of All Saints Church, Fulham, London.  A memorial to John Jackson, by Thomas Woolner can be seen at St Paul’s Cathedral along the south wall of the Ambulatory. (basic info from Wikipedia)

This super website Church Monument Society     has many pictures & info on St Pauls Cathedral monuments, sadly no photo of John Jackson’s memorial, but lots of others if you are interested……

(2)              Next we have this beautiful lady, photographed in Moses Bowness studio in Ambleside, Westmoreland in the Lake District. Another CDV with a name.. Sarah Anne Fox. Unfortunately there are too many possibilities for this lady, married ? unmarried ? This was a photo taken in the 1860’s…Does anyone recognise her as being one of their ancestors ??    Thankfully more info on the Photographer !!

The Photographer Moses Bowness (1833–1894) was a Victorian photographer, farmer, entrepreneur and poet, he was born into a copper-miner’s family, his business in the Lake District, England, the largest photographic business in Westmorland at that time. He photographed many notable people and visitors, as well as local views and residents. In May 1857 he photographed the visiting party of the young Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII. The Prince recorded this event in his diary. From then on the reverse of his CDV’s say “Photographer to HRH the Prince of Wales”. Some of his sitters included Wordsworth’s younger relatives, now in the Wordsworth Trust.

He trained a number of local photographers, including Charles Walmsley & Herbert Bell, whose family he photographed and who later bought his archive.

(3)  A lovely CDV of a baby boy, named & dated ! John Percy Burrell 1878. I have found his birth 11th February 1878, and sadly his early death in 1902…….


John, whose parents were Willoughby Merrick William Campbell Burrell..Baron/Lord Gwydyr & Mary Banks, had two siblings, Catherine Mary Sermonda & Randulphus Clement Robert. His father Willoughby is on the wonderful Suffolk painters website..Link here….  Suffolk Painters..Burrell    Always great info on their site, with family history etc..Below is a photo of his father Willoughby from the Suffolk painters site….


The other place I found lots of info about John Percy was a Public Family Tree on Ancestry by member name …debbilm58…..I’m usually not trusting of other people’s trees online, but this lady has a super tree on the family…..It seems probable that John Percy died of Consumption, as on 1901 he was residing at 20 De La Warr Parade, Bexhill on Sea, Sussex…Dr Will’s home for Consumption… Link to tree here…                                       Ancestry Public Tree..Burrell  His occupation in 1901 was in the Diplomatic Service. Definitely a very interesting family if you are a descendant…..

(4)    A Scottish mystery, that I’m hoping for help with…CDV below..

The CDV is named Dr Adam on the back. As the Photographer is Andrew Adams, there’s a slight possibility of a connection, but I don’t think so. This CDV is again taken in the 1860’s. Andrew Adams was a Photographer born in 1825 in Aberdeen, married to Margaret in the 1861 census, with an assistant Mary Thompson. Still a Photographer in the 1871 census & also the 1881, employing 2 men & 2 girls… but in the 1891 census he is a widower & also retired. One possibility is Andrew Leith Adams, who was born on April 19 1827 in Banchory Teran Aberdeenshire. Married to Bertha in 1859, Manchester, Lancashire. They had two children. He died on July 29, 1882, in Cork, Cork, Ireland, at the age of 55. I found a public tree on Ancestry with an early photo of this particular Dr Adams & there is a similarity…info on him … See below….Or do you know different ??


The majority of possibilities that I have for this chap otherwise, with links to Aberdeenshire are none ! Men with surname Adam/Adams are Farmer, Crofters & all sorts of other occupations..but haven’t found a Doctor…..Yet !

(5)  This last one is a very beautiful lady…Named on the back of the CDV Julia Alice Maria Haywall/Haywell…Artist….I have tried entering all sorts of combinations to find some definite information about her, from all the main sites, but apart from a slight possibility being born in 1844 in Bradford on Avon & a possible school placement..I have found nothing, no follow on from these slim leads…Have you heard of her ?? Is she one of your ancestors ??

UPDATE on Julia Alice Maria..not Haywall/Haywell..More likely Haywood, thanks to Steve on my Facebook page…Born in 1858 London to James Haywood & Mary Ann. Here below we have Julia through her the 1861 & 1871 census..Then her father James dying in October 1871..Then the 1881 & 1891 census…Then 1901 & 1911 census..then moving to Somerset during the WW1 and being buried there………………………….






Julia Alice Maria Haywood died in Axminster, Somerset aged 60…on 31st July 1918..I would think moving there to get out of London during the War…Thanks hugely once again to Find My Grave on Ancestry !!! We have a photo of her gravestone in St Andrews Churchyard, Cheddar, Somerset.

Till next time then………………………………


    • Hi Marg. I didn’t compile a family tree for this family I’m afraid, all I can suggest is to start a tree and gradually build up the family then hopefully you might find some answers. Good luck with your research. Kind Regards Lynn


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