Dickens Dictionary of LONDON 1881

This is another of my recent finds ‘Dickens Dictionary of London 1881’ by Charles Dickens Jnr.
The first one of these was published in 1879.
Once again I found this book in a box of all sorts at a Car Boot sale, its in awful condition, falling apart, but there doesn’t seem to be any pages missing and the information in it is just wonderful! I just couldn’t leave it there….
Click on photos to enlarge……

Front of book


Back of book


Title page, Love the adverts

Anything you wanted to know about London was listed

Somerset house on this page

A list of Streets re-named


The Crystal Palace


Hospital adverts

A selection of Dictionaries available


Loving the Hats !

 Charles Dickens Jnr was born Charles Culliford Boz Dickens, he was the eldest child of Charles Dickens and his wife Catherine.
Born 6th January 1837 and died of heart failure on 20th July 1896.
He is buried in Mortlake cemetery.
As a youngster he went to Kings College, London and then Eton College. He also went to Germany to study the language, and at aged 18 he began working for Barings Bank.
As a young man his father encouraged him away from Journalism and into business as a Tea Merchant, he visited China, Hong Kong and Japan in 1860.
Charles Jnr married Elizabeth Matilda Moule Evans in 1863 and they had eight children. 
He went to work for his father Charles after his printing business failed in 1868, and then inherited his fathers magazine ‘All the Year Round’ after Charles Dickens Snr death in 1870.
In 1879 jointly with his father in law, Frederick Evans (a publisher, friend of his father Charles)he published the very first of these little books.
His other famous Dictionary is ‘Dickens Dictionary of the Thames’
This little handbook was published for eighteen years in total the last one being 1896/7.
As this one is only the third edition I am quite pleased to have found it….

Charles Dickens Jnr

Till next time then……………


  1. I came across this exact book recently. “Dickens dictionary of London 1881”. Fair condition. I’m wondering the value of it. Any ideas?

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