The Wedding of Miss Bagot & Mr Cropper

We left home a week ago on our big trip for the year, working our way upwards from Shaftesbury till we got to Scotland.

We thought we’d spend a bit of time in the Lake District enroute, and have been here now since Friday, staying at Bowness on Windermere.
Yesterday we went to Keswick and had a lovely wander round the town, in a small shop I found some old photos and it wasn’t until I had a better look at them last night that I realised this beautiful postcard wedding photo had great information on the back ! 
The postmark was from Grange over Sands on September 13 1911 to a lady living in Lancaster, from a lady called Mary.
Among the note on the back it says ‘this is the wedding of Miss Bagot to Mr Cropper last September twelve month at Heversham Church’ in different writing at the side it says ‘Miss Bagot Levens Hall’
I was amazed! After checking the map I realised we weren’t far away, so off we went this morning and had a ride to Levens Hall, now open to the public, you can look round the house and garden, it also has a cafe and shop. It is also a beautiful Wedding venue! 

This is the super postcard old photo I bought of Miss Bagot and Mr Cropper. What an exquisite dress! And the flowers…it looked a stunning wedding.

As we are away I have limited resources to do any research but have surprisingly done quite well.
Miss Marjorie Constance Bagot was born on 24 March 1888 in London, her parents were Major Josceline Fitzroy Bagot (1854-1913) and Theodosia Leslie (1865-1940)
Siblings were…….
Dorothy (1886-1974)
Mary (1889- )
Lt Sir Alan, 1st Baronet Bagot, who was in the Welsh Guards in WW1, (1889-1920)
Marjorie Constance Bagot married Mr James Winstanley Cropper on Wednesday 7th September 1910 in Heversham Church a short distance from Levens Hall. 
It was such a great local event that all the staff and children of Levens school were invited, some probably in the picture above.
Levens Hall is very large and beautiful.
Some photos below….and first photo above…….

Very brief history of the hall…

In 1883 Sir Josceline Bagot (Marjorie’s father ) Mary Howard’s fathers, great great nephew, inherited Levens Hall.
In 1896 a son was born (Marjorie’s brother) Alan Desmond Bagot, he was the 1st direct line male heir for 200 years!! 
In 1913 Sir Josceline Bagot (Marjorie’s father) dies….Alan inherited the hall.
In 1920 sadly Alan dies of pneumonia (I’m not sure if this was as a result of WW1) so Levens Hall is inherited by his uncle Richard Bagot.
We also went to Heversham Church this morning…..

Recognise the archway!

I was really hoping to find a family burial plot but no luck, needs more investigation! so I shall come back to this research later in the year.

Marjorie and James Cropper had seven children that I can find…
Anthony Charles 1912-1967
Rachel Marjorie 1915-2005
Mary E 1918-
Anne Sybil 1919-1993
Theodosia Olive 1921-2010
Gabrielle Edith 1923-1986
Ruth Ellen 1925-1983
Major James W Cropper born in 1879, became a Justice of the peace, died in 1956 aged 78 years old….
Marjorie Constance Cropper died on 5 March 1951 in Westmoreland aged almost 63 years old…
In Heversham church the only mention we could find of the family name Bagot was this memorial to Richard Bagot, who inherited the hall from Marjorie’s father.


This will be continued……
Till next time then………………


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