Snapshots from a 1920’s Album

At a Car Boot sale last summer I came across 7 old photo album pages in a tatty box under a sellers table, the box was awful and very damp and mouldy and so were the grey loose pages, but the snapshots that were glued onto the pages looked interesting. The seller said that the box had been in his damp garage for a long while and if I wanted them I could have them for a pound !! Couldn’t believe my luck !
It took me a while to unstick the photos from the pages, and decipher the writing under each one (some photos were missing sadly) but I realised I had found some super images of times past, I have carefully cleaned the photos to scan, so here they are …..all 26 of them..mostly taken in Hampshire and Dorset, and some places I know and have visited.
On each photo the caption is what was written under each, on the album pages……

Group Soberton 1927
Evelyn, Woodlands, Dorset 1926
Bustle 1927
Woodlands, Dorset 1926
Teachers Outing, Seaview, I of W, 1927
S.School outing, Lee on Solent, 1927

I am guessing that S. School could be Sunday School ?

Myself in Garden 1927

What a lovely lady to have written on all of these snaps, but I would love to know who she was !

Mr and Mrs Kent and Freda in garden, Purbrook 1927
New Forest S.S.Outing 1926

This one above is I assume Sunday School…

From top of Portsmouth Hill 1927

WOW ! this view is wonderful looking out to sea in the distance, we have been up here many times and the view is so much different now looking down to Portsmouth, its unrecognisable !!

Group at St Mary’s mission at Havant 1928

Does anyone know anything about St Mary’s mission in Havant ? Have found information for others at Portsmouth..They were obviously all connected..

St Mary’s Mission, Portsea Parish

Group at Emsworth, Easter 1928

Emsworth is a lovely place to visit, again we have been many times, a favourite of ours…

Warblington Church

Freda at Warblington 1927

Warblington Church, Church of Thomas a Beckett is a lovely place to visit, down a little ‘no through road’ lane, in the Freda photo on the right in the distance you can just see the remains of Warblington Castle, still looks the same today…
More info here……Warblington..

Group at Westbourne 1928

 Westbourne is an area of Bournemouth, Dorset……..

Woodlands Nr Wimborne, Dorset

Woodlands Nr Wimborne, Dorset

Broadlands, Catherington 1928

 Could this be a house on the Broadlands estate, Nr Romsey ?

The two Norah’s 1928
Norah, Soberton, 1928
Norah, Freda, Joan in garden, Portsmouth 1928

I love this one of the ladies reading ‘The Weekly Telegraph’………

Girls Village Homes, Barkingside, 1934

Girls of Heartsease Cottage 1934 Village Homes Barkingside

These two photos above are wonderful, Heartsease was one of the Dr Barnardo’s homes, please follow the link for lots more information from Peter Higginbotham’s brilliant website…………..
Peter Higginbotham, Childrens Homes website

Retreat House, Pleasy 1934
Dad and Freda Portchester 1935

This is Portchester Castle, Hampshire.. we know it well..lovely to visit and great for picnics !
More info here… Portchester Castle
If you recognize anyone please let me know !!

Till next time then…………..

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