My Family Group Photographs

Well here is another Blog about Family Photographs, Groups of My Family, on outings and at Weddings and other celebrations, this one seems to have taken me a lot longer to write, mainly because I keep getting distracted by all the memories the pictures remind me of…Then I start chatting to OH about this and that and the writing is not getting done or I have been just sitting looking and wallowing in the memories, some make you laugh and some make you cry and also wishing that people in them were still here to share these memories with you, but on the whole all of these pictures bring back such happy memories for me and the ones taken before I was born I remember family members talking about them and telling me their memories of the that particular day and the story behind the picture……..snapshots in time, never repeated but very cherished for lots of reasons.


 This Photograph for me is and will always be my all time favourite, 10 Brothers & Sisters all together..2nd from the right is my Dad, 3rd from the right front row is the Eldest born in 1896 and 1st right is the youngest born 1921 Charles (Uncle Charlie) My Nan had 14 children in all, 3 dying in their first few months of life and David who died a few years before this picture was taken. They have all gone now, Uncle Charlie passed away on 5th November last year, aged 90, it knocked me for six a bit, he was so like my Dad in his ways & in the way he talked etc it was comforting to have him around. I have such lovely memories of all of them and they all, except Uncle Dan at the back next to my Dad, got married and had children and they have had children and so it goes on…..

Here are some of the children (their Grandchildren) at a family party in about 1971 I think, these have all got their own families now…

These 2 photographs below have just been borrowed to me recently when my Aunt was having a sort out and came across them, Dads father in the top one, looks like a pub outing and Dads Mum in the second one, I was over the moon to see these, I think they are just brilliant…..

Don’t you just love all the ladies Wonderful hats, what year do you think these two are taken, I though maybe 1920-30…

Here are a couple of old wedding photos that I have in my collection

The one above is one of my Dads cousins when she got married and at the end on the right Dads Mum…coo I wish I had known her as I got older, she died when I was 9, because from all accounts she was a real character, even having her own chair at local Pub where she used to go in her later life for a natter and a pint at lunchtime every day.

This is one of my Mums, Sisters wedding, don’t they all look lovely…

This one above is taken at the time of a wedding in 1931(date on back) but I have no idea whose wedding..

Now this one is one of my cousins weddings held in December in the 60’s, hence the red velvet bridesmaids dresses.And the one just above held about 5 years ago another cousins wedding, her brothers wife had just had twins, on left in picture.

This is a picture of a Group of Seven Sisters, which I think is fabulous, they only had one brother..They are cousins of my Dads, and I was sent this picture after being contacted by a descendant of one of them about the family tree. They look so similar to my Dads sisters don’t they..

A Modern Group now..the School Group picture, this is my Sons taken in 1990, one for my grandchildren to look back on and reminisce..
And I will end this Blog with a gorgeous picture of one my Dads sisters wedding photos, she’s the one with the orange dress in the first picture, she was one of my Godmothers and she was such a great laugh, wonderful lady, after a couple sherry’s she would always end up doing ‘knees up mother Brown’ showing her very fancy long bloomers that she always wore !!

This picture will be the starter for my next Blog which will be about this lovely Aunt and her Husband……….lots more to tell about them..
Till next time then…………………………………..

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