My Family Photographs

I was chatting to a couple of dear Twitter friends last week about Family Photographs, and very rashly said “think I will do a Blog about that subject next week” at the time I didn’t think that it would take so much time, but goodness me I think I could keep writing about My Family Photos for  a very long time, and keep looking and going down ‘memory lane’ I am very very lucky I know, to have so many, lots of them I have borrowed from other members of the Family and scanned them, so have lots on my PC that still need a Title and Date, I will get around to that eventually.

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Family Photos are so wonderful in so many ways, for me when I have been given some of people that I only before knew their names and BMD dates, it has brought them back to life again and in some cases confirmed my guesses at what some aspects of their lives must have been like, going on what I have found out about them so far.
Other Photos you can see tell a story, for instance the Picnic.

My Dad was there with other members of the family and his parents, it’s the only Photo I have come across so far of him with Both Parents in the same One. What was the day like, looks like they had great fun to me. Which also means they all got on well together too.
Then there is the day out to the Southend Seaside in the old Charabang.

Three family members that I know of in that Photo, and not just that but its also the Vehicle itself its brilliant, I’d love to have a day out in that.
The big group of mostly children outside the houses in Lundy Street, Fulham.

Some of my family in this but who? I don’t know, but can just see my Dads Mum at the back.
Then you have more personal Photos, a Portrait of My Maternal Grandmother

as a young women, just beautiful and one of her how I remember her in later years in her lovely soft pale blue hat that she loved.

Then there is the Photo of her with My Grandfather and my Mum and her three sisters standing by their car, Wow what a motor it looks great.

I also have some mystery Photos too, like this one  of My Paternal Grandfather (on the right) who was born in Clapham 1873, it looks like he is in some sort of Road Race, but as yet no one seems to know any more than what you see.

More of my ancestors also had Studio Photos, my Great Aunt with her children, love the Hat ! With another Great Aunt.

Then two of my Dads cousins, Phoebe and also Arthur in his uniform, so much History in the Photos and not just of my Family interest either.

Then Photos which tell of family occupations, this one taken in 1931, my Dad home on leave from India with His Dad and horse and cart outside the family home in Lundy Street, Fulham, he was a Greengrocer and went to Covent Garden every morning.

Now to ME on one of our many visits to London at Trafalgar Square with Mum & Dad when they encouraged you to feed the birds,

I didn’t know then that all the ancestors mostly came from London !  and with my Dad holding my hand at the seaside, which always brings a tear, as I still miss him today just as much as ever,

although he died in 1984, he held my hand a lot through my life.

In this digital age I still like to have proper Photos, don’t you ?
So here are some that also for me tell a story, my son and daughter at Cotswold Wild life park, a pony had tried to nibble her hand earlier in the day and he was telling her off and telling her NOT to put her hand out to the bird in case she got bitten again ! Bless him.

Then my youngest daughter on the back of a tractor and trailer full of hay bales at the Nursery school summer fete, gorgeous pic.

Now we have cherished pictures of our Grandchildren to pass on to future generations, Millie and Max

and Anabel

and the latest addition at 20 weeks, not yet born, due at the end of July

………..What a joy all these Photos are in their own special way, and I haven’t even mentioned Family Wedding Photos, where all the family get together that haven’t seen each other for yonks……maybe another Blog !……..I will leave you with a Photo of my son at six months old on his first Holiday in Cornwall,

as its his birthday today, he’s 35, but I can look at this and still remember as if it were yesterday.

Till next time then……………………………………………….


  1. What a lovely post and wonderful pictures that tell a warm and inspiring family story. I really loved looking at them and reading about the family.


  2. Oh Lynn, what an absolutely wonderful tribute to your family through photographs. I can't wait to see what else you have! I am lucky as well in that I have a wealth of photos borrowed and scanned in that still need “labelling”. The stories that photographs tell are the heart and soul of our family histories. xx


  3. Thank you Debra, I could spend hours looking through mine, and still have lots to sort too, its amazing what family members have in their bisciut tins & boxes xx


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