Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Photos

Continuing with Photographs, but not my family this time ……………….

Now that our Queen Elizabeth’s very special Diamond Jubilee weekend has come to a close, I thought you might all like to see this lovely set of 6 Photographs, which I believe to be originals, on the envelope they were in, it says they were taken from Ludgate Hill 1897.
I bought these about 7 or 8 years ago from a little Antiques fair that was held in Emsworth and I just loved them.
There are some lovely hand written notes on the back of some, which I will put under each Photograph. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend despite the weather..
If you click on Photographs it brings them up larger for you to have a better look……..

                                   No 1

                                    No 2

                               No 3. Sir G.H.Reid,Premier of New South Wales.

                               No 4. Lord Mayor in Advance Queens carriage.

          No 5. The Queens carriage drawn by 8 Hanovarian Cream coloured Ponies.
                                     The Queen hid under a white parasol.

           No 6. A fine photo of Princess Christian sitting opposite Queen on right. The Queens white sun shade hides the Princess of Wales–Prince of Wales immediately between carriage on Horse-back– Look at through a glass for detail.

Till next time then………………………………………………..

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Gosh Lynn, how lucky are you. What a precious find, and thank you so much for sharing them on your lovely blog. xx


  2. Lynn Heiden says:

    Thanks Debra,found them in a tatty box under the chaps stall in a little brown envelope, love poking about in old boxes, you never know what you might find!xx


  3. goldenlad says:

    Surely it was her 3rd Jubilee, not her 60th! The others being the 25th and 50th.


  4. gpence61 says:

    Brilliant. You're one of the reasons historical items gets saved and seen. I'm sure a great many people would have tossed them out as rubbish. Well done!


  5. Lynn Heiden says:

    thank you, I do love Car Boots too you never know what you might find


  6. Lynn Heiden says:

    thanks for that, should have been a comma in between, have corrected it now


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