Three Weeks to Go…"The Yule Log"

The Book is in the shape of the Yule Log and has a lovely coloured cover with Gold writing and a plum coloured ribbon holding it all together.
I am guessing at the age, but was thinking late Victorian, maybe one of you can help on date.
I can’t seem to find out who actually wrote this poem about The Yule Log, but as you can see it was sold in Brighton. Published by Ernest Nister who also opened up a branch in London in the late 1800’s. 
It also doesn’t say who illustrated the little book either. Just Click on pictures to enlarge
Isn’t it just lovely……………..
Wishing everyone a very Happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year…….
Till next time then…………………….


  1. Hello Lynn, I have found your blog through Saturdays child blog.I love the little book, so amazing it has survived all this time.I hope you treasure it and will love it as someone obviously has done for it to be around in such good condition.I notice you are from Dorset, although I live in Yorkshire with my family I have traced some of my ancestors to little villages in Dorset.One day I would love to go there and visit the villages in person.Lovely post!


  2. Thank you Ann, nice to share when you have something special. Dorset is a lovely place to live been here nearly 3 yrs now, home is Berkshire, much prefer here, we are in Christchurch area, so have beaches & New Forest to hand


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