ALICE JORDAN 1859-1895

My aim for this year for my Family Tree is to do a round up of the facts of each of the people I have so far listed on it,  starting with the main families first and this is my first subject. ALICE, she is the eldest of eleven children one of which was my Paternal Grandfather.
Alice Jordan
Alice was Baptised 24th September 1859 at Bethnal Green, Edward Henry Jordan and Phoebe’s first child, born before they married (they didn’t marry until March 1863, Spitalfields, by which time they had 2 daughters) she was born at 35 Saint John Street, Bethnal Green, Middlesex, London.
In the 1861 census Alice is listed as being one and half years old, with her Parents Edward (Henry) and Phoebe. Edward (Henry) is a Shoe Maker and Phoebe a Shoe Binder and they live at No 5 Butlers Buildings, Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets.
On the 1871 census Alice was just 12 years old, living with her family at 15 Acre cottages, Clapham, London. She now has 3 sisters and 2 brothers.
On the 1881 census, Alice at 22 years old was a Housemaid living at 86 St Stephens Avenue, Hammersmith, Chelsea, London. The head of the family here was Mr Ralph Watkin Hewinson age 34, born in Poplar, Middlesex he was a life insurance clerk. His wife was Edith Warnton Hewinson, age 31. They had 2 children, Herbert Francis Ralph age 5 and Magdalen L E age 3. There was also another servant in the house a cook called Catherine Buckley from Cork in Ireland, age 36.
There were 2 visitors in the house on census night, both sister in laws, Louise Wharton Liver age 28 and Sarah C Wharton Liver age 25.
On the 11th March 1883 Alice now 24 married William Francis Sidney Reed at the Parish Church of St Luke’s Chelsea. William was 26, His father was Robert Reed a Farrier. Edward Henry and Phoebe, Alice’s brother and sister were witnesses.
Alice and William lived at 1 Manor Street at the time.
By the time of the census in 1891 they had 2 children, Alice age 3 years and Matilda age 2 years, they all lived at 13 Millgrove Street, Battersea, London. William was a fitters labourer.
In 1892 they had a son William.
Then three years later, tragedy struck, on 3rd April 1895 sadly Alice died at home, still at Millgrove Street, she was 37 years old. On her Death certificate it was diagnosed as Carcinoma of the Liver (Cancer). So I assume she had probably been poorly for quite a while, William was with her when she died.
William occupation was a fireman at a club at the time.

Three years later, in September 1898 William remarried, a lady by the name of Ellen Lucy Ball.
In the 1901 census they are all living as a family at 5A Zenner Road, Streatham, Wandsworth, London.
William is now a builders labourer, Ellen his new wife is 39 years old, Alice is 13, Matilda 12 and Young William is 9 years old, they have no other children.
In the 1911 census William, Ellen and William Junior are living in a 3 room flat at 29 Scholars Road, Balham. William senior is a Labourer at the Gas Works and William Junior at 19 years old is a Labourer ‘on the estate’.
Its a bit of a shame that Ellen had no children of her own that I have found so far, but she must have got on well with her step children for William still to be living at home at 19.
William senior died in 1922.
I think I have found Ellen’s death at age 94 in Essex in 1956, but I can’t be sure.

I will post more people as I get them written up.

Till next time then……………………….


  1. Great to see you blogging again Lynn, and what an amazing account. When you put it altogether like that, it makes their lives sound so full and active doesn't it?! xx


  2. Yes it does and actually I think its going to be really helpful to me, bacause I can also see quickly parts I want to do more research about or even things I have missed, Thanks Debra x


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