Update Us & GB Syndrome plus some more Recipes from 1753.

Its Sunday again, goodness me where has another week gone, they seem to be flying by so quickly for me at the moment, this time last week we were on our way to stay at a site near to Bath in our Motorhome, first time we have taken it out since Dave has had Guillian Barre Syndrome. It was a bit of a struggle, but worth it.
Since we have had the Motorhome, thankfully we have always shared the driving, but each have our own ‘jobs’ to do with it, so for a start I had never backed it out of the drive, it’s a bit tight but I managed that ok, of course last weekend if you remember it was chucking it down with rain, so when we arrived I got all set up, under instruction, was quite pleased with myself until about 8 oclock when the electric went off, to cut a long story and half an hour short, I had plugged it in wrong outside, and rain was seaping  in. So all switched off, all dried out then put in properly.
It all worked thank goodness, cause I thought I had shorted the lot. Everything else went very well and was nice to have a change of scenery and a ride around for a few days, Dave also slept better. But this week increasingly his hands up to the wrist are very very painful, he describes it as like someone cutting him, with a razor and they are burning the same as his feet, he is not more mobile than he was, infact probably a bit less because of the severe pain. He has two lots tablets for it but they don’t seem to be strong enough, so we’ll see what happens in the next week. He still can’t pick anything up that’s small, needs help dressing etc etc, not just because he can’t do things now, but because its so painful even to try, if his fingers or toes even as much as touch the edge of quilt on bed it feels very ‘sharp’ to him. I certainly wouldn’t want this GBS and it is getting him down sometimes, which I understand totally, but we are getting through between us.
Just all seems very strange still, with just me running the ‘show’ if you understand what I mean. Think it will be like this too for a long time yet.

Anyway enough of us, I thought I would put some more recipes on the Blog from the 1753 book, have picked out some I think might interest you, I wouldn’t fancy trying the first 2 myself tho…Yeuk.

I am copying these out just as they are written, with S as F’s.

1. To Fricafey a Calf’s Head
Cleanse and boil it, then cut it into fquare Pieces the Size of a Walnut, and put it into a Stew-pan with half a pint of the Liquor it was boil’d in, and tofs it up with Mufhrooms, fweet herbs, blanch’d Sweetbreads, and Artichoke bottoms, Cock-Combs, Forc’d-Meat Balls, Oyfters blanched, Cream and the Yolks of two or three Eggs;  feason with Nutmeg and Mac, and fqeeze in the Juice of a Lemon, and ferve it hot. Garnifh it with the Brains cut in Pieces, dipp’d in thick melted Butter, and fried brown, with Oyfters fried, Lemon fliced, And fried Bread.

Q. Do you think the Cock-Combs are what I think they are?..Urgh, not keen on garnish either.

2.To fricafey Thrufhes.
Take Thrufhes, crufh the Breaft-bone flat, and put them in a Stew-pan with a piece of Butter, a Bunch of fweet Herbs, a Couple of Onions, Mufhrooms, and Truffles, and a few Veal Sweetbreads blanch’d, and give all fome Toffes over the Stove; wet all with two Glaffes of Chamaign, or other White Wine; then put in fome Gravy and Cullis, and let all fimmer; when done, fkim the Fat off, and fqeeze in the juice of a Lemon, and serve them up hot.


Q. I presume you must have to take all feathers off first, although it doesn’t say and also Cullis ? I think it might mean to Strain or Filter ? Am I right?

3. A Beggar’s Pudding.
Take fome ftale Bread, pour over it fome hot Water, till it is well foak’d; then prefs out the Water, and mafh the Bread; add fome powered Ginger, and Nutmeg grated, a little Salt, fome Rofe-water or Sack, fome Lisbon Sugar, and fome Currants; mix thefe well together, and lay it in a Pan well butter’d on the Sides, and when it is well flatted with a Spoon, lay fome Pieces of Butter on the Top, bake in a genttle Oven, and ferve it hot, with grated Sugar over it. You may turn it out of the Pan when it is cold, and it will eat like a Cheefecake.

I am going to try this in the week, slightly different from my recipe of Bread pudding, but not much different, my kids love it, especially Son. Will let you know how it turns out.

‘Lisbon Sugar’ I understand was the name given to general domestic sugar in great Britain at that time.

Hope you enjoy reading these.

Till next time then ………….


  1. Like the last recipe but the others sound uugh! I do enjoy these – food is fascinating social history.

    My husbands Aunt had GBS – it was agonising and we were really worried for her. Hope you husband gets some relief relief soon.


  2. Thanks Suzie, yes everyone seems to be affected differently with GBS, also recovery time and what you are left with is a worrying mystery to us too.


  3. Thanks Elaine,
    Will check out the 'delicacy'. Yes GBS is something we had never heard of before either, as i put on my previous Blog, it can happen to anyone so random, and so quickly, Dave has gone from being fit one minute to almost wheelchair bound the next. Thanks for good wishes


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