More photos from the Grubbe Family

Back in the Summer of 2016, I was at Ford Car Boot sale in Sussex & searching through one seller’s (John) large collection of CDV’s (about two hundred) looking for ones that took my fancy, and it was on this stall I found most of my photo collection of the Burke & Grubbe Family. Later I bought a mix of others from the family on Ebay and four letters. So imagine my surprise when we again visited Ford Car Boot sale a few weeks ago in September and I saw the same seller, John, and while going through a box full of assorted old photos he had I recognised some faces! Yes, the Grubbe family again!

Anne Constance Grubb

Even though this photo above is not named I recognised her immediately as I already had the exact same photo with writing, so now I have 2! Anne Constance. Known as Constance in the family,  Anne Constance Grubb/e was born on 28 October 1816 in Horsenden, Buckinghamshire. She married James (Leighton) Draper on 26 November 1844 at St Margarets, Westminster. They had one child during their marriage, a daughter Mary Constance Rosalie b 1856 d 1927 (she never married & had no children) Anne Constance died on 24 December 1911 in Tenterden, Kent, at the impressive age of 95.

This is the original photo I found with these snippets of information all stuck on paper.

When I saw this wonderful family group photo below, I recognised the older man as being a Grubb/e but couldn’t remember his name. I soon realised it was John Eustace Grubb/e

Ten children shown here above with their parents, which son is missing from this photo I wonder?

Anne Constance Grubb and John Eustace Grubbe were siblings. They were two of the 14 children born to John Grubb and Sarah Anne Carrington.

Now from my records and previous blog I know him to be John Eustace Grubbe who married Julia Catherine Hall on 25 Mar 1845 at St Cross, Holywell, Oxfordshire, they had 12 children that I have found so far, 3 daughters and 9 sons.

There are 11 here in this screenshot above from the family tree I compiled for the family of Burke/Grubbe. Margaret Elizabeth was their 12th and last child who was just three and a half when she died. b Mar 1864-d 18 Nov 1867. Her death reported in the Ipswich Journal Saturday 23 Nov 1867: ‘on 18inst at Southwold in the fourth year of her age, Margaret Elizabeth, the youngest child of J.Eustace and Julia C Grubbe’.

John Eustace b1815 also at Horsenden & d1899 in Southwold, he became a Barrister, then after described as a Parliamentary Agent (Parliamentary agents are solicitors who are licensed (together with the firms they belong to) by the Houses of Parliament in the UK to draft, promote or oppose Private Bills,  Private bills are a specific class of legislation promoted by organisations outside Parliament to obtain powers for themselves that differ from the general law). Then later he is described as: ‘MA. Barrister at Law of the Inner Temple, JP for Suffolk & Southwold, Parliamentary Agent, retired 1885. Mayor of Southwold 1867/75 & 1879/91 in Suffolk

When I was researching for my original Blog I found a colour copy of this photo above on the internet, now I have one in my collection.

They were a fascinating family to research originally and it’s been nice to add to the small collection I have of them. Here are the links to the first two blogs I wrote back at the beginning of 2020.

First Blog:

Second Blog:

Here’s the direct link for the public family tree I have on Ancestry for the Burke/Grubbe families:

Till next time then………..

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